5 Tools Everyone In The Google Industry Should Be Using

5 Tools Everyone In The Google Industry Should Be Using

You may be just browsing and reading the web pages but it is important to note that the information and technology industry is whole and sole running with the search engine Google.


The mobile app development company are running with the many more considerations taking in the mind.


They all are just taking the responsibilities of their clients to make the projects live as soon as possible.


The things that matter the most stay up to date at the fastest time ever. And that can be possible with the latest technologies and tools.


For an instance, staying sane in the Google industry is the epitome of smartest move ever.


Let us see the imperative tools that should be used by the mobile application development companies in the current Tools Everyone In The Google Industry Should Be Using

We can cover many of the things that directly or indirectly related to the mobile application development industry.


It can be search engine optimization activity or maybe the development side tools. The company that uses the best in a market in each of the niches will be winning the bulk of client base.


Likewise in the web development industry, we have search engine optimization techniques. For the application development, it will be having application store optimization.

Using CANVA? Surprised?

Using CANVA Surprised
Perhaps the name is giving a quick hint about the newly looking term “CANVAS”. It is all about canvassing something. That means graphics. It is a great cloud-based platform to make your designing graphic in a prompt mode.

To increase the interest of the blog readers and making blog engagement more interesting with the increasing rates, the graphics will play the most important role than ever.

The next second reading this out that the graphics are incredibly making the reader’s engagement more enhancing, you will be redirected to the thought that photoshop will be the working idea. But that is not the case if it takes hours a day to make a graphic just.

This amazing tool will be great to use for making the quick graphics. The benefits will be same as the making graphic in photoshop but will take the very short chunk of time. Isn’t great?

Being slow with the trend? Speed up Your Website!

mobile app development companyThe Google is being more on the algorithms pattern and not following the marketing trends by the agencies and people. The people are doing core advertising of themselves.


They will be getting de-indexed shortly if Google does not consider it the valid one. The Google has announced the speed of the websites and then applying their search ranking according to the algorithms.


The loading speed does matter a lot for the purpose of the excellent app store optimization or say for the website optimization in the Google.  

Here the best thing to use is Google’s own page insights. It will eventually help with the statistics about the loading speed.


For the people or say a developer will have a great benefit from the intelligent tools like this. It includes page speed insights extension for the browsers like firefox and chrome.


Also, it elaborates the further details about the speed. Or how one can or one should make it improved?

Playing with Content Can’t be the Approach!

app development company
The Google holds the name for originality and it will show leaning towards the contents of a website which is having the best and relevant information.


It will never show the websites or the data that is not made for the perfect information. Because Google is made for the helping people with the relevant information.

So it is better to give Google an original content delivering qualitative information and flawless with the writing skills and grammar. Whether it is blog posting or an on-page content.


It should be delivering a core content that is filled with the quality. There are also the tools available for the content creation and spinning of the content can be done.


But it is advisable to never approach those tools to save your application content or a website from the Google Banning.

Linkedin Pulse

Linkedin Pulse
For making the content portfolio with an intensity to get high ranking of a website LinkedIn is doing a great job. It is used for the blogging of your own list of blogs.


It may possible you are good to go with the writing contents but don’t want to configure the website. Linkedin provides a free access to your blogging site along with the LinkedIn profile.  

The benefit here is for the mobile application and website development companies. Because LinkedIn has a wide range of network of professional people.


The blogging here will enhance the knowledge of the featured project clients about their top application development companies in the world.


And which are having the potential to accomplish the projects? Ranging from the skilled development team to latest technological tools.  



A cloudinary tool is used for generating the thumbnails using an URL. it uses a technique which is used for perfection of the detection functionalities.


For an instance, you want to do the framing of a photo then it will be done by the face detection technique to crop the photo with a perfection.




The mobile application development companies are getting revenues at the increased rate day by day. The reason is the people love for the creative and helpful applications in the real life.


The developers and the information technology firms should be using the professional approach to accomplish the Google Ranking at the higher pace.

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