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Crucial factors responsible behind the soaring demand of magento developers in the market

Magento is one of the most popular and highly demanding e-commerce application development platform in the market. Research conducted on world wide basis concluded that more than 80% of the retailers have adapted magento technology for their e-commerce portal.

The demand of this robust technology have also increased the demand of magento developers.

Magento adheres to open source concept and being an object oriented PHP based development framework it delivers all the features necessary for the e-commerce store. Organisations across various industry verticals are adopting magento technology to boost the sale of their products and services.

Being a cost-effective platform it enables the developers to control the look and feel of the e-commerce store. In order to uplift the efficiency of the store, magento provides the support to multiple third-party plugins and web extensions.

Here we list out the top-notch features of magento that distinguishes it apart from others and soars its demand in the market:

SEO friendly technology

Magento is a truly SEO friendly technology that aids to gain top rank of your ecommerce store. It provides the users with a facility to absolutely customise the URL of the webpage as per the requirement.

The web URL can be customised in a manner to include the product primary details. The path to rewrite the URL of your magento store is listed below:

  • Expand the System menu

  • Click Configuration -> Web -> Search engine optimization tab

  • Now click on ‘Use Web Server Rewrites and select Yes

Featured with Google SItemaps

In order to speed up the indexing of the website, magento store can be incorporated with Google sitemap functionalities. The search ranking of the store is boosted through Google sitemap thereby exploring the products to users on first basis.

Modular design and development architecture

The extensive modular feature of magento helps the developers to customise the front-end and back-end part of the web application. From the designing perspective the front-end part includes the layouts and templates while the backend structure includes code components, events grid view and many more.

Three-tier security architecture

Magento provides high level of security in terms of both code architecture and functionalities. The enterprise edition of magento provides high level of data encryption with a strong hashing based on SHA-256.

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