Avoid Mobile App Development Blunders Here’s An Informative Snippet!

Avoid Mobile App Development Blunders: Here’s An Informative Snippet!

Writing down a snippet of code is simple & sometimes tedious for the app developers. Why so? Because app developer is now provided with the latest tools and technologies that make them free to write the lines of code easily. No matter how far the complexity goes for.


Coding becomes tedious when the development goes in the wrong direction and gets converted into the blunders. The mobile app developer is facing the upscaled competition in this era.


Because every developer is bringing something extraneous to the app development trends and making the world in confusions and facilities at the same time.


A mobile app development is never built for the single purpose. An app is something that represents a business and expecting more out of them. The app developers should not consider only building up the apps and generating the line of codes but also to consider the business that is waiting for an app to have a platform.


It is a fact that, nowadays mobile apps are only platforms going as successful investments and emerging stages. But what matters is some of the apps going for a failure. And that is what because of the app development blunders have done by the mobile app developer.


Here are some of the things that need to be skipped out:


“Your Device is not supported”:


This is the general repeating issue from the app developers. Device compatibility matters the most for the users perspective and so as from the client’s side. Every device should be compatible with the app you made.


And if you have made the app that supports the single platform or making it limited to some of the limited scopes will not attract the users. Also, the clients will be in a disappointing mood to say a complete No.


There are multiple devices to consider whenever you are developing an app. Because the different devices are of different sizes and various screen resolutions. So it is a good habit to not to overlook the latest version of Android when you developing a mobile application.


  • A developer needs to write the dynamic code that is scalable enough to compatible with the multiple screens.
  • Solid testing with multiple devices
  • Making device independent applications


Overlooking beta Testing:


Generally, mobile app development companies are having the quality analyst persons that are constantly testing the mobile apps delivered by the developers. But then, what’s the reason behind too many pitfalls in the apps when the apps are getting failure from the users end? Simple is the answer.


And that is avoiding beta testing. Beta testing is one of the most crucial parts of app development. Beta testing includes testing done by the users. The end users which are the target for that particular app.


So you need to get the end users hand on your application. The errors found by the end users make the perfect app working.


You as a Developer need to do:


  • Making a bug free app
  • Quality Tested by the technical Quality Analyst
  • Releasing the Beta version
  • Taking users review/ feedback
  • Revising the app
  • Having the user-friendly app


Missing Out Analytics:


As a perfect app developer, you need to be a perfect observer first. Missing out the analytics means you have missed out the real users of your app. And that can’t be ignored. Because without the right users, you can’t have the app to be a successful stage.


Keeping the track of google analytics when you are developing a website is normal and mandatory. Likewise, for developing an app, you need to keep your constant eye at some of the factors like Daily Active Users, users retention rate, app conversion rate, engagement ratio, app crashes and more.


If you are not the one that considers all these parameters, you are no more having the successful app numbers. You as a client should be having an app development company that considers all these post-launch parameters for an Android or iOS app development.


Overloaded Features:


When it comes adding the features, it comes directly to the user experience. The users are expecting less as more. Yes, users don’t want everything as a combined package. They want a single app that performs particular actions tasks.


An app that performs a single task with the smart user interface and amazing performance will make the users feel completely amazing. So it is better to judge the functions first, then going for the development phase. You need to have a core set of features that make the app beautiful beyond the imagination.


Lagging behind Performance:


An app that performs ill is the app that does not matter at all. A mobile app should be like performing well but not make any change in the smartphone you have installed. An app that performs ill is:


  • Freezing at any instance of time
  • Reserving more memory
  • slowest loading time
  • Make users wait a long to perform a single action
  • Not satisfying the users with UX
  • Battery consumption
  • And more.


An app having such features will certainly break the reputation of the business related to it. And the users will be leaving the app eventually. You should Hire mobile app developer that makes everything strike out from the development phase.


The users do not want to make the whole day busy with a single app. So making an app with a flawless attitude is definitely matters and required in mobile application development industry.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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