10 Things your competitors can teach you about mobile app development trends 2018

10 Things your competitors can teach you about mobile app development trends 2018

The year 2017 is almost on the way to end. As we are in the second last week of the last month of the year, we’d rewind all the good and bad experiences we had along the year.


Considering all the factors of human life we can measure the advancements we have in the past year in all the categories. Including the automobile industry, information and technology and so on.


The best part is, in the last decade the information and technology industry has developed a lot more things and we even don’t know about it. The developers are increasing their knowledge and make it a reality at the warp pace.


There are many businesses and almost every industry that is leaning towards the technological advancements in terms of the internet and software. Why do we people want such amount of the applications? Because the applications have made the simplest techniques or the found the ways in which the tasks can be done.


Considering some of the trending terminologies as well as the technologies will come to know the mobile applications development 2018 trends.


Accelerated Mobile Pages


We are seeing nowadays the applications are highly good with the navigation. And considering the user’s view, it is obvious that the navigation should be smooth enough to cope with the requirements of today’s rapid scenario.


Google has recently revealed the collaboration it has done with the twitter about the AMP that is Accelerated Mobile Pages. Which is the stripped down version of the HTML intending to speed up the mobile pages?


It will also enable the developers for creating the beautiful websites and web applications with the fastest speed ever. The accelerated mobile pages can benefit in many ways.


For an instance, it can lower the bounce rates in the applications with the high performance across all the mobile devices. We can consider the official announcement of Google for the AMP listing in the mobile search results.


Android Instant Apps


The different sounding name instant applications are the native applications which usually function like the websites and can get a number of users with them. These applications do not require installation.


And all the things between the apps and websites are being removed. This kind of apps can be shared among the different android devices easily.


In-app purchases


As the name suggests, the purchases are being made within the applications and that is done for the purpose of increasing revenue for the businesses.


The in-app purchase can be made inside the account of an application. Any business can put the functionality in the application.


The research says that this kind of functionality can aid in the business and the monetization of the app resources can be developed by the business owners.


A research says that any user is spending $0.50/month on an average for in-app purchases in each of the application with purchase activity.


Augmented and Virtual Reality:


Already the augmented reality and the virtual one is pout for reforming the concepts of the android applications development.


And we have seen the year 2017 was crazy about one of the virtual reality concept in the Pokemon go game. Likewise, the upcoming trends in this technology will almost be the crazy ones.


The upcoming year will, of course, be crazy about the new implementations of the virtual reality concept.


The technology experts are predicting that both the reality concepts will generate $150 billion amount of revenue by the year 2020. It will create a solid market for the developers and the enterprise level business to explore the business reaches beyond the expectations.


There will be a completely new era because of the augmented reality graphics in the video presentations for all the smart devices users.


Mobile Payments


We know, the eCommerce is being the most common trend to follow and people are doing almost the shopping with the eCommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Same as in the mobile payments.


The people prefer more the payments that are being done by the smartphones and not the physical payments.


Concerning the recent collaboration is done by the Samsung and VISA card scan. Simply putting the mobile as the best payment service will be admired by other users. Because this will focus the user ease with an advancement in their life.  




The enterprise-level mobile phone security is another main focus of the mobile application developers. It is popular that enterprise-level offices are following the policy of bringing your own device and it is high affects the security of the devices. Because all the devices that are used in the work are not secured.


Developers are taking great initiative for the security purpose from the very first instance of the developing phase. It is an increased awareness for the use of authorization and the encryption concepts.



As Kotlin is provided and officially announced by the Google for the Android app development language. It is used as the alternative for the JAVA and accepted by the Android developer’s community.


And considering the rate of gaining popularity this language will surely be the 2018’s focus and bring an era of new Android app development strategies with the speed of an environment.


Enterprise Apps and BYOD


It is already in the queue to develop enterprise level apps and the mobile app development companies are making a good move towards the bigger projects. Plus the bring your own device policy is making benefit to the Android developer’s community.


However, the mobile websites are reducing the development costs with the increased interest of mobile app development. It is researched that almost 72% of business owners are demanding for the BYOD policies.


And these demands are ultimately converting in the Android and iOS applications. And it was already predicted that at the end of the 2017 year there will half of the business communes demanding for the BYOD policy.


Current app trends used by large corporations


The application development industry will be divided mostly into the four different parts as per the prediction of the year 2018.


The mobile application development can be for the social media communities, Google applications, Gaming purpose or can be for the lifestyle apps.


Also, the business or organizations related to the government based projects will have another sector for the application development. The mobile application development companies in India are enhancing their reach more than the development. They are delving into the branding, direct or indirect marketing, providing online accesses, customer engagement, and marketing strategies in the application functionalities.




This is another great strategy to monetize the development work by you i9n the game development. Allow a user a bit to have the enjoyment of your game and then drawing them to the premium versions.


It will surely need an extraneous version of the advancement in your game functionalities. Because users should not be just have shown off by your this kind of advertisement. But they must be getting addicted to your game. So it is possible to draw a bulk of user and generating revenue for the game.


The Brain report statistics says that the virtual reality revenue, which is still in the initiation phase still in the year 2017 it was $5,800,000 and a minimum of 48% of shares in the virtual reality market will be of games only for the 2018 year.


Yet not convinced?


These are the improvisations of the android app development until initiation of the year 2018 and this numbers will be on the increasing rate by the end of the upcoming year.




So the trends of the 2018 year are quite interesting to note the progress of applications development as compared to the web development. Because in the end, apps are the ultimate solutions for the new business insights.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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