5 Biggest challenges A Mobile App Developer is Likely to face!

5 Biggest challenges A Mobile App Developer is Likely to face!


Maybe you are good at making the toughest decision ever in life. Or may you have the best business development skills? But what if you are just wanna deal with the long code base? Especially a mobile app development company. And whether it is starting a career as an app developer or the very middle time of the app development phase. It is common to face the challenges when you at the place where you have to learn something new at every single phase.


And learning should be in your practice as a developer. In Spite of such learning practice and all the tactics being implemented in your mind, you may have some of the biggest challenges to execute and learn as a mobile app developer.


Let us have a quick reminder of the same! Let us examine the challenges that you may face as an app developer and you will love reading and optimize it!


Creating Apps that rings the Bell!

Being an app developer, a first thought that comes to mind is making an app that recognized hugely by the audience. This means knowing the perfect target market. Developing an app that does not make any difference to the target market will not make any sense to the users.


Because there are already many competitive mobile applications in the market and people are not free to use the apps that are just made with no concrete objective.


There is absolutely cutting throat competition in the apps that are launched in the market. An app that looks just awesome, making a great visual effect with the appropriate graphics cards and usable features will grab the users attention.


And most importantly, making the things that allure the people through the mouth to mouth publicity is great because it is something that creates marketing by the people itself. And zero investment in the marketing will be working for your product because the way you have made it is just awesome.


  • A user should feel like they are not that lucky to have the device that is supporting to the app you have made (however your app supports each but is just a thought to make the scene like that!)
  • Knowing the target market and their upcoming interest
  • Knowing the market in their niche of interest
  • Making an app that creates “need” in people’s mindset
  • Making an app with the very intelligent coding because if you have not done with the smart research, you are no longer to develop a perfect coding that works.


There are yet more points to consider as the sub-points of making an app that rings the bell! This can be one of the biggest challenges for an app developer

 challenge accepted

App Performance – Considering the Battery life

Any app developer is attempting to make their app at the best user experience and completely working with the logic they want to implement. An app development phase covers design, interaction and app performance as per the phone’s battery consumption.


A developer is heading towards on how to make the optimized battery usage? Because people are likely to ignore the apps that harm their phone by means of making battery consumption at the most.


The design phase however not including the battery concerns and all the considerations fall into the mobile app development phase. There are too many things that need to keep in mind while making an app scratch. Because the market will have most of the users running the application on the old phones and not using the latest version.


So an app is likely to face the performance variations in the different phones. But a developer’s challenge is to make the app with the total performance with no difference in working and bug-free working in each of the phones with minimal usage of battery.


As a wise solution, a developer’s team should have a great testing team with the beta test cases so they can avoid the bugs related to battery usage and performance.


Is Your App lagging behind the Transparency?

Here the transparency refers to the app stores you are submitting to. The app stores showing the market for particular apps are all they correct? And the need for the app specific you are making is really engaging?  


The app store showing the research that this kind of apps are needed for the particular purpose will not be working as the perfect analysis. As there is much other research by checking multiple app stores according to the user base and the target market.


Based on the completely researched data, one can decide the user’s interest in a particular niche and based on that making a decision to develop an app that can be sold out at anyways.


For making a well-researched data, it is necessary to go through the reports released by the various app stores every year and keeping an eye on the statistics of the year.


Launching with a kickstart! – needs Marketing?

The developers are just taking their view to make a perfect app and not focussing on the marketing and launching with a kick start purpose. But in the case where the competition is just out of the scope and need to engrave the realm in the app market, it is needed to focus on the marketing perspectives of any app.


And marketing is not something that relates to the picking up the banners and going for the publicity.


But it is something that can throw through the development hacks, too. And also you need to make the proper hybrid digital marketing for the same. Or you may contact the relevant digital marketing agencies with a proper understanding conveying to them.


App interaction with User and Creating an exclusive user Experience

Interactions are the essential part of the human life. Because making an interaction makes the user or person feel special about it. We sometimes feel to touch the gesture the app is showing to us.


No matter it is relating to us 0or we want or don’t want to do that stuff. But we just click because we feel attracted towards the gesture just. Just like that making interaction as many as possible in the app is maybe a task or challenge. But it is not the impossible one.


A developer should not limit himself to develop such things. For an instance, making use of the sensors or swipe gestures and various button clicking options. Interactions should be created in a very informative manner and should not be irritating users with the content. It should be clear, precise and just value-added content-rich interactions.


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