Developing Mobile Car Wash App

Developing Mobile Car Wash App – Do You want it?

Back in the time and now, we are practiced to have the car service in the specific service centers. And we do not have any perfect solution for the same.


Getting a proper service for the four-wheeler is a must. And that too, at the times where nothing goes for a certainty. Getting a mobile van for the repairing purpose or getting clean service takes an effort of a mobile van to be arrived and get the things done.


Integrating the UBER concept in Car washing, we have a plethora of options where we can manage the car washing and services at any instance of time and at the places where car owner wants.


Considering such things, Mobile app development company in India have started developing apps in trending buzz. E.g., UBER clone app development.


We have gathered some of the important features for the On-demand car wash app / Mobile car wash app. Let’s have a quick note on it.


Login as Car Washer/ Car Owner


Just like every application, every user needs to be registered with the mobile app. The car washers will have to register with all the necessary details along with the banking detail.


The car owners are allowed to even register at the time of the problem occurs, but it is better to have the process done at the time of app downloads.


Application Menu with available options


Maybe you are having a car garage and want to amaze your users with the amazing functionalities. We have a great car washing mobile app. The menu of the application will have different options consisting of being online, payments, requests, the area with max.


Search and more. Same as for the car owners. The menu will be redirecting the car owners to the car washers are online for a quick service.

Selecting the Service


There can be any kind of car. For say, a Sedan, Hatchback, Van or something. Depending on your business you can suggest having the customized options. Based on that, the users will be selecting one of the cars and have a quick approach from the car washers.


Booking a Car Washer


A car owner can book a car washer from the multiple washers available. If your car washer chooses to be online, then he will be reflecting in the available lists of washers. Booking of a car washer confirms the service to be provided at the particular location and at a fixed price.


Getting Online


As a part of your service, your car washer people will have the option of being online or staying offline for a break.


Displayed Options to Car Owner


Maybe your customers want to choose the service to get at some specific instance of time. And want to avail the washer at their convenient mode of time, so they are asked to select the time span along with the dates to have the service done. The application itself manages everything to be managed on a centralized basis.


Choosing the Payment Mode


The application itself allows the users to have the different payment modes. Your customer may want to pay online or may be at the time of Service. As soon as the service is getting done, the payment can be given directly to the washer.


Well, if you are opting for the UBER Clone Mobile Car Washing App as a Business, You are allowed to choose the payment method strategies. Because there is nothing that makes you feel limited when approaching a full stack mobile app developer.


Hence, Would You like to be a part of On-demand Services? Or maybe want to develop an app that stands for your customers at any instance of time! Let’s have a quick approach to making things work for you!

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