Android apps to help develop students’ critical thinking

Android Apps to help Develop Students’ Critical Thinking


With the increasing demands of apps in the development in the mobile app development industry, the applications are being developed for a number of sectors such as fashion industry, sports, entertainment, market, e-commerce, M-commerce etc.An industry which is blooming with these days is the e-Learning industry.


Be it a college student or a school going kid, teachers or the faculty, they rely on such as for as a quick guide to broaden the perspectives and give information with a certain amount of entertainment as well.


Not only search apps provide informational videos, all written information about them, they also have test papers, online test platforms where you can test your compatibility with lakhs of students using the same app and what not.


Thus, this blog has been designed in such a way that it shows our gratitude towards the Android App Development Company Which prove to be extremely beneficial to the students out there.


We How compiled in a list of the applications which help improve the critical thinking of the students and can be considered as the ones providing high in functionality And showing them an enormous amount of contribution to help students get a one-stop solution for everything that there which to learn and does satisfy the thrust of gaining information.


Have A look at these apps and give your feedback for the same.Also, latest know your favorite app is missing from a list and get it featured in the comment section below.


(1) Studios:


Scared of making innumerable assignments every day. Is the deadline always Haunting you?Well, then studios if the app for you.With this app installed on a device, you certainly would not have to worry about remembering your assignments.



This app would help you in taking and the note of your schedule, such as every detail about your test coming up or your submission of assignments.A  great feature that this app comes up with is that it would automatically silent your phone the moment you enter in class.


No, this is no joke, but it does keep your phone on silent the moment to enter the door of the class.But, all you have to do is need to import your class locations, that is feed your app with your class’ location.


(2) SlideShare


Recently Taken control by LinkedIn for a large ransom amount of money being paid to them, slide Share is a hosting platform for presentations.However, you cannot create a build up your presentations here, you can just share them view them and also save them to the devices for offline uses as well.Thus, as the name suggests SlideShare is such a space way you can share as well as before presentations regardless of any topic, from any place easily.


(3) Sunrise


The Most popular rap under this category, that is the Highly popular calendar app, has been made available for the people on the Android platform from this month only.


It Has gained popularity because of its simple design with minimalistic and Clear View, is what makes it different from all the other apps.with this app on your device, you can also link it to other third party services surcharge Facebook FourSquare or LinkedIn.


The Android users also get a cool off with getting that they can put on their home screens.Also just in case, your phone is not kept with you that is you do not have your phone for the whole day, you also got a desktop version of this app.


(4) Evernote


Declared As one of the tops must have apps by the New York Times this year, Evernote is a free app which helps you to have each and every detail about all your assignments and both clothes near you.


Thus, basically it is an app that has or we can say that managers your schedule organizes it and keep fit in a well-planned manner.Evernote allows you to make the to-do list, capture photos and also set up voice reminders for yourself.


The  Android users get a benefit for Evernote has come up with the new update recently and that is the handwriting feature.Released Last month, the handwriting feature allows you to quickly turn up to your Phone or Tablet and jot down important details using your fingers or your stylus.




This version of the app is so unique that we can’t help get over it.If this then that, is one such Android App that helps you develop powerful connections by making use of simple statements.


For example, if it is going to rain in your area then there are chances that you can draft a mail by making use of the IFTTT application a couple of hours before.


Or else, if you have captured something really beautiful, with this app you can share it across all your social networking sites with just click. And now, finally, with its Android version released, you can manage and share everything easily with the help of this app.


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