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Is the Growth of Augmented Reality Being Overhyped?


Augmented Reality was introduced to the world in the year 2013 when Volkswagen used it for its problem-solving concepts, and thus introduced the world to it. Since then there is no looking back and then the Augmented Reality App Development is progressing on that phase of development in such a way that there has been no looking back.


The year 2018 has proved to be a kick-starting year for the AR apps and the technology for Google and Apple both taking on the technology as their prime aspect.


But, now comes the question of the hour: Doesn’t it need a reality check? Don’t you feel that Augmented Reality is being overhyped or is it taking too much time to expand its wings further?


We sincerely believe that this is what is bothering to a large number of the app developers.Do not worry, you have arrived at such a platform that would help you analyze the entire journey of AR and the sub-technologies that have been developed because of it and thus you can come u to a conclusion on your own.

AR TRENDS 2018- Adoption of the ARKit as well as the potential of ARCore promises


Apple came up with its own SDK for augmented reality, that is the ARKit, in September 2017, is currently been considered as a medium to measure the scales for the adoption of AR.


However, what comes over to my display is that from nearly 3,000,000 apps available in the store, only 1000 of apps have accepted ARKit that is pretty less for such a great technology.


(This is what our analysts have arrived at a conclusion whereas Apple claims the number to be somewhere around 2000. Also, only 2% of the new apps added are showing interest in accepting ARKit.


This makes the growth ratio pretty less for an evolving technology as such.However, the only positive sign here is that the graph has been maintained at a steady rate, unlike going over the negative side.


Well, the conflict does not end here, for something more exciting is going to come up soon and that it Google’s SDK for Augmented Reality, the ARCore(ARCore v 1.0) that is being constructed for the Android devices, which would be available in the market soon with support from nearly 100 devices.


This shows up that there a lot many opportunities for a number of brands to make use of this technology for the Android devices.for now, only two of the Android devices can give their users a brief AR experience: that is The Pixel franchise as well as  Samsung Galaxy S8.


Present Shortcomings of AR


Despite AR being a promising new trend for the advertisers as well as the marketing enthusiasts as a medium to enhance consumer experience and redefine the entire experience of digital marketing, however,  it still has its own set of limitations for now.


The AR development is being made in such a way that it comes out with a virtual experience to recreate the experiences happening around us in a 3D experience, but, as of now, the quality of this technology advances is a bothering factor as of now.However, with evolving time, the advancement in these sectors if made in a right way can change the real-life images to the augmented reality models.

Yet another limitation coming up as a challenge is the hardware related problems.At the initial stages of AR, we had the smart glasses that were way too expensive and extremely heavy for the consumer.


but, with the passing of time, the glasses finally have been made wearable, which means, they have come up with lighter and more compatible ones.


However, AR still misses out that factor wherein VR is able to beat out the technology, but, with the quality of evolving glasses, this scenario is going to change soon and come up with high-end user experience to its potential customers.


By then, the users can acknowledge themselves with the augmented reality trends with the help of their smartphones. Talking about the smartphones, both Google and Apple are striving really hard to turn this into reality and help to analyze the devices with the more realistic depiction of augmented reality and can be used for having the accurate depictions of floors, wall lightings, walls of the room etc just as the VR.



AR is experiencing a steady progress as of now when adoption comes into concern and likely would be making significant growth once ARCore comes into power.


Also, AR is being backed up strongly by the increasing hardware capabilities and software evolutions and expansions. The AR is likely to have a revolutionary phase in the consumer development and expand its advancements towards all the known industries sooner or later.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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