Top-Notch Augmented Reality App Development

Top-Notch Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality App Development Service

Augmented reality is a real time amalgamation of objects from users environment with the digital information system. AR has occupied a special position in the arena of mobile application development sector. Auxano Global Services approaches corporates to explore the potential of augmented reality and the lucrative benefits that can be obtained through it.

Augmented reality is imparting an altogether new perspective from the user point of view towards the world. The development team at Auxano Global Services possess years of experience and are proficient in building apps that adheres to the principles of augmented reality in terms of retail, education, games, health care and many more. We have acquired an image of real-time game developers and business intensed mobile app developers in the market.

Our Augmented Reality based Solutions

AR Game Development

Our game developers are well-versed in implementing latest technology to build engaging AR based gaming apps. All our AR games exposes attractive graphics to render a pleasurable experience to the players. Our game portfolio is puffed up with highly interactive 2D/3D games which fall under various categories like racing, adventures, puzzles, combat and many more.

AR based Ecommerce Apps

E-commerce industry is not left aside in experiencing the positive impacts of Augmented Reality. Our AR developers are skilled in incorporating business strategies and technical concepts to deliver a full-fledged ecommerce app. In general, our ecommerce app simplifies business processes and is absolutely customer-centric which in turn leads to the elevation of ROI( Return of Investment).


When it comes to the development of Geo-Location based apps, we are much ahead in terms of implementing geographical concepts. Our AR based Geo apps helps our clients to gain the competitive business advantage by reaching out to potential customers in close proximity.

Augmented Reality Applications

Education and Training

Multimedia contents like text, video, images can be embedded on real time basis through the implementation of AR. AR based apps helps students and teachers to visualize 3D models in real-time environment.


Technology has helped medical students to automate the complete surgery process to a certain extent. Medical practitioners experience advance sensory perception through Augmented reality which in turn leads to the decline in risk arising in surgery process.

Manufacturing sector

AR technology boost the workflow process initiating from product designing, product manufacturing, employee training, maintenance and repair. The complete automation of the manufacturing unit leads to enhanced supply chain management cycle.

Branding and Advertising

Customers can obtain thorough information about the offered products and services which aids in delivering superior shopping experience. Variety of deals and discount offers helps in fetching more number of customers.

Travel and Tourism

AR technology helps the travellers to access real-time information about the places, location and comments posted by the visitors. Connecting your smartphone with camera real-time image capturing can be done while roaming through the beaches and historical sites.


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