How much does it cost to create a Simple React VR app ?

How much does it cost to build an virtual reality (vr) app?

What an innovative concept to use React VR framework for a web-based virtual reality app!

Last year in December, Oculus had come up with the pre-releasing profiting from the React Native Technology.


This also means that you are being provided with simpler and better opportunities for both making and viewing VR experiences. SO, when everything is up to the mark, the next question that comes up in our minds would surely be the fact that how much does it cost to make Virtual Reality based web applications and how to develop a sample React Virtual Reality app.


In this blog, as you go through the upcoming sessions, you will come to know that our development team is going to portray the outcomes and possibilities of React VR Oculus.


Here, we are going to develop a simple React VR sample, that is a 360-degree virtual reality tour for going through in the web browser.


What is really good about this technology is that you can try up this technology without really using a Virtual Reality headset, which is the best possible thing.


Before going on to the things further, let us first understand what react VR is!

React VR is nothing but a Javascript (Library) framework that has been developed by Oculus whose sole aim is to develop web-based Virtual Reality applications.


This is a part of the bigger React entity, which in reality is a Javascript( Library) based framework developed by Facebook for coming up with innovative and attractive User Interfaces(UIs) for web and mobile applications.Hence, React Native is used mainly for working with Javascript.


AS Oculus has planned it, React Javascript VR projects are going to run on the VR web browser with the name tag of Carmel. IF you want to have a preview or a feedback for such projects, then the pre-packed release of React VR app is available for download entitled Github. This means that the source code is available for download and released under the tag Github. Thus, anyone of you can come up with a feedback.


Thus, it comes up as a great tool for the VR developer or even for the web developer.But why is it so?


Because it has the ability to start making VR based web apps even without having a VR headset in hand.


Thus, now the next question that directly comes up to our minds is that what actually is Web Virtual Reality!




WebVR is the experimental API which makes the creation of VR experiences simpler and easier for the web. Some may also call it a VR web browser in a way meaning that anyone can try virtual reality directly with the help of the browser. And, this also proves that there is no need for the VR devices such as the Google Cardboard, Rift, HTC Vive or even Oculus.


You know how in reality this shows up? Just like the 360-videos that we see on You-Tube. But what is important is that you can navigate through it too.(Isn’t that great?) The Web VR also works with/ as a pair with the React VR library and Carmel VR browser.


Coming up to our main question,

How much does it cost to make a React VR app

Well, we surely can come up with the average cost to make a web-based virtual reality application but it surely is not going to be precise. As the precision of cost cannot be determined randomly and it totally depends on the skill-levels of the chosen React Javascript developers. Well, this area is still undercover at this point in time as the React VR framework by Oculus is pending yet as the official release is still in the pending state. This official released version is going to be considerably enhanced.( at least this is what we expect). But the best part is that making VR web apps is already possible and can be easily achieved.


So, this is how it goes, to build up your own version we need to install the local server and CMS, also come up with 360-degree images and the three-dimensional objects. The average cost for such VR based web apps can be estimated to be around $30-$40 hourly charges.


Talking about the entire development in detail,

the React VR setup might take up to 10 hours of development and hence would cost around $400, whereas the 3D objects creation and development would be somewhere around $400 (thus, 10 hours of working).


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Coming to the Backend development, which would be taking around 30 hours and hence $ 1000 cost, and combining up the CMS setup and VR development would range around 40-50 hours of working, thus costing you around $2000. Hence, the total cost somehow rounds up to $4000. Well, this might just come up as the estimated cost and not the precise one.


Technical Requirements:


How much does it cost to create a Simple React VR app


Since we are done with the cost estimation for building a React VR app, let us move a step further and discuss the technical requirements.


To begin with, you should have a Node.js installed on your devices. The javascript environment would empower running a local server and be compiling it. Also, you might have the need of NPM, which is a package manager by Node.js that has plenty of libraries and reusable codes. Similarly, Three.js also is one such additional library.


With WebVR and WebGL APIs, we surely can render the 3D imagery within the web browser. Since, we won’t be needing any special VR devices or headsets for building a React VR app, just knowing the basic stuff is more the enough.What you might actually need along with React VR for making the web apps is:

-A Desktop or a Laptop with Windows

-A browser that is compatible

-The lastest possible version of Node.js

-A VR Headset(Optional though!)


Following is the list of the compatible VR web Browsers:


-For Android\iOS and Windows-Chrome

-Carmel VR, which is a web browser by Oculus

-For Gear Vrs, Samsung

-Firefox Nightly

WebVR Polyfill for Google cardboard devices.


Hence, once you have acquired all information about the costs and the method that would be followed, what are you waiting for then? Just com establish your budget and hire a developer and within no time, have your application built in for you just the way you want.


This blog was purely entitled to clear out the concepts about React Ar and thus help us gain more knowledge about it.


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