15 Apps that set the Android Market on fire Report 2017

15 Apps that set the Android Market on fire: Report 2017

The mobile app development has surely experienced a lot of ups and downs in the last year. The Android app developers came up with some innovative ideas and thus expanded the market, making it a better place and easing out the comfort level of the targeted audience. Few of the apps that hit the Play Store have remained in our favorites since their launch.


What are your views on them? Mention in the comment section below Also, if any of your favorites are not on the list, then do let us know.


(1) Tez


Google’s Tez is one of the most sought-after methods to exchange money in India.

All you need to do is to link it your bank account with your UPI address, and then you can immediately send and receive cash instantly.

Also, you do not even need to exchange your personal details if you are in proximity to the person you are dealing with.


(2) One-Handed Mode

One Handed

Isn’t it irritating to stretch out your fingers again and again across your entire phone screen?

Certain bands these days now come up with the inbuilt one-handed mode to shrink out the contents that are visible to you in a comparatively manageable size.


However, if your phone does not come up with this feature, then, time to download this app from XDA.


Neither does it require any kind of rooting, it can be adjusted using a quick settings link, and also has a quick launcher icon or floating button set right up there. Isn’t this app too good to be free?


(3) Grammarly


Want to improve your English? HAve good command over the words but Grammar is the main problem that you face? Look no further, as Grammarly keyboard helps you out with this.

With this keyboard installed on your device, you can now check all the emails, messages and reports that you write.

It comes up with rapid improvements and makes automatic corrections, also lets you add words to the dictionary.

This, without a doubt, is being marked as a landmark of development in the mobile application development companies.



(4) Truecaller

True Caller
The Truecaller Caller ID app works on effectively for its growing community of users that tag up the numbers, and helps them get saved from the spammers-well this is the truecaller that we all have become used to.

But, now, it comes up with the one having two hand features. The first being the one that lets you exchange money from your phonebook.

The second feature allows you to scan the numbers that have been even scribbled on a piece of paper, to be used later on.

All-time favorite to be don; padded in every new home purchased.



(5) Pathguide

Path Guide

The people with visual impairments can now get acquainted with the indoor spaces easily, with the help of this app.

The building when already mapped out at first by a human user, the app can help you navigate out the desirable space by guiding you through the steps and directions.

Also, it is completely free to use and both its purposes are completely free from the users: Be it the navigation or the mapping on.

Thus, by installing this app, you can also lend help to someone in need without even being aware of it.Selfless service is that what we call it!



(6) Blackberry privacy shade

Black Berry Shade

Are you tired of people peeking into your phones when you are at a public place?

Blackberry’s private shade allows you to blackout your screen, and convert to a rectangular or circular area which can be resized according to your compatibility.

Also, a great app to read in bed without disturbing your partner with the brightness of your phone.



(7) Google Trips

Google Trips

Google trips was already a unique one in itself by combining your travel tickets and booking into one place and stuff as such, but with some additional features this year, it has a lead on to become even better.

Now you itinerary can be equipped with the train and bus tickets too. Also,  last minute offline booking is also possible with the + button. Just add the details manually and that’s it.


A must have app if you are heading out for a trip to some beautiful place outside the town. If not, then headed onto one of his vacations!



(8) Facebook Bonfire:


Facebook’s’ latest hit on the group video chat is all this app is about. This app is great for all the social butterflies and you can directly invite your facebook contacts to chat as well as post your Instagram conversations instantly to Instagram.

Also, various cool stickers and availability to resize your windows make it even more adorable.However, based on your location, there is a chance that you might not find it on your Playstore, do not worry, you can get it from APKMirror.



(9) Skype Lite:

Skype Line

Despite a number of apps available for voice calling and video calling, most of the contacts still present on skype only, which makes its lite version a must try.

Weighing just 13MB, it includes all the features of the original app with some of the additives as well, that includes a mobile data usage monitor and an SMS inbox.THus, it offers you a smoother experience on your older devices.



(10 ) Youtube GO:

Youtube Go
This year Google came up with a bunch of optimized apps for the low-end devices, Youtube GO being one of them.

The exciting feature of Youtube GO is that it allows you to watch videos from your friends’ phone too, even the both of you are offline.

The main purpose of developing the app is to save mobile data, thus you clearly would have to compromise with the quality and thus you cannot stream videos with a resolution of 720 pixels or higher.

However, this is a good option to get rid of the expensive data packs abroad and get rid of boredom both at the same time in a cost-efficient way. However, this app is available only across certain countries, get it from APKMirror id it’s unavailable at your place.



(11) Duolingo : 


Duolingo stands out as the unbeatable since a year, with a fun and interesting way to learn more than 30 languages, also come of the more additives recently.

Nowadays, it is supporting a lot of Asian languages and thus has added Japanese and Mandarin to its list.

The app includes tons of fruits and also lets you customize your character, and keeps recording your calls progresses and rewards you for the same.thus,m a perfect way to develop your skills of knowing plenty of new languages.



(12) Dropbox paper :

Dropbox paper

Do you want a writing tool that is free form any kinds of distractions?Dropbox’s paper is the solution.

Dropbox these days has been quite a lot promoting its freestyle document app for the users.


This app is extremely useful to come up with long-form pieces. Also, a great way to merge/collaborate the articles, or just the ideas too.


Also, all the files that you write get synced and are managed effectively in your Dropbox cloud storage for easy retrieval whenever necessary.



(13) Any.do :


A to-do app has to enter under the category of the best apps of the year. Though none of the apps can beat up Google Kee, however, the features added by any.do are surely the one to be admired.


Multiple shareable lists, reminders, and the customizable options, Any.do has it all.Also, some creative new home screen widgets to be added to your home screen are also provided by this app.


Also, certain paid features are also interesting such as the location-based reminders and the file attachments; but the free-version covers most of the requirements a person has in its day-to-day life.



(14) Portra :


These days certain unique apps can apply different art-style filters to the photos that you have clicked, however, not as good as Portas.

Their work with the landscapes and urban scenes is surely beyond comparison.


However, they seem to be a bit too edgy over the portraits. Just fiddle the sliders and here you go, done with the images blended with the perfect amount of artist touch you want them to have.



(15) Google Motion stills :

Google motion stills

Google these days has provided a tool to create GIFs with the help of your camera. Yes, you can develop your own GIFs.

It has its default set to shoot nearly 3 seconds loop, which is then stabilized in their majestic forms.


And to shoot something longer than that, it offers you a feature to combine multiple clips together.


Google has its taken on the hyperlapse too, which is called as Fast Forward by them.Thus, a great place to stay if you want to make something unique out of your camera.


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