5 Mobile Apps that are changing the scenario of Social Entrepreneurship

5 Mobile Apps that are Changing the Scenario of Social Entrepreneurship


If you own a smartphone, you can work out on any issue and spread out your opinions for the same. Social Entrepreneurship is one such era that brings on to such a perspective and helps to see everyone around us with a completely different version of them. Let us look out for such apps that are contributing significantly towards this area.


Micro Hero

Probably the fastest way to earn money online through generate\answer online surveys. All you have to be is to speed hardly 3-4 minutes of your time and end up being paid.


However, once you start finding this job a boring one, even the money that you would be earning cannot keep you up with containing it further.


Micro Hero is one such platform, that comes up as a platform wherein people can join and answer such surveys.All you have to do is download the app, look out for the cause that you believe would be able to answer and start working towards it.


Answering questions in this way would help you earn money for each question that you answer and also in such a way that you do not need to go for any random surveys, just answer from the topics that you find appealing.


The good cause here is that unlike the other companies, wherein the users get paid, Micro Hero gives this money to a nonprofit organization and the user want to support services.



Are you a photo addict and click dozens of a photo on regular basis? Then, use them for a social cause as well by downloading the app Fotition. The mobile app developers behind this app have made it in such a way that you just have to upload your photos here.


This app helps you set up campaigns for both the popular brands as well as charities. Thus, the ap can prove a medium to donate money to a charity. For, every time you use this app to upload a photo, by making use of their filters, the company would donate a fixed amount to their charitable trust.


Thus, if you are an NGO or any such organization, you can utilize this app for spreading awareness about your area of work and help people interact with your services more.Then, your audience might end up finding a bigger platform to help you as well as gain entertainment as well.



We love to take challenges and twist them up with our friends. Playing with our friends a game of challenging tasks is always a fun task. How good would that be if some mobile app development company came up with this idea of an app in such a way that all these tasks can be accommodated into a single place? This is what Budge is made of!


It is a micro-donation app that changes daily games as well as interactive challenges -all of thee incorporated into a social tool for change.


Once you have the app installed, all you have to do is invite your friends to play with you as your competitor. The winner has the chance to brag about it, whereas the person who loses has to pay a fixed amount to any organization from the choice of NGOs there.


And the donations are also not high in number.The normally vary from $1-$5 in range.Budge is being highly appreciated for its efforts and is widely accepted in the US as well as Australia.


They have been playing such games on a large scale. The makers of Budge believe that every penny received has a major contribution, whether small or big is important towards the society.Currently, this app is available for the iOS users.



Pay-to-watch ads are gaining popularity for quite a few days now.however, you do no get to earn a lot of money just like the paid surveys, you end up getting less.


The makers of Givvr wanted to take this idea to the next level and hence they came up with this app.In this app, the users can earn smaller tokens of money by watching quite a few videos.


And this earned money can be sent to any organization of your choice.In this way, you can perform charitable events by just watching some videos and answer some questions.



When do you plan to donate a part of your savings? Only that time when you can save a part of your income and hence only ten can you donate it.This is what Instead is made for.


Instead helps you by having a quick look at your expenses and thus planning your income in such a way that it helps you to save a large amount of money.


For instance, you’re sipping your coffee from Starbucks. Now Instead comes into action here. It would ask you to let go of your coffee and donate it to someone needy.


This is how it helps you plan your expenses. This app is being widely received throughout the world and its acceptance ratio is quite high.


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