What guidelines is Google giving us regarding Progressive Web Apps

What guidelines is Google giving us regarding Progressive Web Apps

Google Recently organized to meet in India for the first time by developers in various companies were invited.There were nearly a group of 25 people representing various companies individually.The agendas to discuss Google’s MCPs.


As mobile app development company, how would progressive web apps Change the scenario and effect each part of it, is what the question of the hour was?The training session was conducted in such a way that helps them realize the importance of the same.


Thus, Latest now discuss the progressive web apps, a concept that has been considered responsible to revolutionize the mobile application Development Industries but has still not got the desired LimeLight somehow.


What are Progressive Web Apps?


The progressive web apps, or PWAs, was the concept given by Google in the year 2015.A PWA  is nothing but simply an application this is present in the browser but is displayed as a website.


You do not need to install it from the app store, they easily install it and would remain at your home screen without any moment from the  App Store. they also tend to keep the users involved by the web push notifications.


PWA Has the onset of diversified features such as faster navigation, quick updates, offline working area, push notifications etc.Well, The thing that bothers everyone is if PWAs are being considered As the next-gen app, why are we still not moving forward with the native apps?


Well, answer to this question s people these days are unaware of what makes PWAs is better than the regular native apps. Let us understand why are these apps way ahead than the traditional native apps.


Wider Market Reach


With PWAs, You can let your business expand to different devices and platforms with minimal app development cost does taking a brand visibility to a whole another level.


Cost Efficient


Just When app and suitable for all the platforms, and where we need to develop a separate app for every platform that you wish to showcase your business.


Lesser Clicks

It Is a common notion that the user abandonment rate  Keeps on changing with the increase in clicks that he requires for the action to be finished.Since the PWAs do not have any installation process, this rate is very low.Also, Your uses can have a lot more things to be done with a lesser number of efforts of clicking.


Thus, on one hand, where the native apps provide a great experience to the users, PWAs give them a chance to take steps for the then their location just passing the lamp and there’s have wider seamless experiences.And this turns out of the major reason the other mobile app developers these days are promoting PWAs over the native apps.


Following  are some of the brands that have already involved PWAs  in their strategies:




This Turns out to be an attention seeking factor when we talked about the speed of Instagram’s PWA, Extensive to be far better than with native app. It  has also Incorporated the push notification features as well as allows the native App camera to be used just like  the original native app




The Best thing to talk about here is the tremendous speed of the Uber’s PWA, Irrespective of your network.Thus, the next time you would access m.uber, you are given the choice Tu either go through the map for a whole like an experience, Let go of the map 2 degrees it time that your App takes to be loaded.




To Experience the screen side benefits which we normally get with your laptop, and do not find search on your mobile devices, Trivago’s PWA  would change your perception completely.The main purpose of developing this PWA was to decrease the time for lags, even if your page is fully loaded with images, links, and tables.




The PWA Of Starbucks has everything included in it, from ordering online to mobile payments as well as effective management of your account.Thus, the best part is that unlike the native app, it this requires 4% of the total storage of your device, thus keep the memory of a device free for other important purposes.


Twitter Lite


If You are a frequent Twitter user, you surely must have had observed that how the app performs Atta consistently lower page load time, even if you have network issues.Not only this, it also comes up with a data saver option, because of which the images get blood and open only if you click on them, does saving 70% off the data in the process.


Thus, the main agenda of this blog was to make you understand the whole new world that the progressive web apps are developing, and its higher acceptance rate and by the reach for it is being followed by an equally large number of Companies.


Thus, it’s high time for you to take the sketch and understand that the progressive web apps are meant for a better User experience and so you should not cling on to the native apps and it is development and rather focus on building a successive progressive web app.


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