Forget the Games Just! Move to Virtual reality apps & Games Now!

Forget the Games Just! Move to Virtual Reality Apps & Games Now!

We know that the technology is gonna take a new form in the coming years. So far we have seen the computers, smartphones, massive internet connections and everywhere just we all are got habituated with the internet only.


Back in the time, there was no such phenomenon that we touch the world just at the finger tap. And the internet has made the world smaller and more advanced in a very short amount of time.


We came across the terms like virtual and augmented realities. And talking about the VR term, we’d like mention here the apps and games shouting out the loud in the current era. And we all gonna love it, adore it and just be the fans!


Well, making the quick note of introduction do connect with the apps mentioned here based on the VR concepts and looting the craze for them insanely!




Shooting experience is most amazing one. Shooting the balloons by holding the gun in the hand gives an urge to reaching all of the rest shot. Virtual reality adds an interesting thing here and makes the humans more engaging by allowing the germs killed by them. Yes, Germ Buster is the VR app allowing a person to shoot the pesky germs with a bubble pistol.


It is simple and amazing. It becomes interesting because ridding germs from the existence creates fun and make the surprise of shooting them in the real sense while it is virtual in actual.




This is one of the VR apps that creates the experience that we have visited a place or we are actually in a place which we have not visited before. It creates an experience and not making the real effect. But seems more than the real. Here using the Google’s Photo Sphere technology the app becomes more real and just flawless and the users get engaging with the app ever.


Jaunt VR


This app is based on the short films and some videos that take a user to the most serious matters of the world for an instance, the app includes some of the events organized in the world and the news report from Syria including the live performances at some places. It represents a platform containing the mixture of videos in a VR form.


Facebook 360


Facebook has made the move for the specified virtual reality application specific for the Samsung and it is known as the Facebook 360 app. As it shows the videos and photos around the world and the network connected to it. Again it is a completely virtual experience for each of the photos or videos a user is watching. Here the active roles are media companies or maybe the individual creators.


Eve Gunjack


This app is known for the playing the shooter gameplay on the Samsung Gear Virtual reality app. It flies through the waves under the enemy spacecraft and mas the user feel actually leader role in the game. Again, it’s amazing to feel the virtual experience and making the opponent defeat.


Some VR apps special made of the Google Cardboard!


AAA VR cinema


This is a complete video player to play the videos in Google cardboard and making the user feel shout me out loud. Yes, it plays the 180 and 360 modes of the videos with the high definition music. The content that is played under the VR app is locally stored in the device. It supports head tracking and different control of the app music and video.


Google Cardboard App


This VR app development is one of the must-haves! It takes you to have the round upon the whole world. Yes, you can make the trip on Google earth with this virtual experience. The app also lets a user know about the different spheres of the earth and can feel the atmosphere totally with the changes and lets a user find new things as well.


Cardboard Camera


This is too, a must have VR app! It simply takes the virtual reality pictures and of course, one can feel the VR experience after getting captured the pictures. Without signup or login, it is simple to capture the most awaiting pictures that you want to see in more than one feel. Meaning the app allows a user to have the feeling of feeling a picture rather than just watching it. Once you get used to with it, the app has more fun.


One of the best iOS VR apps! Zombie Shooter!


The good news is the app is completely free now from the Paid version. So all the iPhone users will have the fun of it. The app stands for the traversing the subway called post-apocalyptic and making the big fights among the hordes of Zombie.  And again, stop yourself thinking about the shooting a zombie by a touch or a click, it just a look that you give and it gets shot!


A quick bit


The virtual reality app development and trending technology advancements are increasing their success rates on the go with the web development and simple app technologies. The VR will surely make a favorable age for the users as it has everything that a user will love about!


Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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