Some Common Myths to Ignore For Android App Development

Some Common Myths to Ignore For Android App Development

Nowadays, people can not think to live without smartphones. And smartphones hints for the Android in most cases. We are experiencing many android applications that are built with amazing features and smart solutions of our life.


Well, still there are some myths about the android app development that needs to be ignored for the betterment of Android’s upcoming eves. We know, we love Android.


Still, we want to make myths about it. And it goes for the wrong directions of viewpoint. So we have gathered some of the common myths on Android application development.


Money Gets Started as the Downloads Starts


Yes, thousands of downloads are being started! Woah! This can be the expressions when we are getting in-bulk, numerous downloads at the play store analytics.


And we just get crazy with the numbers. But what if the money does not make the step with? You are gonna crazy behind the downloads and quickly expecting the money. But it is a myth. Yes, simply it is.


Because you are getting paid only when the users are gonna pay for your services. Until and unless your users are not paying for any of the products or services you are offering, the money will not be making way towards you. That it is.


Android App Development is inexpensive or Should be


This is one of the most immature thought processes of anyone. Because how can a simple advice from a doctor worth more bucks? Just like that, how can a developer share his immeasurable expertise with you and invest in your app without making a good money or excellent in return?


It is all his expertise and knowledge that he showers on your complex project requirement. And makes the money in return. Still, those developers or app development company In India you are outsourcing to, are not taking that much of money but it is worth to their time & knowledge.


So when outsourcing to a mobile app development company, it is fact that you need to invest as per the requirement. So it can not be expected for a valuable knowledge to be shared and executed at the free costs.


Android Can’t Earn You the Bucks!


This is completely opposed from the first one. But it does exist. There is a sheer number of Android users in the market. And they all are targeting to the different perspectives.


And we should consider the statistics for Android Users by the time and over the competitive mobile operating systems. According to the latest statistics, there is more than 50 percent of the market is covered by Android and yet not landing the choice for iOS.


So it is obvious to get the monetization ways in Android and not the iOS-like platforms as of now. So not believing such myth will make your day!


Android is Called for B2C and Not for Business to Business basis.


Business to the business market and doing the business between the B2B marketers is nothing but the strategy. A strategy that reflects to show the constant relation between the different business fields.


It is a general thinking that business to customer market is vast and is leading more number of users than the business to business basis. But the reality is somewhat in contrast with the myth. Business to business applications is having a global scope than the B2C Android App Market.


Once the Android app is built, Everything is done.


This is one of the most existing myth for the Android apps. People think that once the Android app is getting built, there is no need to develop any other functionalities or update. They also develop a belief that there is nothing maintenance thing.


Whereas Android stands for the maintenance stuff for most cases. Because once the app gets launched, it creates a lot more issues relating to the users and functions and to the intentions we have created the app. So considering all these things, there can never be an app that is finished after the final launch.


The concluding note:


Without making any myths before the technical advancements in Android Development, it is better to Hire Android app developer that is experienced in all these stuff. Android is a smart operating system and we should not forget to put it in our top-notch technological advancements.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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