How Much Does An Augmented Reality App Cost ?

Augmented Reality is gaining popularity at a  great pace. The AR market is expected to expand around $90 billion by the next decade. After the success of the gaming app Pokémon Go, Augmented Reality has become a mainstream thing.

Around 20 million active users daily, this ground breaking app has been more than 100 million hits till date.  Thus, Augmented Reality is expected to grow by 37% and the revenue is expected to reach $100 billion by 2020.

But, if you think Augmented Reality is only for the gaming apps, you probably are mistaken. Many businesses these days right from the start-ups to those big multinational companies have started embracing the power of Augmented Reality into streamline efficiency, thus improve the customer satisfaction ratio and also helps the workforce to set up a priority and have a faster execution of tasks, in short, to increase the account credibility.

However, businesses as such have just scratched the surface. Plenty of opportunities are yet to be discovered.

For companies and entrepreneurs interested in building an  augmented reality app, several queries strike the mind about the practical applications and the essential support for picking up the right development partner.

However, the most important factor is the fact that what would be the cost of developing an Augmented Reality Application.

Following are some of the factors which determine the cost of an augmented reality application

Platform and Complexity:

The major critical factor that determines the pricing of an AR app is the complexity and UI of the app. The user interface of an app for web or desktop application is a lot more complicated than the interface for smartphones and tablets.


In the smartphone apps Augmented Reality App Development for Android is a bit of challenging because of its diversity of the screen sizes of devices and also the Fragmented Android World. Whereas iOS offers a great deal of standardization.


The higher the number of devices your app supports, the more amount of testing, as well as adaption for various screen sizes and resolutions, would it require.


 Features and Design of The Application:


Whether you are planning to go for minimal or a range of all the features included, the cost of an AR app would remain directly proportional to the functionality, design, and features that you want your app to have .


However, the technical specifications of the app, whatever may be the type of application can surely affect the cost of the mobile application development.


However, there are a few free solutions for implementing the functionality for augmented reality. However, free solutions as such might work only for the initial testing and also for skills in this technology.


But free tools as such might not help you in case you are looking for the customized solutions for an enhanced version of your business operation.

Free to Download or In-App Purchases:

Augmented reality can serve as a connecting link for all kinds of experiences leading to a complete change from education and manufacturing even to sales.


This technology is changing the way the person doing business reacts with its customer. The production and development cost of an  Augmented Reality app depends on whether you prefer to go for free to download model or the in-app purchases model.


Also, whether should you include the in-app purchase option or does your AR app might also require a full eCommerce functionality for increasing the bottom-line results? Things as such affect the overall cost of the AR-based app.

Industry-based AR Solutions

Organisations from various industries such as the E-commerce, travel and education  industries to name a few are using the scalable AR solutions.


The costs of a AR mobile application development keeps shifting beyond the initial concept and interface development. Various costs might serve as an add up to the cost such as monitoring and maintenance of app, the server costs, testing, updates and also the administration.


A software development kit or SDK ( also known as davit) is just a package of software development tools. SDK helps the AR developers to make the coding phase simple, which eventually helps them  to avoid writing steps from scratch.

Following are some of the popular AR developing Apps:

Vuforia, Wikitude,Kudan


Vuforia is indeed the most popular SDK across the globe. This platform provides powerful and comfortable tools to the AR developers.


By the Computer Vision tech that it uses, it provides the possibility to identify and then track target images. As a result, the app might project the 3D objects in real-time.


Moreover, Vuforia also has one of the best features for the small angles of the marker recognition algorithm. It also can help you track visibility of overlapped targets.


Also, the stability that it providers for the movable as well as immovable markers is the best amongst all the other SDKs.


This SDK is created especially for its mobile platforms for working with the Wikitude AR Browser. It is also the first SDK which also comes up with JavaScript API to enhancing AR experience.


In addition, this also would support the Native API for iOS and Android. It also gives a wide variety of functions, such as the geo-location and SAM-technology to name a few. Unfortunately, while we have a lot of parameters still better than average, it is surely not the best.



Kudan is faster than most other frameworks, which also provides an unlimited number of recognized images. Furthermore, Kudan also requires negligible memory storage for its libraries.


This SDK surely could become a good competitor of Vuforia and Wikitude. However, developers do say that in some parameters, this SDK is  surely inferior to Vuforia.


Also, Kudan lacks several functions that Wikitude has . For example, geolocation and cloud recognition are totally unsupported here.


how much does augment reality

A mobile application draft is nothing but just the basis of a future product. It highlights the agenda for business and list of its technical specifications.


Documentation enhances the development team’s knowledge of rough concepts to  the final scripts.It is always good to have it completed before contacting anyone for mobile application development.


Drafts help you up for building any app that you aim from the start. Managers can assist clients sans experiences for making up a detailed project draft.


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