apple says it will introduce new features to help parents protect children

Apple says will be introduce new features to help parents protect children

Apple has assured its customers of including new features after the investors are coming up with concerns about the child phone addiction


To keep up with the customer satisfaction rate, Apple is assuring its clients to come up with various come up features and a number of tools after two of the biggest investors in the company have demanded Apple to deal out with the issue of child phone addiction.


A  representative from Apple in an interview with Business Insider on Tuesday said that Apple has always wanted the benefits of kids, and they have been working hard to maintain the same since the beginning of the firm.


Thus, Eating such products which are entertaining to the children,  as well as inspire them and also help them for the education along with assuring the parents to help protect them online.


They also mentioned that the Apple devices now a day comes up with the unique newly involved mechanism and various enhancements with added features just planned out for the future, to increase the level of functionality and make use of the tools and even more better way.


however, Apple Store has not gotten into any details about the exact features or the enhancements and its characteristics that it has been referring too.


Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System,  which is believed to be the owner of $2 billion (that is 1.5billion Euros)   stake in Apple,  published out an open letter This Saturday addressing to the firm.In this letter,  they can be seen requesting the Cupertino tech giant to come up as an example for the others about various allegations regarding the technologies and various technology companies for their special customers, that is the toddlers.


According to the  report given by the Insider,  they believe that,” We  have been taking into consideration various shreds of evidence and that we firmly believe that surely there is a need for Apple to come up with various options for the parents so that they have more choices and the hands and a number of tools which would help them and sure that the toddlers have been using the products and such a way that it is not causing any harm to them.”


They also wrote that “ The  company has surely been taking pride and its values such as providing quality education, safely protecting the environment  as well as managing the supply responsibility, along with inclusiveness;


Apple  once again plans to come up with this innovative spirit of it that has made them stand up as one of the leading companies in the world and has given at the position that it stands on today.”


However,  iPhones on various other devices are making it slightly difficult for various students to maintain the focus at school, as described in the research through the letter.


Various other negative impacts that have been linked to the addition of phone include the teenagers highly deprived of sleep thus leading them to depression.


Professor Jean Twenge, a psychologist at San Diego State University  and who is also the author of the book “iGen”  recently discovered that the US teenagers who are likely to spend 3 hours or more in a day on the electronic devices are 35% or more than that,  where are those users that have been spending 5 hours or more on various electronic devices have  more than 71% chances to develop symptoms which would even silly leave them into depression ending up in suicides.


Whereas the users who are likely to spend less than an hour on such electronic devices,  and less prone to such negativity.


Tony Fadell, the co-creator of the iPod and iPhone Has openly criticized Apple this Monday, coming up with arguments such as the adults and children seem to be this leaves to the phones and social media and Apple is doing nothing on its part despite being one of the leading brands in the world. arguing that adults and children alike are slaves to their phones and social media.


Fadell was a part of the team that had worked on the first ever iPhone, and he also is one of the main inventors of the iPod.


He  went on to them to discover the smart thermostat firm Nest,  that he recently sold to Google for 3.2 billion dollars ( that is 2,3 billion Euros.)


He mentioned on Twitter that: “  Be it the Apple watches, Google phones, Facebook or Twitter all of them have come up to be so good in earring is to review the various features,  that it is successfully giving us dopamine hits.


So now, it is the responsibility to come up with such tax and options that can handle digital addictions across any device that we use- the phones, laptops, televisions etc.


He has also added that various Tech companies across the globe would probably have to face regulations decided by the government if did themselves don’t come up with a better solution to help people manage the time that they are spending with the devices.


Thus,  after these allegations made by the firms, this has become as a topic of debate amongst various developers of the world and the critics are doing their bit the coming up with the opinions on the same. Let us see what Apple has in hands for us.

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