Garmin Approach X10: The one designed for the Golfers!


Being a golfer is no easy thing.It surely would demand a lot of hard work and focus.In this case, how good would it be if they get equipped with a wearable(a wrist variable off course) to help them support for a swing of a golf game?


The Garmin Approach X10 is a GPS enabled golf band that has come up with an extensive level of comfort and comes up with such features that would turn out to be extremely helpful to the golfers.This band provides complete information about nearly 41,000 golf courses around the world.


Thus, it has been designed in such a way that the golf players can look out for any information that they need, right at their palm.Not only that, Garmin Approach X10 has been designed in such a way that it helps you increase your performance whilst you are playing in any court across the globe.Isn’t it wonderful?


Check out some of its features which makes this device one of a kind!


Adorable designs with small form factors:

When you look out for a smartwatch, you will find a device that comes up with tons of enabled features which also prove to be unnecessary at times for a small wearable device as such.


However, with Gramin in your hand, this would certainly not be the case for it comes up with an extensive features which are extremely useful such as information about the golf courses or the GPS positioning and monitoring along with its high feel of adoring ness and small form factor along with high-end unique designs and colour codes, making it a must-have wearable for the hand.

Unique Depiction of golf and golf stats


The Garmin Approach X10 provides you every detail about golf and golfing(I know I am wrong but didn’t find a better word), from detailed information about golf courses helping you for the right potting of balls, it has it all.


It thus shows you detailed layups, doglegs and also provided you an information about the bunkers for every hole that you would want to target in future. But, this is not it.It also keeps up the entire track record of your statistics and your entire activity detailed map in a well-organized manner.


The band also provides you a complete guide to keep up the flag in the right position and thus help in keeping your balls in a more accurate position.

How does it work?


Approach X10 seems more like you golf partner that helps you during each step of your game, from your position on the course to your exact distance from the pin, it keeps a track record of all of this and also shows you the same.


Its GPS sensor is highly sensitive, that helps the furnishing of the exact data and complete information about the distance from the pin and other details as such.It also comes up well equipped with a crystal clear display that guides you with the positioning of you and the green.


The all-time partner-app in your phones:


The device also has an app that helps you to interact with the leaderboards that are available online.Not only this, it also helps the golfers to keep in touch with their records and since the strong vibe of competition by looking up to their track records on the same track.


The developed mobile app also has a scoreboard which keeps your performance data intact whilst you are striving hard for a better performance.

Water Resistant Nature


Imagine the scenario when you are working and it starts raining all of a sudden.With the Garmin Approach X10, you would certainly not have to worry about this as this is water-resistant and would not throw up any tantrums even in rains.Also, it comes up with a high battery life of 12 hours along with the enabled GPS mode.


It is particularly useful for the golfers of U.K. and other countries where frequent cats and dog training is almost a routine thing. The band with water resistant capacity just relieves you of the concern of a wet band that can malfunction. The battery of the band offers quite pretty 12 hours of battery life with GPS mode on.


Price and availability


Currently, this device is not sold yet and will be available in the market by the end of January.The Garmin Approach X10 has been priced at almost 160 euros.


The Garmin Approach X10 will be available from close to the end of this month and is expected


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