Google publicizes ‘adware apps' as one of the best apps of 2017

Google publicizes ‘adware apps’ as one of the best apps of 2017

It seems like just a couple of days before, Google announced that it is putting an end to all those apps that contain lock screen ads in any forms.


A just after a few days of this announcement comes up another shocking one that has led all the Android app development company strived into despair. It released a list of the Best Apps of 2017 for the Play Store.


Given that its new policy of breaking up with the cracking down of apps with a necessary amount of advertisements on its lock screens, you might not believe that one of such apps comes up on the list.


But, it turns out ( though the Android developers like us can still not digest it), that this is exactly what happened and google came up with declaring one of such adware in its list of best apps.

beauty apps

This app is called –Photo Editor- Beauty Cameras and Photo Filters, which has been developed by the Android development company–  Pic Tools Group.


Also, several users on Reddit brought it to our notice that the app would ask for a large number of unnecessary permissions at the time of installing the app to your devices, some of them being completely baseless.


Several permissions that they had included in their permissions list such as asking for identity, Device Call and ID History and the App and Device History seem pretty useless.


Which photo enhancer feature would be needing a permission as such? Apart from all these types of permissions, it also keeps running constantly in the foreground on your phone.


Well, it turns out that the case does not rest here. When we dug deep and researched a bit more to this matter, we found out a few more insanely appalling content inside the app.


The ap is stuffed with n number of settings which have absolutely nothing to do with the editing of any photograph. They are practically of no use for the photo editing purpose.


These options are “ Super Keyboard”, “Smart Charge” and ” Swipe” and also ” Weather Tips”  feature too. Because they believe that one needs to check the accurate weather for being life ready and getting clicked perfectly.


The Smart Charge setting would enable the lock screen ads to run in the foreground on your phone the entire time, but smartly keeping it as an undercovered media.


Also, the “Swipe” setting enables the media to add the advertisement as a widget on your home screen setup. Thus, what is shocking is that Google is actually promoting such an app as one of the best apps for your Android phones to be downloaded or looked upon in 2017.


Just a few months back had we come upon the Judy Maware case which was also an Adware ridiculously harming our phones and getting a large amount of fraudulent money from its users.


And now comes another mistake by Google, where it is actually promoting one of a kind to be downloaded and installed more and more on our devices.


Well, I would never want such an app to be installed on my phone ever. Then, how can I even bear the fact of Google actually promoting it?


Here comes out a question for all of us to look upon:


Are the technologies or various programmes used by Google are getting outdated? Is it changing its way of judging the apps launched through the play store? Or should I call it misjudging the scenario?


Well, if things like such continue further, then we would be left with no other option rather than to drive our focus to other platforms.


After all, a list generated by the Almighty as big as Google can influence a large number of people and if it comes up with such is-influential takes for the people or the tech-generation as us, then we have no other option but to drift apart our thoughts from the Android app developers to the other platforms and shift accordingly.


What do you think about this situations?What steps should be taken by Google for the same purpose? Come up with your opinion in the comment section below and let us know your feedback about it.

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