Everything about the Kodak's next big thing KODAK Mini Shot Insatant Camers

Everything about the Kodak’s next big thing: KODAK Mini Shot Insatant Camera

Coming up with the tagline of A High-Quality, photo gratification with instant printing binding up with Android and iOS. Now also supports Bluetooth


The announcement of its launch was made by Prinics CO. Ltd.THus, the availability of the a; new KODAK Mini Shot point-and-shoot camera through the North American distributor CAP GLobal.


Getting bigger and better with its print product line, the all-new KODAK Mini Shot point-and-shoot camera comes is a combination of high quality, instant-print color photos.


All of this comes up with digital conveniences such as Bluetooth connectivity, Color Controls, and filter effects, thus serving as a one-stop solution for the picture taking as well as photo editing.


Thus, if you’re looking for a camera that can help you click pictures to edit them at the same time as well as get a photocopy immediately, then this is the right one for you.


Today’s generation seems to be totally connected; rather addicted to a number of social networking sites present on the app sites. The moment we click a picture, the very next moment we feel like sharing it on the social platform and get reviews on each of them.


Not only this, sharing your snaps on such platforms also is a good way to express your emotions to your friends, family, and your well-wishers. Thus, uploading photos seems to be an in thing these days.


Well, a great news is that with the help of Kodak Mini Shot Instant Camera, you can share your photos instantly with your family and friends and that too with no change in its quality.


That is, you can share the photos maintaining the same quality in which you got the photos clicked.This, you can digitally instantly share these photos across all the social networking platforms immediately! (Wow! Just what I Want!)


Apart from the wide range of features that it has in store for you, the KODAK Mini Shot Instant Camera also provide you with an option of sharing the photo instantly with your friends and family and that too with the same quality that it was clicked in.


Thus, you can instantly digitally share them across ant social networking site that you wish too.


According to Mr. Jeff Clarke, CEO, Kodak, “ There seems to be a revival for the “instant-printing of photography, and the demand for such products with great versatility yet in affordable prices seems to be huge and ever expanding!


KODAK seems to be fulfilling its commitment that it has made towards the industry of instant printing by coming up with its exclusive range of KODAK Mini Shot and the KODAK PRINTOMATIC Cameras.


However, we assure you that this is just the beginning of the commitment that Kodak plans to provide for the revival of the instant printing market and hereby assures everyone that by launching KODAK Mini Shot, we have hereby ignited a flame towards the resurrection of the same. THus, we hereby abide by our promise of coming up with a diverse product portfolio hence investing in the instant business of photography.”


Get an Instant Image with the Instant Real Ink

This has always served and the base or the core of Kodak’s DNA and will continue to be the same till eternity.


Thus, the main area that Kodak always focuses on is the High-QUality of processing of the image that its captures and its printing with the same quality.


Thus, this stands apart as the major element of differentiation in its portfolio of the Instant PRint Photography, and this is what that differentiates it from the rest.


Some add-ons to this market by Kodak includes the KODAK PRINTOMATIC Instant Print, the Kodak Photo Printer Deck, KODAK Mini Shot Instant Print Camera, and the unforgettable Photo Printer Mini WIFI connected printers.


Talking about the Kodak Mini Shot Instant Print Camera, it comes up with 4 Pass printing technologies, popularly known as the dye-sublimation, thus resulting in drop-dead gorgeous stills and in clear printable formats.


IT may sound weird but there are no utterances in the fact that the Kodak Mini Shot Instant Print Camera comes up with the world’s smallest 4PAss all-in-one cartridge which adds on to the convenience of the user.


It’s all about Clicking, collecting, enhancing, editing, printing, and Sharing


To all the photo enthusiasts out there, the KODAK Mini SHot Instant Print Camera is the perfect must-have accessory for you to create long-lasting memories and retain them in its best possible version that you can,Not only that, you can now share it instantly across all the social networking feeds, this post it instantly to your Instagram feed without any hesitation.


This is the most exciting part and makes the entire journey of using an instant print camera adventurous. As you know already, this digital print camera gives you the ability to digitally edit and enhance the images, than then begin the rapid sharing from person to person, or to the entire world.


Paired up with Bluetooth connectivity,  the users can now save the images and also transfer them to a smarter device for editing it further with the help of the app exclusively developed with this purpose, the KODAK Mini Shot App, an app that has been stuffed with a large number of filters and a variety of effects , tons of options for cropping .


It also lets it’s users make use of various stickers, card templates and a lot more. THus, with the help of the KODAK Mini SHot App, the users can use their own smartphones to a remote shutter for the much needed always awaited group shots, or can also come up as the upgraded version of the library for storing up all the photos which can later be sent to the KODAK Mini SHot for its instant printing.


Thus this was all about the all-new KODAK Mini SHot Camera and its exclusive features. To sum it up is the brief description of the services that it offers:

KODAK Mini SHot Camera Benefits- AN insight to its Features:


  • 1.7’ LCD Viewfinder to preview the images and the quality in which they are to be printed before printing
  • A maximum resolution of 10 Megapixel
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • ALso compatibility towards iOS and Android Phones
  • Gamma COlour CONtrol along with AUtoFOcus and effective WHite BAlance
  • COmes up with the feature of Normal and Advanced Photo border Printing
  • Assures high-quality, fingerprint proof waterproofed photo prints
  • Proved you with the CUstomized KODAK Mini SHot App that can help you customize your images
  • Photos can be printed in two sizes: The square sized that is 2.1×2.1 inches and the Postcard sized that is 2.1×3.4 inches
  • Also equipped with an extra-protective layer that assures high preservation of the quality of an image and the color integrity.
  • Comes up with an all-in-one paper and ink cartridge.
  • Comes up in black, yellow and white colors.


It’s the budget-friendly one this time:

The KODAK Mini Shot Instant PRint Camera has been labeled with the price tag of $99.99 at Amazon. The accessories included with this camera are a Micro USB CAble, an 8-pack all in one 4 Pass photo Print Cartridge and a Quick USer-understanding Start Guide.

The 4 PAss Photo PAper Cartridge is available in 30(2.1×3.4 inches) and 50(2.1×3.4 inches) packs or also an additional adhesive-backed u a pack of 20(2.1×2.1 inches) pack, and is sold separately, not with the camera.


So, this was all about the KODAK Mini Shot Instant PRint Camera.Well, enough said but, if you are a photo enthusiast and looking up for a pocket friendly instant printing camera, then this is surely the one for you.


Go get yourself one and gift yourself this New Year with  a moment to capture the lifetime memories and save them intact.

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