Hot Gimbals this season DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S

Hot Gimbals this season: DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S

The well known Chinese drone manufacturer, DJI recently came up with two new additions in its exclusive range of products right before the beginning of the Consumer Electronics Show that is being held in Las Vegas this year.


-The Exclusive Ronin Stabilizer for mirrorless cameras as well as Drones.


-The redesigned version of the Osmo Mobile 2 for the smartphones, that is going to be available at the Apple Online Store initially.


Let us have a brief discussion about each one of them:




Ronin-S is the DJI brand new stabilizer that works on 3-axis for both the DSLR cameras as well as the mirrorless cameras. This has been made available in two sizes for either of the camera systems. This comes up t be a tough competition for the Zhiyun Crane models.  


The Ronin can effectively work with most of the devices such as the Sony Alpha systems, or the Panasonic GH and the Canon 5D as well. It comes up with the dedicated set of control buttons which are present for the cameras as well as for the gimbals and thus it allows you to shift between the Smooth Track settings, and also between the subsequent recording and stopping of the camera.


Also comes with it is a joystick with higher precision, almost similar to those joystick that you generally observe on your drone controller, allows you to target for the camera quickly and possibly with more accuracy.Ronin S also comes up with an exclusive Sports mode for the objects that move faster and also for various other intelligent modes such as the CamAnchor, Panorama, Hyperlapse or the Track.


In a short period of time, accessories built up especially for the device would be made available. For instance, a vehicle mount solution, a DJI Master Force an external focus more a cheese plate adaptor that would help you to use your favorite accessories from any third party devices., also a focus control Center that would allow you to adjust the focus of your device more accurately.


Roni-S would be available exclusively for the users from the second quarter of 2018. The device can be purchased online from,  or you can also grab one from various stores such as various DJI Authorized Retail Stores, or DJI Flagship Stores as well as the from the DJI resellers worldwide. For the cost of this device has been kept under wraps, that would be announced prior to the delivery. For more information on the device, check out


Osmo Mobile


The redesigned OSMO MOBILE 2 helps to turn o9ut your smartphone into a stabilized version of the camera.Also comes up with it is the added 15 hours battery to the list, that can allow you for a continuous shooting for the same number of hours.


This certainly is thrice the availability than the original Osmo mobile battery. This also comes up with the new button added to its layout which makes it easier for you to have a control over your phone once you are using it for shooting purposes.


Without a doubt, the all-new OSMO MOBILE 2 is way lighter than its predecessors and thus also comes up with the capacity to hold up your phone in portrait mode as well.


For now, the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 has been priced at $129 and would be exclusively available for its pre-delivery from, from January 23rd. From February, this deceit would also be available at, and also available offline across carious DJI FLagship stores, and with the DJI Authorized Retailers.


For more information on the device, check out their website and share your views in the comment section below.


From DJI’s point of view:

“ After the successful launch of both these devices, DJI certainly has taken a step further with the gimbal technology which would be helpful to rediscover the hidden talents from every person no matter what camera do they have,” quoted Paul Pan,  the Senior Product Manager at DJI. He also added that-” WIthout a doubt, Osmo Mobile phones have the best smartphone stabilization also with an affordable price tag; whereas Robin-S comes up with the professional quality of the gimbal technology to a better form factor which proved to be highly desirable and perfect for the run-and-gun type of filming with the help of your favourite DSLR or the mirrorless camera systems.”


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