Google tests its Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook!Amazed Here’s why!

Google tests its Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook! Amazed? Here’s why!


It might not have had been away from your notice that Google came up with the documentation regarding the installation of the in-development operating system Fuchsia on the Pixelbook.


However, there is something unique about Fuchsia that made Google test it on Pixelbook. Let us know what it is and also recall a bit about the same.


Fuchsia-What is the fuss all about!

Well, Fuchsia is an open source type of an operating system developed by the Google Inc for all the developers across the world to help them for building up, testing up and evolving.


It is nowhere minutely connected to any of the Linux kernels which are considered to be the building blocks of Android as well as the operating system for Chrome.


It has been developed from the Zircon ( which was earlier known as Magenta) microkernel.


However, all this was a year ago and since then the Operating system is moving further on its development and since then we have not heard much about it.


Whatever information is available about it in scattered forms is because of their traditional cryptic manner from the Vice President of Android Engineering,  Dave Burke. His words have been quoted as follows:


Fuchsia is nothing but an experimental project in its nuptial stage. We, as you know have a tone of such exciting new projects in its earlier stage here at Google.What excites me, in this case, is that Fuchsia is an open source, which allows people to visualize it.They can also comment on it. Just like many other projects in the earlier stage, it is going to be morph and pivot; most probably.


Well, two important conclusions can be derived from this raw information:


Clueless! Yeah, this is what Google feels!( or at least what we feel Google feels)


This is what a good amount of critics believe that even Google has no clue about Fuchsia and they are simply going with the flow so that they can stay ahead in the race of the technology rulers.


This is a smart move taken by them which would also have been taken by any mobile application development company if they aim to overrule the time and stay ahead in the game.Of course, Google has got its own moves which are unique in their own terms; aren’t they? (OR are they???)


Google on a Secret Mission:

Another reason can be that Google is acting like an undercover agent and is on a secret mission with a clear purpose for Fuchsia which is being kept under wraps as of now.


Perhaps they want this new evolving OS to be a viable one when it debuts in this arena of mobile app development.


Is Fuchsia a groupware?


Look at what Travis Geiselbrecht, the brain behind developing Fuchsia has to say on the same:


Fuchsia is not a play-thing, neither is it a 20% project nor has it been thrown into the dumping ground of projects that we no longer care”


Thus, this clearly shows that Fuchsia is one serious project, and Google is extremely committed to it with all its set of dedicated resources.Thus, there are a lot of people who see the thing in Fuchsia and hence believe in its existence as the next big thing. This sect of people genuinely hopes for the completion of the project.


A look at the brief history of Fuchsia and you can clearly notice the kind of bond that it celebrates with the wearables, IoT (and also the mobile devices) as if it is a little bit tilted towards this technology.


But, does all this refrain t from being a full-fledged developed OS for the Desktops? NO! Though this idea has not been tested yet it surely can be brought to practice.


google pexecelsbook


All these factors strictly being us to an inclusive end to the Fuchsia’s purposes and its usability. The theories surely explain a lot about them but the ultimate fact remains the same: Fuchsia still is in the pre-development phase and still needs years of nourishment before finally developing up as a marketable project. Thus, you will have to wait for years for it to be market ready.


Even today, using Fuchsia on any device demands using two machines, that is the target device and the host.


The booting process of the USB would not only require a developer mode on the Chrome OS but also leads to the destruction of the device in use during the process. Isn’t this a clear sign that Fuchsia is in its developing phase still!


Thus Google is reportedly merging the Android and Chrome OS with the help of the Pixel laptop (yes; I am targeting Andromeda here). So, let us just bring all the rumors to rest- as we know that Google has worked tirelessly on making Chrome OS a front league platform; spending endless time and money and thus creating the flagship Pixelbook to take forward this league.


I know, it is not easy for anyone to believe and it’s completely unacceptable that Google produced the Pixelbook and is now merging the Chrome OS and the Android ecosystems to develop a new platform with a completely new OS.


We might be wrong about this too, but all we need to is to sit back and wait as Hello! It is Google after all.


Coming back to Fuchsia, well, it has been more than a year since it is in the market now and can be taken into use by a couple of devices listed in the Git. These devices and deploy and run the system.


However, until now, the two officially supported devices were the Intel NUC and the Acer Switch Alpha 12.


A new add-on to this list is the Google Pixelbook and this has what got the analysts back into action.Thus, with an addition to this list has led to unending discussions regarding the same.


I, however, still believe to wait for the ultimate results before drawing on to any conclusions.


A Note to the Developers:

Google is trying as much as possible to get the Chrome OS in-house. If it has to create a more chrome based OS-centric atmosphere, then surely that would want the Pixelbook to be high on its versatility, so that the device can get adapted internally in such a way that it can be used as a  device meant for the developers.


Thus, have patience and wait out for the ultimate results; for the best is yet to come!

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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