Uber Concept in Finding Dog Walker

Do You get frustrated with the Busy Schedule? Use Uber Concept in Finding Dog Walker!

Nowadays, finding a time for the children is difficult. They do all their stuff by themselves and at their own pace. Because parents are busy in running behind the competitions, busy schedules, meetings and more.



Considering the scenario, how can we expect someone to work for the dogs? Or spending time with their pet family? If they even not avail for the children, how can they be for the pets? As simple as that.




In such things, it is good to find a solution that copes with the situation. And solutions can be the latest technologies advent, of course. Well, talking about the title, it clearly hints about our favorite pets- the Dogs.




We would love to have lovely dogs with their loyal nature. But what about their fun if we are busy? Considering that, we have a smart solution for the same, An on-demand dog walker app. An easy earning for the part-time and making a life a bit easier with the busy schedules.



Nowadays, we are seeing that there are many app clones ideas have been taken from the Uber App concepts. And now we are happy with the successful results of app cloning.




Because everything with the quickest response is done by interventional of a single app. Technology has altered everything with the advent of innovations and for that, mobile application development is playing the vital role.



As a leading app development company in India, we would like to discuss the app features and future scopes over here. If you are one of the business persons interested to grow the business using the information and technology and fond of to invest money at the right places, do hire app developer that converts your idea into quick reality.


Here are some of the Glimpse that A Quick Dog Walker App Can have:






Using the Uber Clone Concept, we can take the Uber cab idea to implement an app that works for the Dog owners and Dog walkers people. The aim of the app is to reduce the chaos of people’s busy life and allow their dogs to have the joy in gardens and parks.


The dog walkers will get directly paid from the owners account through the app. So it is a simple way to earn and spend happy hours with the pets.




Login/ Register


Here you can have the registration of users. A single app will provide you the registration process along with the login credentials. Also, it verifies the identity by providing the social media login so as to identify the real users of the app.




Verifying the Dog Owner & Dog Walker


This process will verify the users via the one time password over the mobile phones. This will make sure the users are making the requests from the same mobile phone. Developing a mobile app is seeking to hire app developers in India because they have made great milestones supposing the faster and successful development.




Searching for the Dog owner Location Wise


Here the users are allowed to search the dog walkers from the nearby location. For an instance, as we are searching the Uber Drivers for making the trip in a cab. Just like that the dog walkers will be around keeping the app locations on and the process will be going on and on.




Making the request for a walk


A dog owner can request for moving the dog around a garden or taking for a ride. Everything will be options wise scheduled on an app. You as a user needs to check with it.



Credit the Money


There is never a problem with money using the dog walker app. Because the money will directly be credited to the respected dog walker who has previously made request accepted from their end.



Scheduling the walking time


The dog walkers can automatically schedule the time using the options available in-app. For an instance, you want to limit the roaming for 2 hours or one. Just schedule the timing and make it work for you.



Confirm the ride/walk


Here you can confirm the ride/ walk for your dog to the dog walkers available for the walk. Confirming the rides makes the users informed about the walk/ride.



Customs Are Yet to come.


There are yet many changes to come in considerations for developing the mobile apps using the clone concepts of Uber. we can develop our own with the most advanced custom features to be included with the most innovative ideas. You can share your idea with us. We can respond with the solid piece of work.

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