Christmas Gifts to enhance the tech side of your lady love

As the year approaches towards its end, it high time to plan out the right gifts for your family, friends and all the loved ones.


Amongst all these people, the trickiest one to plan out a Christmas present is your backbone, the love of your life, that is your lady love.


Coming up with such a gift that is innovative, useful to her and also equally attractive is not an easy task. It requires a lot of brainstorming and hard work just to impress her with your sense of gifting.


Thus, why not gift her some trendy tech thing which is not only used to get but can be easily carried anywhere and makes her go around it? Wait a minute, before hunting deep down the website tirelessly looking for the right one, her e we present to you, the perfect options for gifts to gift her the perfect smile.


Everpurse Kate Spade Small Harmony Black Tote Bag 

Small Harmony Black Tote Bag

Is she the one who like traveling to places for hours and hours? OR is she the one who has got a mind-blowing sense of styling and shopping and thus spend a lot of time in the marketplaces; all this time either draining out the battery of her phone or forgetting any portable ones to fuel it up later on?


Even if she is not this one, wouldn’t she be happy to keep her phone is a cute yet useful bag?


While most of the wearables are not as attractive as this one, it also depicts the unique innovation that shows up the innovative side of the developers to come up with a combination of tech and fashion.


Thus, Everpurse Kate Spade is not just a handbag but also comes up with an inbuilt charging pack, which helps her charge out her phone whenever she needs.


Not only it would help to highlight her flamboyant, but it also helps to highlight her tech sense as well.The best thing about the bag still remains the inbuilt charging mechanism if the bag.


HP Sprocket Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

With the advent of technologies, we have stopped getting these photos printed. However advanced this feature may be, a look at those albums make us nostalgic and gets us into the memory of having these photos back gain in printed forms.


However, in today’s era, the photos are either uploaded in dries or are getting dusted in some secured corner of your storage devices, such as your smartphones memory or the hard disks or SD cards.


You can change this all with the help of HP Sprocket Photo Printer. It can be called us a portable Photo Printer that beautifully changes your snaps into printed pictures and gets you back to the era where photos used to be printed.


Also, it prints the photos instantly, rather at a faster rate.It comes up in the size of your closed fist, and thus can be taken with you easily from places to places.


This would surely turn out to be the best gift for your lady love whether clicking photos or being clicked, she admires it all.


Thus, turning her images into wonderful posters would linger in her mind forever as this helps to create an everlasting image of the moment she has been living in.


Thus, she can even decorate the beautiful walls of your room with these pictures and also with her drop-dead gorgeous smile.


Ringly GO:

Ringly GO

Is your lady the one who likes to wear the one who is a fitness freak with a fashion sense attached to her brains?


Does she like to hit the gym with the perfect set of active wears also with the wearables imperfectly matching colors to her dress?


Well, rather than buying her an expensive wearable serving this purpose, you can come up with the Ringly GO.


Ringly GO is nothing but just a fancy bracelet that holds another fancy jewel called Aries.The right combination of classy and perfect for all occasions is what a Ringly GO is.


BE it casual or formals, or even to add some glamour to her party wear, this wearable comes up right to her rescue.


How is it useful? IT is actually a fitness tracker which keeps an eye on her steps, the total distance traveled, the number of calories spent during the whole day, etc.


IT can be easily connected to both iPhone and Android. It offers you an instant five color codes along with 4 different vibration types of alerts.


Priced at an amount of nearly $125, it might look expensive but is one of the cheapest and yet the most useful wearable of the lot.


Also, you get two options to choose from in the designs, that is black leather with black stone and blush leather strap accompanied with black stone.


Thus, this is the perfect gift to keep her look healthy, fit and yet make her look stylishly elegant.


Q Bracelet:

Q Bracelet

It a medium sized cute portable charger which is actually of the shape of a bracelet.Thus. it looks like a bracelet but is actually a portable charger cum variable.


Thus, it turns out to be one attractive piece for your wrist. It can charge up your phone up to 60% when you are moving from places to places or are in a hurry.


Also, to match up with the striking personality of your lady love, it comes u in various sizes and weights.


Also, a large number of color options are available so that she gets to charge her phone in her favorite color, ranging from matte White to Rushed Black, A good thing is that it can charge up to 60% of your phone in a span of just an


Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo

This robot comes up with notorious yet admirable characteristics of its own, where it can move accordingly, on its own, can help you play games swell as recognize faces.


It also comes up with big emotionally expressive eyes, just like hers. THus, if you want her to have a plaything that keeps her entertained, this might be the one you are looking for.

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