How to conduct Proper ASO? : App Store Optimization Quick Tips

How to Conduct Proper ASO? : App Store Optimization Quick Tips!

Are you a client of top app development company? Conducting the regular conversations/ sessions with their developers? And ever faced the hectic situation between you and the developers?



Well, maybe you have faced or maybe not! But the thing that matters is, mobile app development is not the task of playing with cards. It takes a lot to engraving one’s thoughts into the lines of codes and implementations. But yet, your mobile app is not worth to you.



Yes, even after successful completion of the mobile app. Why? Because until and unless you don’t get ranked with the Google or say play store or app store.



It’s a fact that every new thing in the market needs marketing. And if it’s an app, this will require App Store Optimization to be up to the mark – that is Mobile App Marketing.



Because without getting popped out when the user first time searches out, How you will consider the mobile app to be used by millions of people. As simple as that.



So as a client, what do you need to understand is When a mobile app development goes for the successful completion? It goes when the ASO wins the search. And not just the development phase is enough to have your app to be developed completely.



The steps | quick tips | essential Keys – A Perfect App Store Optimization




  • Mobile App Development Completed – the Launch Date



From the day first, you should consider keeping the app name that is not too similar to the existing ones. So whenever your users type your app name, the already existing one’s app doesn’t come up!


Because It is important to know, What Google/app or play store Search Engine thinks?



The algorithm goes for the searching the term that matches with the one you have hit on the search bar. What happens next? The search engine cannot come up with your app.



Why? Because it does not know that your app is existing. It understands like you have misspelled. So in order to make things correct, it comes up with the already optimized result. That is the older similar named apps.



And that’s when your App goes for the toss!



  • Your App Description at App Stores!



The app store optimization stands for the perfect keywords research and analysis. The search engine of the browser or may be of the app store works on the keywords on which the search results comes up.


Keywords mean What users enter at the time of Searching!


And that keywords must be in Your App Description. If your app description is having enough keywords then the app is more likely to come up with the search results.



For an instance, Your app is introducing the selfie Filters concept.


Your app description should be consisting of the keywords that include “Selfie”, “filters”, “Capture”, “Photo”, “Photo editing App”, “Selfie App” and more.



There can be the certain number of keywords research on the subject you have chosen for the app and app name. According to the app purpose, you should include such keywords.



Because writing up the normal content does not make your app description“Smart”. You should be reflecting the ASO oriented content at your app description page.  




  • Start with “Live Link” – Blue-collar at the Beginning



Making an app with the leading app development company, you should not consider yourself being automatically reached the peak of the success. Because it is just the beginning. How can your brand grow up without knowing people it is existing?


Understand the importance of mouth to mouth publicity along with the search engine thinking – the more your app gets to access the more it becomes familiar with the search results. As simple as that.



Firstly, increase the audience yourself. It will follow a huge success by itself.


Do you remember? How did you hear about Facebook? What made you be on?


It was the mouth to mouth publicity just. That makes you impressed with the app features described by your friend. This is the first thing.



Second thing, as a result, you will get the search engine familiarity. They will get to know your app by more number of hits on the downloads. And that will create a massive impression on the search results.



Start spreading the live links. Make the number of users to be redirected on. Make the downloads happen. More and more.




  • Include compelling Screenshots & Videos



This is the second step. Here a user comes when they are convinced to download. But yet there are chances to hit back!


Save your app here! Put the screenshots that allure the eyeballs. The screenshots should make the users feel an urge to download. This is the most sensitive point. Where the users feel extremely close to tapping the download button. Because a chance is never given for the second time. So you must have to “Seize it”.



Concluding note:


We, as a leading mobile app development company, ensure the best mobile app promoting strategies. That works, Really! You should consider developing the mobile apps from the app developers that understand a whole app development process with the best efforts and reasons behind it. This will be considered as the perfect branding for your business and app as well.


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