How Much Does it Cost to Make An App in 2018

How Much Does it Cost to Make An App in 2018?


More than 65 percent of digital media time has been occupied by the mobile devices – states comScore. $90 billions of revenue – a pretty huge amount yield by the mobile apps across the globe. The statistics clearly defines the huge realm of mobile apps. Every sector, each of the industries. Needs digital platform which we call mobile applications.


We’re in the cramped extent of mobile apps right now. The future holds a galore scope for the smart applications.


Consider internet of things or let’s have augmented reality. It won’t let us be free without digital media, say mobile apps. Not because we’re obsessed but we require them at anyway!


Well, with an advent of mobile apps era, would like to discuss more on this.


Let’s have a quick discussion on How much does it cost to develop a mobile app in 2020?



Worldwide mobile app revenue


Source :


Well, with the altering scenario of industries, business, and requirements, there can be as many as effects in the information and technology services. Mobile app development in 2018 has great impact and factors to consider.


Seeing the current times, We have many imperatives to discuss for mobile applications. As we know, Android & iOS – the two major platforms.



In which, You may need to develop the mobile app in below categories:


Native mobile apps:


Native mobile apps are called for the industries or business. Specifically made for the custom features. Expensive but faster and the most reliable mobile apps. The mobile apps are written in the same programming language as the operating system have.

They are expensive to other mobile apps but offering the high-level performance. And the end users are more familiar with.



Cross Platform mobile apps:


Cross-platform mobile apps are the combination of native app features along with the web technologies. These apps are available in the app stores. The cross-platform mobile apps are for the specific target audiences. Where an app pitches for the multiple platforms.

The cross platforms mobile apps does not have any boundaries with the programming language or operating system.



Progressive apps:


A newly launched technology by Google. As it’s currently been limited to the Android platforms. An app gets access to the web browser. So that can give the look and feel of the native app. But do avoid the cons associated with the native. Progressive apps are the latest technology for the Android phones.


These apps are too useful and performing valuable performance over the flaws of native.  



Hybrid Apps:


Hybrid apps are the combination of best parts of native and web apps. They use HTML5 scripts and javascript to redefine the app experience. And make the app that performs well. In other words, Hybrid apps are the best for the large enterprises. In fact, to enhance their user’s convenience over the platforms, hybrid apps perform well.



As per the mobile app development companies in India and across the globe, the mobile app development costs vary. Especially, App development types, custom software and more.



As a customer, need to think and analyze the imperative factors regarding the business you want to make an app. A mobile application can have as many as factors your business does. Well, in general, depends on the mobile app developers you choose.




For an instance, there are more than one resources to which you can land up your choice for developing a mobile app…






Source :


  • Offshore mobile app development services providers


These are the virtual teams delivering the high quality work. As in mobile app development. These offshore mobile app development services are provided by the teams working from the remote location and continuously providing the mobile app development tasks as per required.


However, these teams are the ones which cannot trust or rely on. Because the people working for your stuff are never gonna meet you in person or you may not be able to sign a contract with them.


In short, we can not expect to have the work completed in terms of perfectly developed mobile apps. Because they are the remote teams and not forming any reliable team of mobile app developers.



  • Freelancers


Freelancers are the single profiles for mobile app development category. So, we need to cope with them in person while they develop our mobile apps. And they are the most expensive. Again, with not the satisfactory approach. Why?


Because they probably will not have required mobile devices. To test the mobile app. Again, not responsible if they get our work to hang on. And they are lagging behind the deadlines, of course.


Moreover, any of the freelancers are not in association with the project managers or quality testing. So, of course, it becomes chaotic when you expect your mobile app development on a perfect map.


Freelancers would cost on an hourly basis in general. It may vary between $25/hour to $40/hour in 2018!



  • Mobile app development companies


Mobile app development companies are physically established somewhere with the proper management and software development life cycles.


The companies would have a proper vision to form a team, well-equipped with the devices, software requirements and all of the resources that are needed to develop a mobile app.



Consider a virtual office working on your project with all the required documents signed off. And yes, these companies are having the defined set of mobile app development services in a specified domain. So they have the predefined set of developers. And working constantly to fulfill the app functionalities. Moreover, communicating with the clients regularly.



So one can achieve the mobile app development at the affordable pricing. However, it is required to have the best mobile app development company. One should never deal with the first company they meet. Clients should be selective.



The companies having technical co-founder are the best in nature. A complete set of project managers, mobile app developers, and business management people would define a perfect picture.


  • Mobile app development company would cost around $25k to $1,00,000 in 2018!

Mobile app development company would have categories of app development  such as:



Worldwide mobile app revenue





  •    Simple Mobile App

Starting cost: $10,000 varies upon mobile app features such as email login, geolocation and more.


  •    Database / API

Starting cost: $10,000 varies as per the integrations included to $45,000


  •    Enterprise App

More than $45,000 can goes upto $1,50,000


  •    Game Application

As the game application would have change requests and a lot more features to get concerned with. So the budget gets a bit bigger. Though starting cost is good to go with $5000 and varies up to $2,50,000



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