Augmented Reality Application Development

Augmented reality refers to a powerful technology which works on computer-based recognition algorithms to boost sound, graphics, and video on real-world objects through your device’s camera. It’s an incredible way to render information and display it in a highly interactive manner so that virtual elements are assimilated into the real world. Customized AR mobile applications can significantly drive your marketing campaign and provide your business with a competitive edge as it attracts multitudes of people.

Our engagement models are tactically designed to offer optimal flexibility and allow you hire expert developers according to your budget and specific project requirements. All our employees observe NDA and never disclose your project ideas to other parties, which mean that all your projects are safe and secure.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • Advanced Level Programming
  • C# Language-Based
  • 2D and 3D App Development
  • Emulator To Test The Game
  • Cross Platform Support
  • Exceptional UI/UX Design
  • Customer-Centric Engagement Model
  • Vast Technical Expertise
  • Robust Solutions

Why Augmented Reality?

As a modern technology which offers a lifelike experience to your clients. Auxano Global Services has exceptional expertise in developing top-quality Augmented Reality (RA) apps that can help attract more and more users to your web. Hire us to get full control over your online venture at competitive prices. You can access bespoke AR-based solutions because our dedicated developers create comprehensive apps that cater for all your business needs.

Augmented reality is a dual combination of the digital and real worlds which gives inception to the emergent world. It adds sophistication to certain components such as sound, motion, pictures or images alongside GPS data to boost the views making them more alluring yet informative.

Our Augmented Reality Services

At Auxano Global Services we help you develop future-ready AR applications featuring numerous cutting-edge technologies. We endeavor to a futuristic design in all projects we take up so as to deliver a time-tested enterprise and trusted collaboration processes to our clients. Our augmented reality services revolve around the following areas:

  • Image Recognition AR: This makes the process of accessing internet information extremely simple. Your users’ entire world gets transformed into a shopping mall. Buying decisions become much easier and that boost your business sales and productivity.

  • Geological-Based AR: Axano Global Services leverages geological as well as geospatial mapping technologies to enhance your map with extra data such as pictures, facilities, and twitter information. This equips your maps with augmented info like pictures clicked previously, nearby parking spaces, arrows pointing to certain locations, and much more.

  • Games-Based Augmented Reality: We generate and modify games using relevant sound, haptic feedback, and 3D add-ons to achieve the best out of them. Remember games aren’t just for fun but have assisted our clients in edutainment as well as immersive learning.

Auxano Global Services’s AR Application Features

Besides, we integrate your AR applications with exceptional features, including map navigation, 3-D effects, cloud-based hosting, E-commerce additions, social media integration, and custom branding. To effectively achieve this, we utilize sophisticated SDKs and tools, which include Vuforia, ARToolKit, AR-media, Junaio, SketchUp, Layar, LinceoVR, Wikitude, NyARToolkit, Google plugins, and HandyAR. Today, marketing teams have smarter ways to draw new customers towards their businesses. The Augmented Reality trend provides companies with detailed information on consumer behavior as well as accurate predictions.

Auxano Global Services has extensive experience in the latest trends of AR app development and delivers timely projects. We observe the industrial standards to craft the best ever solutions which perfectly fit the client’s business goals and objectives. With our transparent working pattern, you have access to the devoted team of developers that works tirelessly to give curves to your aspirations. You can rest assured of unmatched augmented reality application development solutions at remarkably affordable rates.

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