Which are the best 5 Languages for AI Development?

Artificial Intelligence is the current buzzing word and no more a novelty to elaborate or understand. Google, Facebook, and other many tech giants have proved the power of intelligence developed by a human.


An intelligence that can rule the human’s activity, control it and make the technologies work better and create a completely automated world. To make such technologies development, you should have to delve into the robust programming languages as a developer.  


We have computer programming languages that work incredibly amazing for creating artificial intelligence applications.  


Here are the top 5 programming languages to create AI establishment in our life.


Python Language

python app development


Python is considered as the prime language for building up the Artificial Intelligence Development. The reason for which Python is called for is its epitome simplicity. Yes, the language that does not stand for the complex structures.


The AI developers are always in search for the syntax that makes sense to them in simplest terms. The AI algorithms are easy to implement in this language. Also, the developers’ love goes to Python because it takes very less time in development as compared to the Java or Ruby.


A language having intelligent libraries can do efficiently to create the intelligence. A language not having such inbuilt things cannot be expected to work smartly.


Python is such a language that owns a bigger step here. And that is its enormous smart libraries. Including those in the development, coding will ensure the artificial intelligence to be created. For an instance, Numpy library used to compute scientific calculations.


Java Language


java ai development


Java is another platform for establishing a network in which an artificial intelligence can develop itself. Meaning an AI that develops AI. and now there will be a need for such technological advancements.


Where the technologies like the internet of things are going to be live. Java is the complete object-oriented programming language focussing on providing the extraordinary features to work out.


Artificial Intelligence app development needs technology that supports the search algorithms and genetic programming. Which is completely achieved by the Java programming languages. Java is easy to use and debug with the fascinating visualization facilities.


So we can consider Java as the AI’s best friend. And developers should not miss using such a wide platform. And one should not miss having the graphics features provided by Java because any other competitive platform cannot have!


Prolog Language



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Prolog refers to its wide range of usage intending to implement different functions and features. Basically, What Prolog offers is some basic need of the program to be implemented.


That means a needed mechanism which allows building the artificial intelligence app structure. The developers can expect more from prolog like pattern matching, backtracking without manual efforts, tree-based data structure and more that combinedly creates a framework to work for the AI mechanisms.


It is said that, for creating the medical usage of artificial intelligence based system, Prolog stands as the best solution among all the available platforms.


Lisp Language


lisp auxano global services


We can consider Lisp as one of the older languages considered for the Artificial Intelligent Development. The language is invented at the time of the invention of AI in 1958.


And it processes the symbolic information very effectively. The Lisp can do the excellent prototyping with the dynamic creation of the new objects and hence automating the system. The language also holds the automatic garbage collection with the interactive expressions and functions used in the program.


R Language


R – a single letter named AI Development Language. Its known for the analysis and manipulation of data for the statistics calculation. Which is one of the most essentials of the artificial intelligence?


It enhances the workflow whenever the program is called for the understanding of mathematical symbols and formulae. R consists of the packages like RODBC, G models, Class which is efficiently used in the machine learning algorithms. To cope with the machine learning understanding and creating smooth interaction of it, R proves as the best among all the languages.


The Concluding Note:


We can conclude like Artificial Intelligence is the new demanding platform for the upcoming developers and the developers currently developing it. Because everything is gonna smart and automated nowadays.


The need for learning such programming platforms is increasing and one should Hire app developer that seeks hunger for learning and getting developed with more and more AI Development Platforms.


Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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