Find out various Revenue Streams with the all new Ideal Football App

Find out various Revenue Streams with the all-new Ideal Football App


With more than 3.5 billion Global fans, undoubtedly football as so far the most popular sport of all time. and such a huge fan following means higher revenue every year.  this allows it to generate nearly $ 28 billion as its Global revenues annually. The market is want to take this number even further. what should I do in this case?

The total number of mobile app downloads in the year 2016 was around 90 billion.  this statistic shows that merging football with mobile app development is surely a good game to play with.


A large number of football clubs-  also the Highly popular and the most valuable one come from Europe. The good thing about such clubs is that they have their own official mobile apps.


However, they are not satisfactory when we talk about the features. Because the features that they provide on the websites such as live scores, schedule information, stats, tickets availability, and various multimedia hubs, usually like in their apps which make them boring.


Thus, to have a wider reach to a large number of football fans in such a way that it helps time increase the revenue annually, it had become utmost necessary too much mobile app development with the sport.


To know how is it going to be benefited with this and the meaning of inculcating advanced features in the list read on to find out.


Obtaining a handsome amount from various Revenue Opportunities

software revenue

Establishing the partnership with various experts for the mobile application development, that is finding out for partners that can help you or build up your Football application might seem to be a bit costly.However,  making use of the following functionalities would help you learn a lot more then you spend in a very short span of time.


Video on Demand (VoD)

video on demand

Fans Would be devoted to your App if you keep them updated with minute why are updates about the favorites, be it their favorite players and their favorite team.So,  you can User app to satisfy all the demands and this to keep them connected.


A smart move you would be to provide them with the video library that includes everything from the training session footages to the repeat telecast of the matches, various highlights, press conferences, interviews with the famous football players, marketing strategies, basically every detail required to keep up the heat alive.


Thus, 2 game large benefits from this video Ventures,  don’t keep it free. A part of it should be made available free which would then be accompanied by multi subscriptions quarterly subscriptions as well as the yearly subscriptions, along with premium contents, advertising etc.


Also, Do not forget to satisfy your hands all over the world. You can keep them connected by offering them virtual tools along with their favorite clubs or stadiums or even museums. A lot of VR app developers Could help you come up with 360-degree videos and there’s help you generate higher income.


Branded Games

branded games

Do you have any idea about the total number of mobile Gamers across the world? Well,  let me tell you that the number goes on to 2.1 billionth gamers globally. This certainly means that 27.6% of the world’s total population actively plays mobile games.


Helping the uses to come up with an outstanding gaming experience is not an easy thing. Allow your football fans to have that Top Notch gaming experience by providing them with gaming apps with the favorite teams involved in them.


Developing search apps would not only keep them involved in your application,  also would help you to increase your in the car with the help of various in-app purchases.


Online Store

online store

According to “ The State of Mobile Commerce”’s Report, the global mobile market continues to grow on with the UK being the leader, in this case, having more than 50% of online sales made through the mobiles in the second quarter of the Year 2016.


Do we smell money here? Well yes! With Online shopping becoming a train these days why not allow the fans to shop for the Exclusive Merchandise online from jerseys of the favorite football player to various branded equipment,  sovereign years or biography books?


A Good option here would be to stop linking various Amazon or eBay accounts and rather come up with your own online shopping store. This E-store b of yours would help users buy the desirable products we can also introduce an exclusive chain of products with autograft merchandisers available for your premium customers and help increase your revenues.  well, I  can smell enormous profit coming up here do you?


I want to increase the steaks f further, come up with the image recognition solutions so that your users can take photos of any items which they like during streaming on mobile or web and then find it in your Store.

If you want to raise the stakes, think image recognition solution so that users could snap any item they noticed on mobile or web streaming and find it in your store.


Enhancing the User Involvement

user inviroment

You don’t need any statistics to understand that if there is anything which can make your App successful, it then has to be the mobile user engagement. to increase viewership on your app and the higher number of downloads, or interactive contents and plans of cool features to provide your users with great experiences.


Public Commenting

public commenting

TV sporting events are becoming the prime second-screen territory. To wit, during the 2014 UEFA Champions League, 63% of searches for games, players, and teams happened on mobile.


As part of an outstanding second-screen experience, let the users of your football app not just find the match- and team-related info, but also share thoughts and communicate with fellows thanks to a public commenting feature. This way, you will engage fans, save them the need to switch to their social pages or messengers and get additional analytics for better audience targeting.




Various team fans usually have that unity and similarity over liking similar contents. However,  you can turn the table upside down by making the situation a bit competitive with certain lucrative amazing deals. “ Solve  the puzzle and earn rewards, or else answer the following questions and get a gift free” Coming  up with search options and providing them with gifts 50 free movie tickets Jersey signed by the football players dinner with favorite players except us can help you an extra Commission for the same


Also, Create giveaway alerts and competitions in such a way that it adds on to the creativity of your application as well.For example, the best three uses coming up with the perfect tagline for a particular match would have it displayed on the apps premium content and the winner also gets some good monetary benefits.  things as such to keep your users connected with you and also end up getting you a lot more hits on the download button.


Personalization as the ultimate key to success


In this digital world why the consumers meet the unique content, personalization as what would satisfy the Hunger for the same.  does, to let the football fans have that sense of satisfaction start giving them personalized content.


Personalized Calendar

The best part about any football app would be to provide them with all the details of the upcoming matches. All of this is good information but do you expect you used to go through all these elaborate procedures every day or every week?


Rado you can allow them to set up personalized information right within the application so that they can get push notifications when it’s the  matchday of the favorite team players or a lollipop you learn match is coming up next


User profile

allow the uses to build up the personal app accounts in which they can store information about various items and have details about the various purchases such as the tickets the by other videos they have liked and saved offline all the photos that they admire. provide and in AP social networking platform so that they do not have to switch to other accounts for defeating over a certain goal of the match.


Smart Bots

This certainly sounds of this, but one should remember to include search functionality in your App so that it proves helpful to the users with the navigation procedures for a number of the leading football app these days do not have a search feature included in them.  trust us we have gone through all of them.


To keep up of full user involvement, come up with various in AP artificial intelligence powered chatbots which would work according to the questions raised by the users and come up with even smarter replies for the same.Here is an example.


The game does not end here!

The latest resume that you have come up with all the above-mentioned features of your application. As it turns out you would end up building a highly complicated system but you also have to make sure that it comes up with a good user interface and easy to use functions without any kind of problems for the users. In this case, what are the factors that you should take into consideration?


Out of the box UI and UX content

Keep all the content as simple as you can with a great user interface and easy to use application.


High-end  security:


Of course, your Finance share a lot of personal information such as the bank account details of the credit card details for various in-app purchases which comes up to be your responsibility to protect them and save card all they are sensitive data


After successfully dealing out with all these challenges,  without any doubts get up I surely going to be a leader in search market with no period along with the desired revenue and higher user satisfaction rate.


Thus,  you are planning to come up with something that helps you to gain a lot of revenue, as well as popularity within a short span of time than developing a football, must be your choice.

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