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How much Does it Cost to develop an UBER Tow Truck?

Have you ever thought of a situation where your car gets stuck on an unknown road? Or maybe you want tow truck at the undefined roads and at the indecisive times!


Well, in that case, you need to be specific for the tow trucks to be available. Either you may have a cell number of a tow truck people or you are getting a lift from a friend. And probably leaving behind your own car in between the roads!


There are countless mobile app development companies in the world. We can think of many. And each one is offering either complex business solutions or every idea to be converted into a quick reality.


The idea of tow truck on-demand mobile application is coming into the consideration because it happens when people need an immediate help resource. The vehicles are the prime necessity of the people. One can not have distant transportation without the vehicles. In terms of cars, vans and more.


For such circumstances, we have made on demand UBER based mobile application that will drive the immediate solution for the vehicles being problematic on roads. The tow truck mobile app will allow the people to get the latest and real-time updates until it reaches the said location.


Featuring the on-demand tow trucks mobile application:


Now make your customers feel comfortable with the easiness of tow truck on-demand mobile application development company. Own your own on-demand mobile app and have the huge customers base using the single application. The customers will get engaged with the app and call the tow truck using the app.


The main focus of investing in such business is having the business with helping people. Because helping people in critical situations is something that earns you an extra bulk of penny.


Let us see the core features of the On-demand tow truck app


Log in/ Sign up


The application will allow the users to get sign up or may want to link the social media accounts.



Locating the Vehicle


The vehicles will be get located with the tow trucks. Both the sides the management will be done by the application location API. And the location part is covered so accurately that the people will not get any problem finding the tow trucks at the exact locations.


Showing the tow trucks service in customer menu will know the customers about different service providers. In which, you can show up your registered service providers over the menu. The screen will display the availability options. Whether they are online or not. The menu will show the service providers that are being online over the app.



Selecting the service provider


The users are now allowed to select the service provider over the menu. And will select as per their nearest location and requirement for the vehicle.



Payment Option


The payment for the tow trucks can be made either by online payment options or maybe you want to pay by cash. Once the booking of tow trucks is being confirmed by the client the payment can be initiated with the online modes of payments.



Tow Trucks Arrival


Once it is confirmed to have the tow trucks on the specified locations the trucks get arrived for initiating the job of taking cars from the middle of the roads.



Have a look at developing an On-demand mobile app for Tow-Trucks.


Well, the mobile app development companies in India are taking initiative to have the complete online and on-demand services using the latest technologies.


We can consider the cost of developing an on Demand App starting from $25,000 to $1,00,000



The hourly rate of on-demand application development ranges from $15 to $25


The on-demand application costs generally range from the custom requirements of applications. The mobile app development company in India charges as per the custom features you want to include and cover.


The leading app development companies in India are serving their clients according to the latest trends and technologies. The focus of app developers is to increase the comfort of people. Clients should hire app developers that are willing to add a maximum of features. And make the best of the technical resources.

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