CES 2018 What all can u expect from the biggest tech show of the year

CES 2018: What all can you expect from the biggest tech show of the year?


Every year the world is bombarded by either technology that hits the globe by storm. For instance, Pokemon Go, when launched the previous year, took the mobile app development to another level by being the first augmented reality app to hit the world on fire.


However, the things that kept a steady pace in the market were the digital assistants(such as Google Home or Microsoft Cortana or Google Home), which connected the artificial intelligence to get back to the voice commands.


These smart speakers do the function of controlling the voice so that they can come up with the table-stakes feature in the hosts of the gadgets.


And this is expected to be the most likely theme of the current year’s CES-that is by the Consumer electronics show being set up for the tech freaks in Las Vegas this year, from Jan 9-Jan 12.This year, approximately 170,000 people are expected to hit the show.


According to Mr. Gary Shapiro, head of the COnsumer Technology Association trade group,” Last year Amazon seemed to have ruled over the technology concerning the assistants, or the intelligent speakers.


This product definitely came up to be a landmark in the history of the best-evolved products over the past year. How cool is it that you talk to your speaker and it does stuff for you.”


Every year, CES serves us a mixed-up dish, with has the perfect combination of everything, from smart TVs, to launching an entirely new generation of technology(such as 5G this year), from 360-degree cameras to virtual headsets, the CES show has it all. Be it just be a technology enthusiast, or any well established mobile application development company; CES id the perfect platform for everyone out there; waiting for something to turn the market upside down.


This year, CES is presenting nearly 4000 exhibitors spread over a wide area of 2.7 million square feet(Woah!Isn’t it huge?). Nearly 184,000 journalists, analysts, experts and product buyers from 250 countries of the world attended the expo last year; the irony being that CES is not open to the common public.


This year, VES is also expecting the smart technologies to have a great audience and has more than 40 exhibitors registered for the same.IT also has more than 18 exhibitors for the new Sports ZOne highlights technologies, highlighted especially for e-sports, arenas, and athletes. Let us have a quick glance at the things that are going to set up a huge trend this year.


Artificial intelligence


The Alexa platform by Amazon hints about many more devices going to hit up the artificial intelligence market in the future.


Ignacio Contreras, the Director at Qualcomm believes that it is quite a contradictory statement that though voice commands and artificial intelligence are not a key trend, still they seem to be a part of the current trends in almost all the latest devices.


though it is still not clear that what number of these devices would be ready before the inception of CES this year. Also, some of the customers might even find it creepy that their refrigerators or television sets can hear them and respond back accordingly.


For instance, Vizio had to pay a huge fine to the regulators last year for getting having 11 million of its devices install a software to the connected televisions that used to track the viewing habits of the televisions and hence respond accordingly. The company sending up selling the technology to the marketers.


When you buy the digital speakers, you are very clear about the purpose of you buying the product. You know it very well that the device is going to listen to you and your commands and act accordingly. However, when you buy a smart TV, you might not want you TV to know everything that you do. A lot of fo users find this idea extremely creepy.

Watch out for the 8K Televisions


A couple of months ago, the 4K television sets were considered to be brand new devices. However, this year, with the 8K resolutions, the television sets are going to hit an entirely new area of clarity and sharper resolutions.


However, it is the whopping amount that one would be paying is what keeping everyone under deep confusion. A fair number of analysts believe that the number of exhibitors displaying the same would be less due to the sky scrapping prices, however, their presence would not be denied.


While unavailability of the content for the 8K television sets might be a problem for now, however, cameras to shoot with the same quality are now available and thus you can shoot content using the same.also, the larger resolutions clearly allow the user to sit closer to the device that it has been watching, also letting it have the feel of their very own cinematic experience at home.Hence, the smallest screen that we are going to see in the series of 8K markets is 65 inches.



With the wearables hitting the market, the mobile app development has led to another level of development. The rulers of this market such as Fitbit, Apple, or Samsung are enhancing the capabilities of their devices to take its qualities on another level and lure customers with its level of attractiveness.


Apart from the smartwatches and the fitness activity trackers, investors are also putting up a large amount of money for the research work of other devices with AI inherited to them, such as the connected clothing and running shoes, etc.


This is such a trend that is surely not going to far away in the near future. Afterall, who would not want to be able to refine data from your workout sessions and collect them further to be worked on accordingly. Thus, the internet is going to be attracted to it and the work on it would continue for the next few years as well. (KEep a track to be in the best seems to be the next big thing!)




No products having the 5G technology is going to be announced in the CES this year, however, this promises fiber-optics such as the huge capacity for billions of the gadgets that are connected,  managing the fiber-optics capacity of downloads for the wireless download speeds, and also getting rid of the transmission delays.


However, this is going to be a hot topic for discussion in this year’s CES too. Without a doubt, this technology can take the technology enhancements to another level of success and this is the reason many curious eyes are keeping a close view of the same from this year only.




Thus, there are certain aspects that are being targeted this year at CES which is going to unravel soon.However, what it has on its platter to offer to us surely remains a mystery to all of us until the gates finally open. Until then, the critics keeping gambling about the future technologies expected to rule over the market in the coming years.


Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.


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