Google App Development Guidelines Here’s How You Should Develop Your App

Google App Development Guidelines: Here’s How You Should Develop Your App?

Android Developers, Be Attentive! Developing an Android app must be your quick hobby with a passion. For an Android App Developer, Google stands as the Mother, a quick guide, and an evergreen leader.


Considering the cutting edge competition between the two major platforms of mobile Apps, Android & iOS both are making innovations and improvisations to make the world better.



Google keeps a constant eye to make the Play Store a platform that offers the amazing treasure of technology. Currently, the play store does have the enormous number of applications but Google wants to make it relevant and give a clean shape.



For that, Google makes every effort that leads to a better app development process. For that, Google considers a complete guideline should be given.



Android Developers’ main concern is to reach the peak of the security concerns and meeting all the requisites for the same. The Android App Developer should be completely aware of the top management of the mobile apps. And they should consider developing apps having all the guidelines meeting up.



This will aid in the future development and all the upcoming updates required in the next and running year. The more developers will be influenced by the Google’s guidelines, the more they are likely to reach the nearest successful point in app development.


We have brought here the Google’s Announcement for the Android App Development Guidelines.


Android API is the heart of the Android Application. The developers should consider using the latest API offered by the Google. Launching a brand new app may have the updated API integrations but should not forget updating the already existing Android Apps.


Whenever the users are not finding the latest features in the apps they are using, they are likely to leave it soon. Because Google will stop supporting some of the things with the app. And that cannot be bearable with the user’s activity and nature of operating the apps.


From the next year onwards, the latest API will be released and likely to implemented by the November 2019. Same as like iOS 11 update, Android has also implemented support for the 64-bit versions from the August 2019.


Google Says, Consider API to the Next Level


It’s a fact that, we all love to see the Android’s next update. And we all enjoy it thoroughly. Because it comes with the exemplary improvements and enhanced security levels.


Google considers new applications should be targeting API level 26 and higher. So that, the play store can be established with completely enhanced apps. And this is about to get started from the August 2018.


And from the next year, the target is to get the updated API with the already existing applications. This will advance the level of APIs in all the existing apps by the upcoming times and makes the better platform whole as a play store.

Supporting 64-bit


As we already know that iOS has started implementing the 64-bit support for all the iOS applications. Now the Google goes for the same. Enhancing the security level makes Google do all the needed stuff.


As the 64-bit support is already launched by the Google and now making the mandatory support. Android is mentioning all the new updates and libraries to be supported with the 64 bit. However, it will continue to go with the 32 bit also. But as a future support, it has started making things prepared for the upgraded support.

Secure Apps


This term is called for being informative as an app. This means every app should be having some metadata content on the top of the application. That is to confirm that apps are authenticated and confirmed by the source. The developers will not have any worries about that because the maximum APK size can be adjusted automatically.


The concluding Note:


Google app development guidelines focussing on making better and better apps for the users’ pleasure and development ease. One should consider to hire android app developer that match the step by step working approach with the Google Guidelines on making the various applications.


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