7 considerations to keep in mind while outsourcing mobile application development

If you’re planning to develop a mobile application for your business then outsourcing app development is one of the prominent approach. There are tons of benefits obtained including time perseverance to put all your energy in marketing of the app.

Hence outsourcing app development seems sensible in terms of every business aspects.

By outsourcing app development, you will find yourself playing a role of project manager, remotely monitoring every nitty-gritty of the ongoing development process. Your team would act in accordance with your guidance and suggestions. Here we elaborate few important tips to spot a best mobile app developer.

Determine the things you want to gain from the app

You must have a clear idea about all the aspects to be accomplished by the app, before the development process is initiated.

Establishing communication with the freelance developer without clear app objective, seems a senseless approach. Conducting bit research on similar applications help you to jot down the elements you need to incorporate in your app.

  • Do you want to charge the user to download your app or want to launch it as a freemium one.

  • Various login features to be included in your app.

  • Mobile operating system for the app to execute, android or iOS or both

  • Inclusion of in-app purchase functionality or not

The hunt for the developer should only be reinforced once all the above aspects related to the app features are thoroughly considered.

Start the hunt for the app developer

Prior determination of the feature-list of the app is crucial, in order to spot the qualities in the developer you’re hunting for. Now you should start looking for the developer who have past record in developing similar type of applications.

There are various ways to look for the developer but the simple and efficient one is to post an Ad on websites like freelancer.com or Upwork.com. There you can study the profile various experienced developers around the globe who will bid to successfully accomplish your project.

Here, you need to explore all the features pertaining to your project in the description section along with the eligible qualification of the developer. Brief the developer about all your app functional and mobile platform requirement and draw out the technical skills they possess. Before hiring the developer, thoroughly go through his/her educational qualification, additional certifications along with hand-on experience on past projects.

Initiate communication with the bidder before hiring

Before finalising the project deal, you must know the views of the developer despite their hardcore development experience on android or iOS platform. Choose the real time onlinecommunication platform like Skype, Google Hangout instead of email conversation.

Messaging platform eliminates the wait turn around time thereby receiving the chat in a prompt manner. Another viable option is video conferencing to determine the nuances that cannot be determined through chat.

Conduct interview of the bidder

There are many skills, qualities and capabilities to spot in a developer but the most prominent one is clear communication skills. The developer should be comprehensive in manipulating both technical and business aspects of the project.

Review the list of testimonials posted on the developer’s work portfolio and know their strength and weakness along with the complex task handling capability.

Negotiate the final bid cost for the project

When the hiring cost of a developer is fixed and the one who applies to accomplish that task may request for higher amount than the one actually quoted in the contract. Don’t neglect that elevated cost, just because it wasn’t primarily mentioned in the contract document.

The developer might have consider many crucial reasons to uplift the actual cost of the project. If the cost seems affordable with the experience and qualities of the developer then closing the deal becomes worthy.


When you hire any freelance developer or organisation for app development, then ensure all the documentation related process including NDA is duly signed and successfully completed by the involved parties. Also make sure that the authorization and security of the code is maintained.

Setting project milestones

Setting milestones is one of the most eminent aspect of project management. The entire project needs to be divided into chunks with a defined time limit to get that task done. There might be situations where the developer might fail to accomplish the task within stipulated time period, such occurrences are normal and can be considered in furtive manner.

Adopting the pay per work strategy keeps the developer motivated and passionate to deliver quality solutions in order to surpass your business in the world of competitive market.

Hiring a freelance mobile app developer for the fulfillment of your business related requirement is a quite challenging and competitive task. Taking a quick decision without deep analysis might hamper both the quality and cost of the product.

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