How much does it cost to develop a Taxi app like UBER

How much does it cost to develop a Taxi app like UBER ?


To all thoses start-up inspired stories, the huge success of UBER is the best example for how a startup can lead to the success of a multi-million dollar successful venture. Indeed, it has been the dream and dedication of its founders, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp that has lead them to such a successful venture in the market.


All the start-up enthusiasts these days , if interested in the taxi driving business, surely never forget to search the keyword, “How much does it cost to develop a Taxi app like Uber”.


This forces us to come up with this blog that describes what are the costs for it and also, this blog comes up with the idea for the app developers india , about how to do it.


Not only is the blog helpful to all its readers, but it also gives a sigh of relief for the people who have been searching for the best affordable mobile app developers , because we at auxano develop such apps the the user satisfactory designs and great affordable rates.


So pull back your seats for we are about to explore the entire circuit of the app development as good as UBER ( Not a replica off course, as we at Auxano Global Services  believe in the originality of the product).


An d this is for the beginners: the apps like ola or UBER help you to book a cab from anywhere accross the globe that would help you to travel without a hasstle.


You can trace the location of the cab coming and have all the necessary information about the driver, and your cab arrives within a span of few minutes.


How to develop a Taxi booking app like UBER!

how much does cost to UBER APP

Before getting into the length and breadth of the topic, firstly you need to know for a great performance and high attention grabbing app, one needs to make two separate apps:


-One for the passenger and

-One for the driver


Along with this, one also has to have an admin portal, to which both these apps will be linked.


The most essential Features for the Passenger’s App:

(1) Registration window:

This is most essential window as the passenger after downloading the app for the first time, registers oneself to use the services further.


(2) Login window:

The is the window wherein the user after registering to the app,uses it for further access to the services of the app with any device.


(3) Platform for the booking details:

This is that platform which you need to provide to the user to mention about its location(from where he wants his cab) and other details.


This platform also has the mention about the destination of the passengers’ journey.


(4) Fare estimation:

This tool allows the user to have a rough estimate of the ride so that he can have a quick pocket check.


(5) Tracking the desired cab:

Passengers may be wanting to know the desired location of the cab a it would prefer the one nearest to has destination and with good driver ratings.


(6) The cab choosing option:

According to Mr Rahim Makhani, the founder and CEO of Auxano global services, “One must be providing such services to its passengers, as this allows the users to check all the available options and come up with the best suitable cab for it !


(7) Time to review the driver:

For all the smart customers out there, we provide an option to go through and check the ratings of the driver and then choose the most appropriate one for you.


(8) Driver Interaction:

It is extremely important to have the contact details of the driver right on the screen once you book your desired cab.


(9) Payment options:

Once you are done with your ride, the receipt would pop up on your screen that would show you the amount supposed to be paid to the driver.


(10) History:

This feature allows the user to have the details of their booking history so that they can reconsider the same options again in case they want to.


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The must have requirements for the Driver’s App:


The driver’s app is for UBER in general terms is the best with all the accurate details mentioned into it but it doesn’t seem to be well organised.


Certain basic and simple things such as submitting a simple query or reporting an accident, all these links are hidden deep inside the drop down menus under the help sections which makes it bit of a tedious job to find it out.


Talking about the app essentials ,these are the basic requirements any driver app must have.


(1) Complete profile of the Driver:

This is the feature which accepts all the details of the driver and makes a complete profile out of this. It also notes down the license number of the driver as a valid proof of his identity and his driving status.


(2) Pop-up Alert:

This feature instantly tells the driver as soon as his cab is booked and the cstomers’ location and details so that he can reach there in the shortest time posssible through the quickest route.


(3) Navigation and GPS:

This app is also connected with the navigation devices such as the google maps that shows the driver about the way to his destination and the driver’s destination.


(4) Fare of his ride:

This feature shows the driver the rough estimate of his ride so that he can have an idea about the fare.


(5) Earnings and Calculations:

This is nothing but a quick report about the earnings, stats and profits during the journey.


It’s Time for the Backbone:


The admin panel , indeed serves as the backbone as it is the area which helps in the smooth running of the project.


The reason why development of an admin panel is first is extremely important is that just like UBER, having an admin panel can help you have expand your business to other cities and even countries.


Not only that, it helps you keep the track recorded of all the customers’ ratings and reviews which helps you improvise on your services further.


It will also help you to keep an eye on the drivers and also lets you suggest navigation routes if needed.


Thus, choose your mobile app developer wisely that can help you design all these properties accordingly.


How UBER Works?

Most of us are already familiar with the working procedure of these apps, but sill we recapitulate it.


First of all , the customer has to download the app and then register on it. Once done with this, the user needs to enter the details of his journey and the cabs are shown accordingly with the estimated fare.


Once the user books the cab, the cab normally arrives within two to three minutes, if not the rush hours.


As soon as the cab arrives the destination, the amount charged for the journey shows up and thus once the payment is done, the session ends.


Furthermore, the passenger is often asked to give the feedback about the ride and rate the driver.

Talking about the development of the taxi apps as such, it is quite a complex process and generally consists of the following steps:

1.Acknowledging onset with the Global Positioning System:


The apps such as UBER or Ola opt for the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to locate the desired position of the passenger.


But, the twist in the tale is the the technology of the global positioning systems in both the Android and the iOS systems are different. Hence, one needs to have some knowledge and a basic understanding about it.


When UBER plunged into the market back in 2010, the GPS system wasn’t that developed but today the scenario has changed completely.


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Identifying Device Location

how much does it cost an UBER

For the iOS Phone users, it is recommended to use the Co Relocation Framework, which offers classes and protocols and it configures and plans the exact spot. The location details are sent to the server.


This also helps in understanding the geography of the place and also keep an eye on the device’s movements.


In the case of Android OS, one needs to use Google’s Location APIs. This assists in tracing the location accurately.

Offering Directions


For offering specific directions, the Apple iOS has developed MapKit that helps in detecting the point to point direction while driving the car.


In case of Android, it always uses the Google’s Location APIs.

(1) The Mapping Software


Initially , UBER used the Google Maps for tracking the location for both iOS and Android phones.


But as iBeacon technology and Bluetooth Low Energy services came into the market, iOS mapping has become quite simpler.


And you must not be fully dependent on Google Maps but also consider other mapping technology just as in the case of UBER.


But when we talk about the mobile app developers, the developing time and cost vary from developer to developer.


Well the average estimate may be around $4000 – $6000 or $30 per hour. The development time ranges around 170-200 hours.

2. The Registration Page and the User Profile Page


As we know,the registration, login or user profile is the most essential feature found any taxi booking app.


And as you might know it, this feature is available both in passenger and the driver’s app too. If a user is uses the app for the first time, he needs to fill some details.


This becomes more important with the drivers because they are verified through the details provided.


It is through the login page only that helps companies like UBER to have a database of its clients. During the initial stages, you can ask the customer to make his profile.


You need to ensure the user that all his data provided will remain confidential and shall not be shared in any circumstances.


For the driver, you may ask the photo id and scrutinize his driving license before appointing him(This is mandatory!) You may also implement the rating and feedback section to enhance the customer’s satisfaction and ask about their feedback.


For developing this feature of the app, it usually takes around 100 hours and the price may range around $3000 .

3. Accepting the Payment


We know that the entire payment integration of taxi app companies like UBER or Ola is mostly cashless. The customer has to pay through debit or credit card and through the online payment companies like PayPal or Paytm in India.

You can also generate your promo code to avail special discount offers. This is a safest mode of transaction.


In fact, when the user makes a booking he gets to know the average fare of his ride in advance, which makes it easier for him to decide about taking the ride.


Also, there is this dynamic pricing, in case the booking is overcrowded and availability of the cab is quite less.These aspects needs to be taken into consideration for payment integration . This includes the base price, cost per kilometer, and cost per or minute and the safety charges.


Apart from this it is compulsory for all the cab booking companies to follow certain regulations while accepting the payments.


This basically is related to the data security standards under which all the companies have to develop a secured storage to store and protect all the confidential data regarding the payment i.e. the card information for example should be highly protected.


The iOS users can use the Apple Pay for making the payment and the Android users have various options for the same purpose. But a tie up with some online payment company such as Paytm is recommended for better and faster experiences.


For the time taken to develop payment integration the developer may need 150 hours and the cost is about $4000.


While booking the cab, you may get a couple of notifications from the regarding the pickup point or drop-in location or also in case your ride gets cancelled.


In fact, certain companies have started implement a smart chatting based feature but does not make much sense i this types of apps so it is highly advisable not to stuff in the app with useless features as such.


A standard push notification is a must that informs about thereabouts of the driver as well as the estimated time of car arrival.


Besides that the customer also gets informed about the price surge(this is where the dynamic pricing grabs the seat) when there is shortage of drivers or cabs or during the peak hours.


Now for the iOS phone users you can use the Apple Push Notifications Service, but there is no surety about the delivery of the notification. And for the Android customers, the preferred choice is the Google Cloud Messaging.


As far as the time is concerned, it may take 45-50 hours for the push notifications and 15 hours for implementing SMS. And the cost would rane around $2000.

5. Developing the User Interface and the User Experience

You obviously want your app to be one of a kind. Therefore, you do need to pay attention towards designing an eye-catching User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX) design.


Simplicity and delicacy is the ultimate key.The user should easily understand all the information even if it is his first time.


The development may take a minimum of 150 hours for the median design, 45 hours for the UX design and 110 for the UI design. The cost would come around $4000.


How Much Profit Can One Expect


Well , we finally reach that stage for what we have been planning for since long. What would we be earning after investing so much money into the mobile app development?

Anyways, still if you want to know, then you don’t get more than $0.19 per ride. It is because majority of the earnings goes into interest, taxes, expenditure on software development.


But even then, UBER’s annual revenue stood around $6.5 billion in 2016.(This shows that you can earn in millions once you make it big)

Summing up the Final Cost:

Well, it is almost impossible to give an accurate pricing detail on the cost of developing a taxi app as it depends on a number of aspects. The most important factors include:


The correct selection of the platform for both the Android and iOS phones. You will also have to pick between hybrid and native app.

The UI or UX design.

The Back end development

Web development

Project management

Including the Security Features

QA and effective maintenance


The budget estimate is also very crucial. If you want to develop a basic taxi service app then it will cost around $12,000 to $20,000 . Lastly, it can be said that the cost varies according to the app development company that does your job.


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