Don't Miss Out these amazing Android Apps in 2018!

Don’t Miss Out these amazing Android Apps in 2018!

As the new year has already picked up the speed, things became, as usual, we were doing in the ‘17 and so on. Somethings might have changed and may some are not.


Considering the technical terms, as we all love taping with our smartphones and the smart apps inside, there certain new apps in the play store that will take our breath away from the fact in 2018.


Yes, because they are made incredibly and they are just awesome. We’d surely like mention the best examples of them over here. And let us have a quick look out into them.


As we already know that the Android app development company are facing the tough competition. But at the same time, they are making good financial stuff by making the apps that are no less than an admirable invention.


The businesspeople from the world are getting ideas to implement at any cost by the smart Android developers. T


Let us begin together with the very first Android application that we should not miss to watch out!


Missive Android App

This is one of the most demanding chat software used for the chatting purposes. As we are dealing with the email inboxes. This is the recent app launched in the play store for the purpose of collaboration email threads to the app to write the emails simultaneously in the work area and to the co-working people.


For ending the email chains and making it all together in a group to avoid the chaos between the co-working people, this tool/ android proves to be the best among all.




We know already the Google has provided weather oriented app and the market is also having the similar kind of android applications.


It has the simple feature to help with the weather updates but the captivating ones than the existing. The important part of this app that gives us the weather forecast for the current times along with the next 12 weeks and a radar and a lot more fun facts.


The lightweight customized widgets are the appealing features of the weather app that makes the users feel to stay engaged over the time. The thing that makes an app more energizing and sought after is its optimized look only and the developers should learn from them.


Google Drive we know, what about Google Drive Suite?


We all are associated with the Google drive as it is providing a seamless experience of cloud storage and working together in the professional environment.


We just forget working on an old excel sheet or maybe the word. We all are set to settle down our work with the Google cloud database along with the Google drive just. Because we can share the link and can update any time centrally the content.


That is why Google suite is all set for working with the any of the cloud-based app modules of the Google all at one place – google Suit. and it is designed for the professional as well as the personal work and it includes Google sheets, Google Docs, Gmail, calendar and more.


Firefox – simply made for the Android Just!


You maybe get amazed to know but the firefox android version has made the mood of the users about surfing the internet on their smartphones.


The Android version of the Firefox gives the better feeling even than that of the desktop version.


The app is made as per considering the full of security settings and it does protect the information that a smartphone covers along with the online accounts.


The updated Firefox version for the android is best among all the browsers we are using till the time from all the user experience perspective.




The world is fond of taking the selfies anywhere and anytime with the captioning part rest on the social media. Here the app is based on the machine learning and it does so exact filtering of the pictures you take from the phone’s camera.


And later on, it is making so intelligent use of the artificial intelligence that makes output on the user’s delight.


That the app tells that your look looks like any of the celebrity that matches exactly by forming some of the changes to your selfie. And here you won’t believe in yourself for the apps result.


Because it offers awesome features by providing the celebrity tag to your selfie apart from taking the selfie just.


Mobile Passport


The app that is specially made for the USA and Canada passport holders and there is a good news about that. After a long journey and a needed sit back to relax but the very first thing that we find at an airport is long customs lines. And to avoid such queue, there is a relaxation using this app.


What a user needs to do is, just downloading the app and post which make a good habit of answering the pop-up questions asked by the app.


This is for the selected 23 airports and you will find a special customs line for you as a registered app user and so the long wait is all over.


Cookpad Recipes


You may be thinking that there are many local cooking recipes mobile apps but the one mentioned here is all about gaining the attention of our Mom’s.


Cookpad connects a cook to the wide and diverse range of recipes across the world and you too can add up the recipes you love and find the new ones. So make a use of it and get the tasty and new food every day.




There are a lot and a lot more mobile applications out there in the play store and we all are using them as per the requirements of ours.


The all new and amazing ones are represented here as an attempt to aid people with buzzing apps around! And we should not forget the fact that Android developers are no less than a researcher because they understand the idea, convert it into the code and get massive favorable upvotes from the huge user base.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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