Dell XPS 13(2018)The amasterpiece that caters all your needs!

Dell XPS 13(2018):The masterpiece that caters all your needs!

With the recent launch of the Dell XPS 13, the critics seem to be overwhelmed with its extravagant specifications, a sleek design, and wonderful display. Which certain are out of the box features this laptop seems to be getting a lot of attention since its launch in the market.


A sum of its specifications such as placing the fingerprint sensor with the power button and keeping the position of the webcam quite awkward for the unique face ID authentication, the Dell XPS 13 seems to be gaining a lot of customer attraction for the same.


Also and other feature which makes it a must have it it’s lightweight body weighing just around 2.67 pounds. Well, this is just a beginning, let’s dig deeper to what it has in store for us.


This piece of the laptop comes up with the quad-core 8th Generation Intel Core processor which in turn is helpful for the laptop rendering and encoding various videos in the pro premiere mode of the Adobe much faster too its model that was released in the year 2015.(Yes, you read it right! you can now use the Adobe Premiere Pro as fast as a champion).


However, this is just one of the p number of tests that it has to go through to show how well  should the system perform. not only this, the system also comes up with a good thermal insulation which  accurately covers a certain portion of the system such as the processor and the Graphical Processing Unit(that is the GPU) to maintain the temperature of the laptop. along with this it is also well equipped with an  all-new dual heat Pipe and Fan cooling system


Moving forward to its other specifications:

A processor with high durability:

The all new Dell XPS 13 comes with the latest that is the 8th generation of i7 quad core processor which was introduced to the world of laptops quite before sometime. But,  if it’s the new XPS 13 it has to come up with something edgier.


Yes, you read it right, this processor has been upgraded with a cooling system which is a combination of a dual-fan and dual heat-pipe. so now you don’t have to worry about the excess heating of your exclusive device coming as a hindrance to your work.


Powerful authentication

When it comes to providing a  fair game of innovative features to its users, The all new Dell XPS 13  has this in stock for us:

  • With the help of Windows Hello, the webcam attached with this laptop comes preloaded with an infrared camera align the users to lock the device with the help of unique face authentication system. although, the weird positioning of this camera has been a question from many of the analyst as well as the critics that have claimed to use the device.
  • Well, if you are not the one who is into face authentication for the recognition of your device, the all-new Dell XPS 13 also comes up with an integrated fingerprint reader attached directly to your power button so that your device can be  authenticated as well as can uniquely identify its owner every time they press the button.


Sleek design

Already considered as one of the thinnest slimmest and the most freakiest designs available in the market, the all-new Dell XPS has even moved the size further.Presenting the US with an extra slim version of it having the dimensions of just 11.9 x 7.8 x 0.46 inches- making it one of the thinnest in the budget of its kind.


Not only this, it also comes up to be quite a light piece weighing just 1.21 kilograms, making it one of the lightest laptops in the market till date. Also,  Dell seems to have taken quite a smart move by using the Infinity Edge bezel which allows it to be at least 23% thinner than its previous version.


With no space to keep the webcam at the top position( because of the entire position occupied by the display)  the webcam has been placed in the center of the screen but at the bottom-most position.


clearly, the company has tried to make it one of the unique designs available in the market today and hence made it a game worth being played-eventually helping it to earn a lot of money.


Crystal Clear Display

The XPS 13  comes up with a 4K Ultra HD resolution Screen compiled up to a  hundred percent of sRGB rating of color and also comes up with a 400 nits brightness.

However, If this comes up in between a battery life when you can always prefer the standard and the most in use method of display these days- the traditional 1080 pixel display.


Long Lasting Battery life:

As the list of specifications provided by the company, the all-new  Dell XPS 13 comes up with a  long-lasting battery life that can go up without you rushing for a charging point for as long as 11 hours.


However, one cannot deny the fact that playing games continuously using your laptop for long hours of movies or series watching, the battery ends up being exhausted in far less time than this.


Summing it all up:

Of course, the exclusive version of the Dell XPS 13 did not fade out without having its own set of getting involved in a number of controversial elements and unnecessary use of certain technologies.


However, at all of this is kept aside, then this piece of laptop surely turns out to be the one worth for the amount that Dell charges you for it.


all this is because of their extremely thin design, almost negligible weight and a long-lasting battery life. the company also provides you with to unique Thunderbolt 3 port along with a USB C port which is also accompanied by a Micro SD card reader.


When we talk about its processor The quad-core CPU of Dell can surely be considered as an evolving game changer when a performance of the laptop is being taken into consideration.But, we might prefer to wait on this device is still not in our hands to be used.


However, When we talk about its competition, it can be considered as an easily over most of the Other lightweight laptops available across various brands in the same range such as the HP Spectre X 36013t, MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface Book 2, and also the MacBook Pro.



Thus, if you are looking for a laptop that comes up with a sleek design, light in weight and all the powerful specifications combined together then you cannot have a better option than the Dell XPS 13.


Coming up with certain unique out of the box arrangement such as the way Dell has managed to position the webcam and the fingerprint scanner, this surely turns out to be the one taking over the market so now and being declared as one of the best laptops in the year 2018.


Does Apart from all the controversies that it is going through, one can you surely not deny the fact that it offers its dedicated set of users a  strong hardware and unique specifications and hence it is surely the one that we can wait for.


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