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How Can We Choose the Right SDK for Augmented Reality App Development?

Everything is gonna augmented in a near future. Currently, we all are looking for the furniture we didn’t have seen yet or don’t know the idea whether it’s gonna suit our interior decoration.


With the use of augmented reality technology, it is easy to integrate the things with our day to day life and can imagine a world without making it a reality.


For an instance, want to check the design and decoration accessories at your home with the different colors and design. You just need to tap the AR app and will show you the complete picture and you can modify it, too. Everything is just within the app.


Meaning Augmented Reality is the overlapping of the virtual world over the real world entities and system. AR enhances the real world things with the use of Augmented Reality Camera and it makes things visible in real although everything gets generated with the virtual content and emerges out as the virtual data only.


The AI developers are leading the Augmented Reality App Development using various programming techniques, tools, and intelligent software. There is a lot more AR development toolkits are available.


So it becomes tough to choose the one among them. But there are some of the essentials points to consider while you are looking for augmented reality SDK. and you should not overlook it. Because sometimes choosing the intelligent tools make the developmental task easy and amazing.  


Let’s see some of the most important essentials for choosing the Augmented Reality SDK


Is Your SDK having the Appropriate Licence?


It is important to check for what kind of license your APK is having. Because each of Augmented Reality SDK offers different kind of features and key roles. There can be free and commercial licenses in general.


It is obvious that free features and functions will be, of course, limited and we can not expect more from them. Rather choosing the paid will enhance the scope of the development work. And will make the feature-rich mobile application. Using the open source AR software will augment the developers’ talent too.


Supported Unity


It is known as the game development software for both computers and consoles. Here you can make the advanced level of gaming development, especially for Augmented Reality games.


With the use of Unity, it is easy to create an exclusive mark of the graphics and animation in the augmented reality mobile apps. So it is important to check for the SDK whether it is supporting the Unity or not. Without making the checkmark on this point, it is tough to judge and develop the augmented reality apps.


Is Your APK supporting the Platform You Are intending?


There are the SDKs working for the Universal Windows Platforms and there are the ones that work for Mac OS just. It is up to you which one to choose. Generally, it is fact that you are gonna develop an app with the Android or iOS platform or maybe both.


What if you have selected the SDK for which you are not making the AR app and it makes completely a chaos situation between the developer and SDK environment. So rather choosing the SDK that makes more sense. If we search out before execution, the tasks easier.


Smart Glass


The Augmented Reality apps will work on the smartphones. For an intense to show the virtual world with some augmented picture over the smartphones’ screen. But the smartphones are not remaining as the only option. We too can see the virtual objects over the smart glasses.


Working with the smartphones and smart glasses do make difference. As the glasses are providing the hands-free augmented reality experience with a more closed view and augmented view. To take an advantage of it, your SDK must be supported to such feature.


Cloud recognition


An Augmented Reality app that recognizes the different types of the markers should be checking for the support in the AR development kit. That whether the kit is supporting the same or not. Because markers are generally stored in the cloud and so the app does not need any space for the smartphone.


The figure is variable for the different kits. Some of them are supporting more than 100 markers while some go for less than 100 too. It is said that the number of markers recognizing capacity an app owes, the more it is likely to give the supreme AR experience.


Concluding Note:


The Augmented Reality Mobile Apps are becoming famous and will be demanding in a near future. The technology is ever ready to give the developers as they want the solution for each new creation.


The most important thing is, to think before you choose the SDK because there are more than one mediums and tools that makes you feel supported but not supporting in real.


The mentioned above are the essential parameters to check and yet there are remaining to check once before selecting the SDKs.


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