Google Play Store removed 500 apps from the app-list! Know why!

Google Play Store removed 500 apps from the app-list! Know why!


Undoubtedly, Android app development serves as one of the best platforms for mobile app development company and the Google PlayStore is widely appreciated for easy app submission thus coming up as an open source for the number of emerging mobile app developers to showcase their talent.


The best part about coming up with android app development is that it does not limit your ideas, thus increasing your opportunities to another level by having a considerably liberal approach to your unique concepts.


However, when we talk about an open-source software, malware is a thing that gets into the matter. Open-source It’s more like a platform for various types of Malware and innumerable security threats.


And this is a major reason why iPhone app development company is preferred over the Android App development when security comes into concern. For, the iOS app developers need to undergo a series of procedures to get their app into the Play Store. Such flaws have let Google take a huge step that is removing almost 500 apps from its Play Store. Let us understand the reason why.


This Massive step has been taken by Google because search apps were actually bleeding to the installation of spyware into the mobile devices of the users because of the various advertising software linked to these apps.


This spyware steals over the entire data from your phone without the user having a minor hint about it.Yes,  you read it right.All your personal information is being tracked and you can never find out how.


Thus, after sensing this problem, Google decided to take the sleep step and remove nearly 500 apps from the Play Store. Such  Android apps were actually using search software development techniques that would help the form to target people with unwanted ads based on the user data.


According to the reports released by Lookout,  it came up that Flexin ads SDK That you can find within the apps are the major reasons which allow them to get in touch with external service that is having the permission to display malware into their websites.


To contact the server is not a difficult thing, and of course, it goes away unnoticed,  but the problem arises where the App downloads the huge amount of encrypted files from the same service without the user completely unaware about it.


This lead to a  conclusion that there might be a team of hackers who get on to such activities when we can make use of certain unresolved bugs with the SDK protocols and this helps them to get the software corrupted once the application is installed on the user’s device.


But, there is nothing to worry about as it is not the first time where the apps are being removed from the Play Store.Look into the past and you would find Google taking such a step a number of times.

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How are these apps that get removed?

These Applications removed from the Play Store have no connection with its popularity; for example when are the app be listed from the Play Store was a weather app that had been downloaded millions of times,  another search app was a radio app even larger number of downloads.


Thus, we can predict that switch malware affects those apps which deal with the common Industries such as travel, fashion or food, even health care or the apps related to the entertainment industry.


The Reserve Bank assistant sincere found in large number it is easy to track them and generate revenue because they have a wider reach and a large number of targeted audience. Thus, During the developers for gaining income is an easy task to get into the users’ device and steal their precious data.


Following Is the list of the applications and the number of downloads that had SDK:

Weather apps – 1M to 5M downloads

Teens becoming the prey of the gaming apps – 50M to 100M downloads

Internet radio – 500k to 1M downloads

Photo editing apps – 1M to 5M


One of the insiders from Google said that the situation finally has come under control as the appropriate actions have been taken on time.Not only have the apps being removed from the Play Store,  but,  they have also I’m sure about the security of the previously downloaded versions.


Thus, they are obliged and also would love to hear responses from the users if they come up with any such undiscovered problems into their notice in the future, to safeguard the security of the Android platform and also save it from any kind of mishaps later on.

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