Android P Finally Developer Preview 1 is Out! Here’s What You’d like to see!

Android P: Finally Developer Preview 1 is Out! Here’s What You’d like to see!

Every year Google comes with outstanding versions of Android. And keeping us waiting for the next one. All the previous versions of Android remained splendid to us including the latest OREO. and now Google is gonna present to us Android P.


As always we are not sure about the name. But we have Android P’s Developer Preview 1 on last Wednesday! We have the features that are about to launch in the final launch of Android P version. The android app developers community will be in a mood to have the very first version soon in the hands!


The developer preview for the first try is currently available for the selected devices such as Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and more. However, Google is denying the support for devices such as Pixel C, Google Nexus 5X, and 6P devices. As we know, we are quite excited for another new update of Android.


Here is the List of Features We have in Android P:

Display Notch

Android p have supported a nice functionality for the app developers option. Android P supports a display cutout to stimulate the notch in the digital sense. Which will be coupled with the camera and sensors. Google comes with a native operating system support for the screens cutout.


Notch is stricken out and will be showing the operating systems readiness for the programs to be implemented. This option will be on/off based on the developers’ perspectives. So it will be helpful for the developers to run the app on a single Android app even if as an iPhone X.


Power button For taking screenshots

Generally, we face difficulties with taking screenshots while pressing power button and volume down at the same time. Android P is coming with a hack that offers you to have the screenshots at ease just by pressing power button for long.


This gives an extra option to have the screenshots and also the volume bar will be showing at sides as compared to the earlier, it will not be on the top bar. The mobile app development companies will be viewing the features and excited to make all new apps for the upcoming projects.


Security is more strengthen

Security is the biggest concern of us. We can not put our phone down just for a minute. At the places where we don’t find ourselves safe. Or also not allowing even the family members to access our phone and give up on the privacy.


Because a smartphone is the nearest device to us and in that, we can hide everything from the world. Not because just to make a threat but to develop a lot.



The all new Android P has brought to us one click lock button for the securing the mobile phone. Android P brings lockdown feature. This will be more controlled by the device features.


Such as the applications will not be accessing the data while running in the background and users can easily use and share the credentials while running the app.


Also, the hardware will not be releasing the data while accessing the Camera, mic or other. Users are likely to get notifications from the system whenever their data is about to access by the hardware.


Android is following the security concerns such as in iPhone Devices. There will be no unauthorized users accessing the information. The Android operating system will ensure encrypting the data. And makes tougher to intervene users privacy.



Google Smart Replies

We know, Google has implemented smart replies functionality in the Gmail. Also, we have in the LinkedIn Chats. Now your Android device has upgraded itself to have answered your chats in the notifications panel itself. Yes, the users can see the whole conversation in the notifications and can directly reply using the smart replies from there.


This will increase the popularity of Android smartness. Users will love to have such functionalities that understand their replies and reduce their typing stuff.


Enhanced Google Maps

Now it is tough to move in big cities without a map. And that is none other than the Google Maps. As is recognized as the fastest and intelligible navigation app. With the Android P developer preview, Google has attempted to find a distance of a device to the nearest WiFi access. This will aid with the location of the access point to triangulate the client’s device location. Thanks to the Google indoor navigation API to accomplish such an advantage.


Concluding Note:

Google has more to shower on the Android’s brand new version. Yet more features to come and make hacks for the users. Let’s see the final launched version come up with a lot more excitement.

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