How Apple considers Augmented Reality

How does Apple Consider Augmented Reality(AR) ?

Apple Inc. That has been creating wonders with introducing new technology with the help of its latest iPhones, now in to keep us Technology ready for Augmented reality(AR)  headset in 2019 and also would start shipping from early 2020.


This Device being different apple would not be like the current devices used for the virtual reality headsets which cannot Run without the smartphone as its engine and the screen.


This device would rather have its own display and would be running on a new operating system as well as on the ship.The timeline for the development seems to be quite aggressive and might change, according to the reports given by unnamed insiders.


While The virtual reality mixer submits the user and the digital world, Augmented Reality helps to present the images and data as the real one.The chief executive officer Tim Cook believes that AR is less isolated then we are and can be proved Revolutionary as a smartphone in the future.


He as discussed this technology on a Good Morning America and pays much attention to it and consider it as a potential support to increase the sales growth.


According to him, they are already seeing things which we cannot even dream about and would be able to use it for various purposes, fro working to playing to using it as a connecting medium and even using it as a medium to learn things.


Apple has started to put together a team that is focusing entirely on the Augmented reality related projects since a couple of years.This plan is being guided by Mike Rockwell,  the person responsible for leading a team of hundreds of engineers across Apple.


The Team is scattered across the office parks in both Cupertino and Sunnyvale, California, And is currently working on the hardware as a software project enter the code name of  “T288.”


The First product released by the team was APPLE ARKit, which consists of tools that the outside software developers make use to develop your applications for iPad as well as iPhone, this preparing the screens as well as the cameras and processes to create the virtual 3D interfaces for the gaming education as well as shopping purposes.


This was the primary step taken by Apple this Friday an opportunity to test the technology on their existing products.


The next step was to create a headset that has a building display capable to stream 3D videos without affecting the battery much.But, this is somehow a complicated step.


Tim Cook somehow backed up with the statement that anything you see on the market today is not the best outcome of what we had dream dog.This also indirectly hinted towards the challenges creating the display, that the chief design officer joining mentioned,” there are certain ideas that we can work on but we are at waiting for the technology to match up with a level of ideas”.



AsFor the previous products, Apple is not waiting around for some other company to come up with the chief which is capable to power its AR headset, another it is working in the house and coming up with something which is similar to the concept of “system on a package” component in the Apple watches.



Such have the power to squeeze or more components- that is used as well as the graphics processes into a much smaller area than the standard processes; not only this also consumes much less power and things are Highly Effective with the services they provide.



The new operating system, that is being dubbed internally as “ROS “ Which is an abbreviation for the real operating system, it’s completely based on iOS, the operating system on which the iPhones work.



Just as the tv powers, such as the Apple TV Mac OS runs on Macs,  the watch OS runs on the Apple watches, and the new Visa rules would be empowering the Apple headset.This group is being led by Geoff Stahl, Who is a software manager for jeans and graphics at Apple.



However, Apple has got not finalized how was users would be controlling the headset as well as the launch apps, but it is surely investigating on the touch panel, as well as the voice activation with the help of Siri and the head gestures.


Engineers Now are busy prototyping a range of applications, which are useful for mapping and texting gave advanced features including the 360-degree video playback as well as the virtual meeting rooms.



The company now is discussing the fact that what would it be paying its headset with, would it be in a school version of the app store, from where the users would be able to manage that content, just as the way they are managing it full watch Apple TVS Max as well as iPhones.


Apple as of now is not having a fully operational headset of its own, and this is the reason the engineers are using the HTC Vibe headsets to test the latest technologies.


Also, they have been working on devices similar to the Oculus gear VR headsets which would be using the iPhone screens cameras as well as chips.However, the sad part is that it is not planning to sell the gadget, but would be using it internally to test the year apps for the next year, and the device might come up to the market by the end of 2020.


As that is far away as of now,  Apple plants to make it easier for the developers to test the air apps for the iPhone.and thus, the company is planning to release a new version of the ARKit software in 2018.


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