Android App Development Trends to Check Out in 2018!

Android App Development Trends to Check Out in 2018!


How will make best out of Android of App development blending with the best ingredients?


We all are witnessed of the Android updates provided by the Google and we all love the updates coming in the different versions of Android.


Well, the Android app development is such a vast subject as we all are experiencing many android apps updated with the different versions as per the users demand and for the sake of app convenience.


As the year 2018 is already done with the 3 days and we are expecting a lot from our business in the year.


Considering the mobile app development, we will have a lot more to get updated with and upcoming trends to follow. Both for the android app development or hiring an Android developer.


Let’s come up with the upcoming trends and some must follow for the Android app development


Hire an Android Developer updated with the Advanced technology!


Firstly, the need for hiring an android app developer will become a bit difficult for the app development companies. The reason is, Android is gonna take a new form with the language called Kotlin and not the Java.


Yes, you heard it right. So, to hire an Android developer will seek a difficult interviewing process for the Android developer.


Because of the developers not aware of their featured technology, will not be having a bright future for their development career. Developers need be updated with the new developing platform and so on.


Because without making step by step with the latest technology, it won’t be able to cope with the clients as the leading Android app development companies in India.


Blockchain Technology:


Blockchain- one of the most trending buzz for the current times. Recognized as the constant and a shared database of the information or virtual payment is known as the blocks.


A virtual block and the series of blocks will be recognized as the transparent blockchain technology for adding an advanced level of security.


Here the information will be stored as the virtual payment being made between the two or more parties as the bitcoin.


So the Bitcoin mobile wallet app development will be gaining a huge popularity as the app development trend for the year.


Predictive Analysis:


We know that by the time, the mobile applications and the whole information and technology systems are being intelligent for the human’s convenience.


Thinking about the development and research procedure, it goes crazy situation for the normal people.


Because it seeks a long and in-depth prediction of the application and the user’s scope defining. For an instance, Facebook is working good on implementing the Artificial Intelligence and getting information about us that is pretty much close.


So implementing the prediction based technology will benefit as a developer and app development company and so for the clients.


Because at the end, making everything automated is what the information and technology intending for.  


Here the Android app development company need to incline with the machine learning and AI-based technologies.


Making Instant Apps


Instant Apps for something different from our understanding of Android apps. Because this is something that lets user using the android app with a single username and password without even downloading the application.


The Apps will be accessed from any specific URL and the social media as well. Here the important thing is, Android app will be getting a single click download approach and will be favored by the users as not consuming the much time.


Keeping wearables in mind


The emerging trend of the current times, smart wearables. And it will continue the ongoing trend in the future times, too. So it is required to have the application compatible with the wearable devices of all the types.


So it would be feasible for all the users connecting to the smart devices. Users will have more productivity through the apps capable enough to connect to the wearables.


Improved & solid Testing


The Android developers have the android studio to cope with all the phases required for the android development project. Android studio is best among the smart tools to develop an app and making it tested greatly.


But it is advisable for the coming app development companies to have the Android devices to check the testing of an app. Because the other applications already in the market are tested well and there are a plethora of them.


So to make your client stand up in the cut-throat competition, you need to give them an app that is tested like a virtual launch. So choosing an android developer and selecting an android developer company makes a difference here. A developer alone cannot test your app with the different devices but the simulator.


Mobile Payments


We all have seen the ages of eCommerce we can say. Because nowadays making an online shopping is no new term to introduce. But the thing that is arriving now is m-commerce. Another new invention you may be thinking.


But it has arrived already with the Apple Pay and Google Wallet. So everything is being like the smart device-oriented world. And so the android apps are demanding to be smart in many ways.


The upcoming 5G


As the internet of things technology is already on its way, the 5th generation bandwidth internet is no less than indeed parameter. The use of AI and cloud technologies with the increased mobile subscriptions is demanding a warp speed of internet like 5g. So with the digital speed, the mobile app technologies need to be updated with the featured technology.


The Concluding Note:


With the constantly changing scenario in the information and technology, we can see that there are many updates and several innovative technologies day by day. There are several android app development companies in India working for the most complex android app projects and having the developers talent to its great extent.


The trending points never get end as the developer’s community is so large and releasing updates every day. So making your project using the most advanced android app development trends will benefit the business to business marketers and entrepreneurs the most.


Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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