Digitalising the Health and Fitness Industries with AI implemented wearables:

Digitalising the Health and Fitness Industries with AI implemented wearables:


Rarely does the word artificial seem a beneficial one, as in the case of artificial sweeteners, artificial food color, artificial meat etc. Then why should we even trust artificial intelligence in health care industries?


The answer to this question lies on the blog itself! Consider artificial intelligence as that extraordinary kid in your class that is capable of finishing up any task that comes up to him in a really short span of time and surely better than the others. That is why AI pays the heed and comes in the scenario.


For the practical wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) implementations, Artificial Intelligence companies in india helps us to study specific problem solving and reasoning tasks. Health care mobility solutions lead us to various things such as visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making.


But wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) till date work without an AI engine, then why do we need it in the question of the hour. This is because the true value lies in its insights.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning seem to be two most important tools for insights.Without the AI engine, the data from the wearable would lack any values from the vendor as well as the user.That’s the reason why wearable app developers seem to add Artificial Engines inside the wearable health and fitness apps and the wearable health and fitness solutions.


Moreover, AI-assisted data mining is the most needed thing in the present that helps in collecting and storing the data that would tie up many websites, IoT devices, smart phones and wearables together to assemble and store the data and return the data of an individual when needed in the future.


Before understanding the further applications, let us further gain some knowledge about the healthcare and fitness industries and how digitalization has lead to drastic changes in the present scenario.


A few years back, the hospital seemed to be a troublesome place for the patients. Understanding and getting through those complex medical terms, consulting the doctors, and managing up with the stressful environment despite the pressurized heads was quite challenging. But, with the changing times, the scenario is changing.


To get rid of this situation, ( and also to save a lot of time), the healthcare industry started paying more attention the digital solutions which do not only help in transforming the hospital patient experience, while also leading to an easy access to all the health information.


Not only this, a lot of successful startups are coming up these days in this sector with innovative concepts leading to betterment of these industries.For instance, Imagine the future of a social media network that encourages you and your dear ones to keep your health under a constant check.


Digitalizing the Health and Fitness Industries with AI implemented wearables –

Digitalising the Health and Fitness Industries with AI implemented wearables

“Your friends could be sent information about you taking a break from your healthy diet and skipping your medicines, or having a sudden change in the blood pressure level and also you have a high cholesterol level and you’ve been drinking too much recently.


Well if they are your real friends they can make sure you don’t touch the booze and also eat less fatty or sugary foods.”


This was one of the greatest business opportunities in the future Internet of Medical Things’ market –which is estimated to touch around the borders of $20 billion by the beginning of next decade.


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One of the biggest challenges that we are gonna face in the future is to find a solution for the sky scrapping prices in the medical industry and its products and digitalization or implementing AI in such fields can surely help reduce the cost of the health sector.



In the very near future, wearable devices will be able to track every aspect of health and fitness: a good hint of this is surely provided by the wearable devices which we are using these days more often– when these things are combined with artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Medical Things – there are many opportunities for businesses and practitioners throughout the medical industry ( Start-up admirers, here’s the thing for you!)



Also do you not feel that through the advancement of technology has surely had its own advantages, it also does have certain drawbacks on our health only.



For instance, we nowadays have made our lives quite sedentary and technology dependent that gradually it is leading us to various health problems such as Obesity ( the more commonly observed syndrome these days among the people of any generation), abnormalities in levels of blood pressure and also blood sugar levels, cardiovascular disorders, also various mental disorders such as stress and anxiety to name a few.


So where has the technology actually brought us? To our downfall? Well, the answer to this question is a definite NO, as it might have had made our life a bit miserable but it surely has given us various other benefits too, surely making it a boon for us.



Thanks to the technological developments, that helps us to keep the blood flow rate constant even while sitting constantly for 8 hours.


With several under the desk bicycles and elliptical bikes, the users can now keep their legs moving thus preserving them from a lot of inactivities and thus also saving them from all the hassle of various diseases.


Let’s take a look at how these apps have helped us make our lives easier and also helped the management at the hospitals easier.


  • Going paperless:

Earlier, the entire record of the patients’ used to be recorded and stored in the journals and preserved in those huge black dark rooms and then checked on upon to check the patients’ medical history.


This proved to be a lot of time-consuming and even risky because, during times of emergency, the patient may lose its life by the time the person in charge gets the details of his patients.


But with the development of certain apps, the entire data of the patient which includes his medical history, X-ray details , hierarchy details etc stored online in an organized manner with the necessary optimizations that helps to find all the data of the person within a second, thus saving a lot of time of the doctor as well as the patients.


Easy Communication and consulting :


In the hospital, there are several locations and wards such as the patient wards, clinics, labs, intensive care units, operation theaters all these units need to be connected with each other.


The mobile application development allows the concerned people the hospital to collaborate the bat through texts, emails or video calls, which simplifies and speeds up the treatment.


Digitalising the Health and Fitness Industries with AI implemented wearables


For instance: The information from labs can be communicated asap to the physicians in the operation theater without actually having to wait for the report to come in person


The nurses in the patient wards can immediately consult the physicians so that it saves a lot of time and also lead to faster medical decisions in case of emergency.


Also, certain healthcare apps such as MediCal enables faster consultation, diagnosis, and prescription from the through direct video conferencing with the physician. This treatment works like a pocket hospital for the people.



Nurses- hire your own assistant!


Nurses in the hospital have a lot of responsibilities; from remembering every detail about the patient to providing them with all the medications from time to time.


How about coming up with an app having all the details and the schedules of the patient fed in it right there which keeps on reminding you every detail about it time to time.


Apps like such can also be linked with the wearables to make the process a bit easier.


  • Fitness apps: Nudging you in the proper direction:

Digitalising the Health and Fitness Industries with AI implemented wearables -


If you really want to stay healthy, you just need a bit of nudging from someone to keep you motivated at a right spot. Constant motivation from someone helps maintain the focus and lead you to the desired results.


An app like such installed on your phone can make you come up with the best result helping you drive towards your focus and your target.


Healthy Competitors standing right there:


Imagine a social networking app just like Facebook having a virtual platform and letting you discuss everything about your targets and progresses and also sharing with you other people’s achievements.


This surely would spread the wave of a healthy competition amongst each other and thus further motivates you to aim higher and get healthier in a really short span of time.


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  • Based on your body type:

There are certain apps that determine various conditions of your body, such as your height, weight, BMR, and various other things as such and also keeps a track record of your daily routines and habits and then it comes up with a programme for you.


This schedule includes a perfect combination of everything, your routine diet to exercise to all those items that should strictly not be a part of your diet.


  • Relax! Because we are all flexible!

To all the mobile app developers, apps like such are the need of the hour. This is because of the hectic life schedule of today’s generation. But don’t worry.


With these fitness apps right in your hand, it’s no longer required to hit the gym at a particular time. Apps like such plan out the exercises and routine for you according to all the specifics of your body.


All you need to do is take some time out of your schedule and follow them. And apps like this when connected with the wearable devices can come up as a step forward tracking each step of yours and notifying you about it thus promising you a healthier and a happier lifestyle.


The wearables-And everything you want to know about them!!

Constructing the platform-machine learning


The platform should be inclusive of data points from various medico-sources i.e. the manuals, journals, and also public health data to enhance a doctor’s knowledge.


Upon including the patient-specific data, and also the effects of time and location to the platform’s enormous data set, the machine learning system can build up a clinical model of a patient.


Compatible medical wearables and IoT devices can interfere with the platform’s API and can lead to exert interesting insights about the data received from all the devices.


1. Wearables for the prevention of health


Google wants to inject your arteries with nanobuds.Scary, isn’t it? Well, don’t be. If they find a way to take it out, Google X surely is going to be the next breakthrough in Med tech.


Once it is injected via capsules, nanoparticles detect and diagnose various diseases, such as cancers, impending heart attacks or even strokes based on changes at the person’s molecular and cellular level.


The patient then can use a wristwatch wearable to get these readings from the nonparticipants (By the way, nanoparticles are actually IoT devices).


The next task of the wearable is to feed the data to the AI engine in the platform and make use of its machine learning capabilities to detect abnormalities (if any) in the wearer’s body.


If detected, the wearable then would send a report such as a potential condition of blocked arteries which could also lead to a heart stroke or cancerous tumor at an initial stage.


2. Wearables for consultation:

When an abnormality is detected, the patient can report them immediately to their physician in charge or his AI doctor.


An AI doctor is generally a standalone network with vast learning algorithms that can suggest ailments faster than an actual doctor can.


Deep learning algorithm ensures that the platform makes nullifies the mistakes and come up with transparent results.


While it shares the same data, the machine learning algorithms are stronger in nature, as they also hold an expertise in delivering the detailed reports.


3. Wearables for management of medication:

The AI doctor may prescribe your medication. Under the surface, the neural network which powers the AI doctors upon detection connects to the platform to collect required medical data and then prescribe medications to the patient.


The next step is sending the prescription to the patient’s wearable device which he can then refer later.


A wearable health app even reminds you when your time to take the medicine.


Ethical grounds, protocols, and acceptance





In some cases, the machine learning systems need to be collaborating with the software codes to have improvised results in hands.


Depending on the subcategories, certain structures surely can’t attain a higher degree of accuracy without human intervention, such as in identifying images. For instance, a wild dog and house dog may appear similar to a computer.


In such cases, tactics such as ReCAPCHA aids improve the model by their humanitarian efforts.


Moreover, the AI android app developers and iOS app developers increasingly are using both SQL and NoSQL, both the relational databases, data storage formats strictly following the AI-friendly wearable application development protocols.

When it comes to app development, Auxano Global Services tops the list, with steep expertise in the medical domain.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.


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