How to convince your boss to invest in AR and VR

How to convince your boss to invest in AR and VR ?

Well, these days, the meta bloggers come up with different questions in mind ranging from everything- from the simpler ones to extremely difficult ones that cannot be avoided.


We keep on getting various questions ranging from how to make it big in the Augmented Reality Industry to what matters the most for AR and Virtual Reality app development company.


Also, the fact that bothers most of the AR app developers these days is that how to convince their boss to invest more for the development of this area. So, look no further as we have come up with a perfect solution to this.


This article gives you an insight into the Ar and VR development industries and what are the perfect ways to convince your boss regarding the same. To simplify your task, we have come up with all the counterparts to forfeit your boss’s queries with the satisfying bunch of answers.


(1) Query: AR and VR are not viable!

Counter query: The ultimate goal of AR and VR is to win the final race slowly yet steadily
(hint: Follow the investments and the trail of acquisitions)


Also known as “The first Renaissance of VR”, the beginning of the VR industry started somewhere around the early nineties. However, the technology got overshadowed by a more popular technology evolving during those days, more commonly known as “the Internet.”


Annual virtual reality sales


To understand the situation, let us head back to the previous decade, could we imagine the use of mobile phones just as the way we have been using them today? Of course not, it felt like an impossible task to be achieved.


But, we managed successfully and the results have been amazing, haven’t they? Similarly, the Augmented Reality app development company and the Virtual Reality app development company are moving in the same direction, ultimately conquering great heights in a short span of time.


Hence, the best possible way to win your boss’s heart over this argument is using the following line that strikes directly through his head:


 If you can dream it, AR and VR can make it; because one should understand that they are not here to replace the real life but modify it. Hence, make them a part of your progress, not the progress itself; and see where it can lead you to” A quick glance at the latest survey shows it all



Have a look at the scenario today, and we can see that the display technologies( such as the LED and OLED) have come up as quite a replacement for the LCD, and the computing and the processing of graphics has grown exponentially to the point wherein the best video cards graphics are rendered photorealistically- eventually hinting to the Second Renaissance ( Also known as the rise and fall and rise of the AV-Augmented Virtuality). Despite all these advancements, it might be still an early phase for the AR and VR.


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Despite the advancements that we have been going through, turns out that it is still early development days for AR and VR:


Illustration courtesy of product design legends Luke Wroblewski and Tom Chi.

On the other hand, if have a quick glance at the various reports having investments into the industry along with their projections, you ( that is your boss ) will quickly understand the importance of developing your own headsets and software through the acquisitions and R&D, just the way Apple, Facebook, and Google have all been building their own headsets.


Query: what about the Return on Investment from AR and VR?

Counter query: Approximately 53% of the mediocre companies are having their own VR or AR pilot projects.(Hence, it no longer is just for the enterprise).


As surprising as you might find it to be( all thanks to the recent Deloitte survey conducted from July 14 to July 24th, 2017), it is of no surprise that the executives along with the companies that they are a part of our full proofing themselves at a great moving pace; given the fact that the top AR app developers and the top VR app developers are leading to evolution in their respective industries.

top vr and ar app development company


Thus, innovation certainly has become the pre-requisite factor to have yourself a name in this industry and prove your survival in this industry.

Even after having a thorough analysis of the Deloitte report and the points highlighted in this article so far, the chances are such that your boss might not be fully convinced and hence don’t the investments in the AR and VR headsets.


(Well, we don’t completely blame your boss either) Various high powered AR and VR headsets, such as the Meta 2 Development Kit, on an average, range between $800 to $1500. Well, assuming that you have plenty of money lying around your pockets, pricier headsets are lying somewhere around $3000-$5000.

But, who knows the reality, as we are heading towards the end of the year, chances are such that you might not have had run out of the budget and some of it is still left. In this case, all you have to do is to get it in your boss’s mind to invest it on a headset or to create an app or the relevant tool for your company’s business.


Another way to get this on board is that rather than investing on the end product directly, invest on the team of next-gen thinkers that has its curiosity on peak and can make this technology reach the next level of success.


A weekly meeting with your boss regarding the same and the progress and the updates they have been making and showcase him the same.


Not only would this be helpful in coming up with your own portfolio and skills, also you will quickly establish some of the serious street credentials and hence impress your boss by showing how AR and VR can be helpful in their new ventures and generate newer opportunities thus train the crowd more efficiently.


Query: ” AR and VR might be useful to us right now, but not important to develop at this phase of time”

Counter-Query: People are gradually understanding its importance for the efficiency of the employee and also the streamlined processes.


Top ar and vr app development companies


Various surveys from 2003 to 2013 have shown that 3D instructions make the task easier to understand and also prove to be more attractive when compared to the 2D paper instructions.


Hence, it can be said that the 3D has a better impact, thus higher efficiency. Also, according to the recent surveys, AR has constantly been proving itself as a guide for quicker completion of tasks.


Also, the recent survey carried on by Deloitte says that the mixed reality technologies prove out to be useful particularly for learning of the employees and the tasks related to various operations.


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Well, stats as such always lay a great impact on your boss’s mindset and help him convince for the same. Fair enough, still if it fails for the same then here comes the ultimate solution-
As discussed, the 3D models never fail to impress the general lot rather than the boring 2D objects and data.


So, use the same on your boss and render out your beautiful ideas into a good frame. Come up with an interesting concept so that he eventually realizes that if just a tint of AR and VR concepts can lead to such a unique presentation then how about investing more on them and its benefits to the company in the years to come.


These are some of the queries that we feel might hinder you in the progress of making your company as the mobile application development company in India, because believe it or not, these days being the best in every technology has become the need of the hour and hence incorporating them in your company’s curriculum would surely lead on to the development of the company.


To quote it in better words, incorporating various AR and VR technologies catalyzes the process of making your business a successful venture in this industry in the coming future.


Also, as your boss says it, the AR and the VR development technologies might be the coming future but one simply cannot deny the fact that they are yet in the development phase only.


And various other companies have just started considering moving to these factors, but their movement is not shown dramatically. Well, this might be looking at a drawback for you but it turns out to be a great advantage for your company’s survival in this industry.


Because of the fiercer the competition, the more difficult it might be to emerge out as the best one for you. But, on the other hand, if during this developing phase only you make yourself a name in here, then you would be proven as the ultimate winners and conquerors of this industry and hence no one would ever be able to break your image of being the best until the time you continue being one of the best.


This surely would provoke your boss to give it a thought and hence invest some of his money on the Augmented Reality and the Virtual Reality applications.


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