5 tools to rule social commerce in the year 2018!

5 tools to rule social commerce in the year 2018!

Social Media platforms are proved as the essential ones for the eCommerce business and any kind of business that you want to make impression on the people’s mind will get the highest score using the social media platforms. Because these are easy to go things that people will reach, recognize and want to get connected with the trending things.


For the best marketing tool to increase the product or service revenue, you must ensure the social media as the most leading tool. But to make your prompt note of this, what are the most advanced tools that can aid you with this in the year 2018?


Let us have a glimpse of it here!




Bigcommerce is the essential among all made for the eCommerce platforms that offer the selling on the social media like Facebook, Instagram and more. It works as the seamless syncing of the product inventory across all the social media channels and the inventory issues or worries will get resolved without any worries.


Here the business page allows to add the facebook store and it will show the product catalogs and the users will be able to scroll the news feeds about the new products coming every now and then. Also, allows to tag on the Instagram with the use of the Buyable pins.


Amazon Spark


Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce website with a massive number of online customers. It is having the option of becoming Amazon prime customer and so it allows the posting and commenting on a product with a tool called Amazon Spark. And the reason behind allowing only to the prime customers is, it is intended for the active buyers only and not for the one time shoppers. And there is a notable amount of increase in the prime members shopping than the non-prime ones because of the social commerce smart usage by Amazon.


One can easily make the eCommerce website or eCommerce app development done with the top app development companies.




This is another good platform to rock on the social media commerce. This will do the importing of the current web store into the social media accounts like Facebook. Here, one can customize the product buying as in selection with the latest purchase. It will include promoting a store with the good advertisements and doing homework for the targeted audience. This is mainly focussed on the Facebook social media website so sometimes called as the F-commerce presence.


Messenger Bots


This is great for the e-commerce websites. Customers usually having the questions in mind that you have not or forget to list on the FAQs at your eCommerce website. For those, the messenger BOTs will work as the best tool. Because the customer can ask the questions they want to even in the messenger through facebook and need not logging in to the particular website.


WeChat & Whatsapp


WeChat is operating great in some of the countries and people like to be active on this messenger. And it is mainly used in the most populated country China. So the making marketing on the social media platform like WEChat, will, of course, be the worth.

This app is having monthly more than 800 million users and the eCommerce websites can take easily the benefits of it. And WhatsApp is conspicuously the most demanded social media platform in the world so the business people can spread the word about their product through their Whatsapp to gain more from the mouth to mouth publicity.


Concluding Note:


Making an app for the eCommerce alone will not work. As you must have to have one website with the must have android and iOS app. As the users are most active in both of the platforms. People should make use of the mobile app development company and the website applications development companies for diving into the eCommerce business but along this will not work. Making a quick move for the social media intending to the best marketing techniques for the best return on investment.


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