How much Does it cost to make an Android App in 2017 ?

Since Android phones are largely distributed all across the market and being affordable, a larger lot of people uses Android phones these days.


Hence, this blog serves as a user guide for the Android Application Developers as in how to develop an Android App and all you need to know about it. But first, let us consider why exactly do you need an android application to promote your business?


Why exactly do we need an android App for your Business?


Well, we already are aware of the benefits of having a mobile app, but let us take a quick sneak peak of the same:


-A mobile app makes you available for customers at all times.On an average, a person spends approx 200 minutes on the phone per day.And an app gives you a chance to have interaction with the customers, without any need to swap devices.


It helps to engage customers.One of the biggest advantages of the mobile channel is that it allows to get connected to your customers and engage with them, also come up with a strong relationship with them and guide them whenever and however they need.


It adds on to your brand value:

The more customers see and hence use your app, chances of them purchasing from you are a bit higher.Imagine a person at least referring your logo multiple times a day from the two hundred minutes that he spends on the phone is simply great.


Mobile apps help provide feedbacks and discounts to customers.Your mobile app can be helpful to you in multiple ways- From providing discounts to them to come up with attractive vouchers for them.


Undoubtedly, it serves as the ultimate sales channel:

Well, the difference between an app and a website is that it surely serves as a platform for the customers to buy anything they want by not even having to move from their place.


So with all these features in mind let us have a quick glance at how what factors help add on the price of the app


Factors that increase the App Development Costs:

how much does it cost to develop an Android app by Auxano Global Services

Mobile applications are available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and various functionalities. There are numerous pieces at play, and every single one of them adds on to the cost.


The primary factors that influence the cost of development include:

  1. Business Model
  2. Functionality
  3. Platform
  4. Developer
  5. Design

Let us have a quick look at each of these elements and understand them in detail:


1. Business Model: What is it and why is it Needed?

The stepping stone to build an app starts with a basic structure that is your business plan and your business model for swapping in the money in your pocket. Hence, this model serves as the most important force in the cost deciding to build an Android Application.


So while creating your app, try asking a question to yourself:


-What do you need?

  • How are your target customers going to spend their time?
  • What factors would help you monetize the app?
  • Are you going to keep it for free?
  • Will you be selling it at a fixed price?
  • Or are in-app purchases are going to be your source of income?
  • If yes, will your app be used for advertising your own products or would you be taking support from 3rd party ads as a monetization method?
  • Does your audience care enough about cutting the edge visual design or practical functionality would bother them more?
  • Do you want your users to have a unique experience or bundles of information?

Each of these factors (and plenty of others) will determine what your app needs to come up with and thus, enhance the amount you need to invest for accessing the platform, functionality, design, and also the android application  development.


For example, it would be easier to come up with an app which is sold at a fixed, price. On the other hand, in-app purchases, take up longer to implement and hence are much more expensive.And you can also get a full blown E-Commerce if you are willing to pay more.


The most important factors for generating money would be deciding the fact that what would you be needing to decide the cost of the app and how much would money would that generate.


2. Platform:

This topic does have any point of discussion here as we are launching an App for Android platform.


3.Types of Apps and Functionality:

So it’s high time we get into the building of the App. The biggest cost deciding factor would be the type of app you are trying to build and ts’ technicalities.


Well the nature of Apps is dynamic, and practically, there is no limit in deciding what type of app are you gonna come up with, For simplification, let us consider the following four categories:


  1. Dynamic
  2. Games
  3. Table\List
  4. Database
  5. Developer

So How Much Does It All Cost?

The primary factors that influence the cost of development

It’s not that easy to cop up with any plan and get it executed without any perfection because eventually that plan has been funded by nearly $50,000 worth of money.


Hence, plan without precision would surely lead to a bad execution. This shows the importance of hiring a good team for a good development around the corner.


With these points to be considered in mind, we are done with the basic ideas behind how and what leads to a successful generation of an Android app along with qualitative time management and also an effective monetary planning.


We, at Auxano global services, aspire to generate the best app for you only after considering all these points and laying a strict check on the quality of the work and we also ensure happy and contented smiles on our customers; faces.


But the next point after the planning and building up the app is the testing work. Once the app is made and ready to be used, the next important step is to have customers’ ratings and reviews and look out for various suggestions and work on it accordingly.


According to a survey, we, at Auxano global services spends nearly 30% of its generated income on the testing phase. This is one of the most important reasons for getting a great customer satisfaction with all our designed apps till date and having good ratings and reviews throughout


A great way to make sure your app is on the right track is to get external feedback through usability testing. Loads of tools are actually available to build a working prototype; the best can stitch together screens and actions using the same transitions (in/out slides, flips and so on) and user gestures (swipes, pinches, taps, etc.) as the real thing.


Additional testing can also be done through focus groups, crowd sourcing, even though family and/or friends who fit your demographic. The important thing is, do not be scared to go back and adjust your prototype as often as needed.


Again, it makes no sense to actually code the app until you’re sure it meets your users’ preferences, as well as their needs.Just as with the design phase, the success of coding relies on quality people.


While mock ups are important, it takes pros to turn your prototype into a real, functional Apps. The experienced software engineers can keep delays and bugs to the minimum, while simultaneously making sure your App is optimized and scales in the long run.


How do we work?

how much does it cost to develop an Android app - Auxano Global Services

Talking about the budget distribution and the times consumed for various activities, our working mechanism looks something like this:


– We spend 50% of our time and resources in designing, developing and its byproducts.


– We spend around 30% of our resources in the testing phase


-Whereas, we spend around 10% for the graphics purpose


– And the remaining 10% for the support purposes.


This is how an app is planned and bullied here at Auxano Global Services within the shortest time possible with all the features in the assured quality.


Hence, we have reached the concluding phase where we are aware of the basic details on how to develop as an Android app.


So, what are we waiting for then? Just come up with your breakthrough ideas and our team at Auxano Global Services would help you shape it according to your dreams and execute the prototype with perfection.


Hence, the end product that you will get indeed would serve up to be the best and as desirable as you wanted it to be.So with the budget in hand and a great planning in mind, all we have to do is come up to us and leave the rest to us.


About Auxano Global Services:

Why should you hire us?

-Our team has an expertise in developing the apps for both the Android as well as the iOS systems.


-We assure our clients with the money back guarantee policy. And the fact remains that none of our customers till date have had any complaints about the final product that gets delivered to them.


Our stiff development expertise is meant to steep the business of our customers. We stretch ourselves to overcome the hurdles faced by our clients with feature-rich solutions.


Our belief in quality and timely delivery set us apart from others in the market. Just scribble your requirements at  or call us at +1-209-348-9807 and in no time our representative will be in touch with you.


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