How Much does it cost to make an app like Bitcoin Wallet ?


Want to earn money and come up with something unique with Bitcoins in mind?

Why not come up with a Bitcoin wallet app of your own?


Why is it unique?

Well, you might have had gone through various links that help you out with the making of any E-Commerce app or an app serving the purpose of social networking site.


But, coming up with an application that lets you store Bitcoins is a unique concept in itself and has a completely different solution to it.You might have had come across various apps such as Blockchain, Coinbase, Copay, Coonbase, Mycelium etc to name a few.


So, before starting the actual guide to make an app as such, let us shed some light and collect brief information about these applications.However, it is also important to know what a Bitcoin wallet app means?



A Bitcoin wallet application is nothing but a secured connection to collect, store and receive Bitcoins.



The Bitcoin wallets offered by the Blockchain are the most popular Bitcoin wallet applications across the globe. Its popularity can be proved by the fact that since its inception, around 18 million Bitcoin wallets have been registered across 140 countries.


To talk about the platforms, BC wallet app is made solely for Android and iOS; but also runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. As the number game suggests, this application has over millions of downloads and also has a high rating (that is 4.4 ) on Play Store.


A more common name of Blockchain Wallet is the Hybrid Wallet, as it does not have any access to your private keys. This also shows a big no-no to all the fully anonymous payments.



blockchain bitcoin wallet


With this app, you can accept or donate your Bitcoins to anyone across the world with just one click. The bitcoin amount will be presented to you in the form of BTC, mBTC orbits.


The wallet can also be used for offline purposes. Blockchain wallet provides us with QR scanning, paper wallet import and ‘you can search for your desired bitcoin merchants’ features.


Also, you can see the actual bitcoin conversion rates and send and receive various transaction details.


As discussed before, your PI and passwords remain protected and encrypted, giving it a heads up for security.




Well, an app that comes with a ‘do-not-miss’ tag by its users, Coinbase seem to be one of the Top Bitcoin Wallet application across the globe. IT can be accessible on both the Android and iPhones and is also accessible through the web browsers.


The Coinbase app has nearly 38 thousand merchants on Google Play and nearly 4.1 million satisfied customers, who can have an exchange of Bitcoins, litecoins, and ethereum through this application.


Well, though this app works mainly on cryptocurrencies, on the other end competitors do focus only on bitcoins.


This app comes with a not so risky feature and that is the Vault feature that helps users to avoid the control of their bitcoins, unlike Coinbase, in which the company holds your bitcoins.



coinbase bitcoin wallet


With this application, the user can exchange Bitcoins, litcoins and ethereum. The ap also shows the merchant services such as Expedia, Dell, Overstock and many others along with the users’ list.


The app helps the user have details about the cryptocurrency exchange rates, and also the historical pie-charts to track the real time.It also keeps the user notified about various services such as the change of rates or various transactions etc.


Also, the clients and exchange money with the help of QR codes.Another unique feature of this app is that you can link your account to your bank account, your credit or debit cards or the PayPal account.


As the application is protected with a passcode, it ensures the security of your bitcoins, protected even if your phone is misplaced or lost.


Following are some of the important features of any Bitcoin wallet:


Important Bitcoin wallet features:


Authorization– Sign-up/login to your Bitcoin wallet account

Security– The Application is protected by password and PIN

Conversion rates- Have a track record of the changes in Bitcoin prices.

Most used addresses– Have a quick access to the frequently contacted addresses.

Paper Wallet import–Scanning the paper Bitcoins

Push notifications–Transaction alerts

Merchant services– To serve as a Merchant and lookout for Bitcoin Merchants.

QR code scanner–Exchange bitcoins using the QR codes.


What should the Bitcoin wallet applications be used?


In nearly half a decade, the price of Bitcoins has experienced a rise of 20607% and it may not be easy to digest but shockingly the transactions have surpassed over the US $100 billion ( well, all for a good reason).


The reasons for this is that:


-Bitcoins prove to be cheaper and faster currency exchange medium:
For transferring the traditional money globally, you need to wait for a certain amount of time until the funds become available.


Also, these transactions prove to be a bit expensive as they are chargeable to both the sender and the receiver.


Whereas, no such fees are levied on Bitcoins.

  • No Government has any control over Bitcoins:


During an economic crisis, certain decisions taken by the bank proved to be unfavorable for the local population. However, in case of Bitcoins, if the currency is decentralized, it surely belongs to the people and not to the government or any other country.


  • Though it’s under wraps, yet it turns out to be the most secure:


In no case can any fraud be experienced here as your information is completely protected. To enhance the security, a person gets both a public and a private key and the user needs to combine both the keys together at the time of the transaction.


  • No inflation can touch Bitcoin:


The main reason why the traditional currency loses it value is that the governments have all the right to produce any amount of money that it wants.


Whereas, the creator of Bitcoin has stated that it would never surpass 21 million.and this is the major reason the currency would stand completely secured from any sort of inflation.


  • User-generated and user-owned Bitcoins:


If you have your Bitcoins, then you are the sole owner and your bitcoins won’t be hindered by any third party involvement. Hence, at the end of the day, your money remains solely with yourself.


Summing it all up,


how mich does it cost bitcoin waleet


Though coming up with any financial application development is not impossible, but it is not an easy task and requires a lot of skills and knowledge.Currently, Bitcoin Mobile application development stands as one of the most successful ventures to dive into the money earning business.


So, do not give it a second thought and get in touch with bitcoin wallet application development and hire bitcoin application developers.


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