are you a start-up planning to develop your app

How to Start Planning to Develop Your App?


Whether you are a start-up indulged in a certain business, or an entrepreneur aiming high to get into a business, do not just blindly follow the race and get your application or website developed.



Get all your queries and doubts updated with justifying answers and then move ahead towards the mobile application development stage. We keep on receiving a lot of queries from various entrepreneurs and startups regarding the same.



So, as a solution to this, we have come up with answers to all your questions and a few extra which we feel are necessary for you to know. In case, you do not find your question here, feel free to drop us a query and our experts will get back to you in no time.



How can I protect my application’s basic idea?


So now you have one great piece of the idea for your app, how would have the surity that no one else touches your app and actually launches it before you do?


Hence, this is where the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) comes into action.hence, normally when any start-up comes to us for the development for their application, the first thing that they demand is an NDA and also the fact that whether Auxano Global Services would sign the non-disclosure agreement or not.


We surely understand your request here but also before moving ahead with it, any agency or developer would need to have some basic information before actually signing the NDA.



Instead of saving yourself with meaningful app discussions, which can be of great help for your app, postpone the demand of having an NDA first and start sharing your ideas with us, that is all the non-proprietary information about your application.


This information includes various ideas about the main agenda behind the development of your app, targetting your competitors, your budget range, you desirable platform etc.



Having even a brief discussion on this can help us take a step further in planning out various details regarding the further developments of your app.


Which App Launching Platform should be targetted first?


If you are the one with the consumer-facing start-up, in that case, you may want to go with iOS first. The reason being that iOS users tend to understand the key demographics that are needed for venturing into the early stage development.



Also, if the data reports are to be considered, the iOS users engage more and more and spend more on the app. Not only that, the iOS apps also happen to earn more revenue when compared to the Android apps.



While Android seems to be a perfect choice or the apps with the audience that predominantly use the Android devices. It also is a way to move ahead if you want a feature which is not supported by iOS.



For more details on which platform should you be targetting, refer our article on Android Vs iOS-What platform to choose first?


What amount would I be spending on my App development?


What amount would I be spending on my App development?


To calculate your app cost, the application features and the platforms that are being targetted have a great influence on the cost of the app.Well, for the start-ups with bigger ideas, it is not at all difficult for them to touch the six digits amount.


After having a brief analysis of all our requirements and hence determine the app’s cost accordingly, come up with the following article to have more details about the app: How much does it cost to develop an app? The ultimate user’s guide!


The cost of your app is also influenced by the list that you have come up with to build your app. The big, well-established multinational companies might charge you around $500,000 to $1,000,000.


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Whereas the freelancers or the smaller app shops might come up with lesser charges, that is considering it somewhere around $25,000. Companies like Auxano Global Services might range somewhere between these two.


What time would my app take to get ready?

How can I maintain the success rate of my app?


As discussed in one of our previous articles, a good quality app usually take around 4-6 months for its development, but, as there are shortcuts to everything, there are various methods that can help you develop your app at a faster rate.


The application development includes various stages such as the strategic planning, quality maintenance throughout, UI/UX designs, development time and also the app store submissions.


All these stages are equally important as it makes sure that your app does not miss any element that refrains from calling it a good app.


Also, the efficiency and the proficiency of your app determines the time that it would take for developing an app.And this is why spending more money on a well-experienced team rather than hiring a smaller inexperienced team can save your money and value your time in the longer run.


Hence, never, I repeat, never go for the cheapest team to save a handful of money initially and get ruined by the delayed performances or the poor app quality.


How would your app help you earn more money?

As we know, the early stage ventures are capitalistic. One may need to have your v1.0 app out of the door. Also, make sure that you are all prepped up before targetting the investors.


Thus, your elevator pitch must be all set. But what exactly an elevator pitch is? It is more like a short description about the purpose of your app. Thus, include various details such as your logo, your email address and also an app landing page as well.


Also, another way of attracting more investors is you adding some money to your projects.Doing this shows your level of dedication towards your dream project and thus convinces the investors that you are staking a lot of your funds and position too apart from your hard-work, hence, this project surely means a lot to you and can help you gain more attention.


How can I maintain the success rate of my app?


sucess to get it


Developing an app is a complicated process.Even after all the external factors such as hiring an app team or getting the external investors involved, it is quite simple to hinder the progress of your own app.


A common mistake that we notice among the start-ups is the fact that they forget an app is much more than an app! It is actually a business and more importantly their own dream app.


Hence, to cater the needs of a successful venture, it needs to have a holistic approach which also analyses the fact that seems contended with marketing, customer experience and also various analytics.


One more important way to set up your app for the failures is to be too removed from the user’s category.The founders can become too obsessed with certain features which are not relevant for the normal interacting set of users.


This can result in the fund blindness and eventually, the app gets on a huge failure.


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How often should I keep updating my app?

The work never ends once the app launches. Rather, on the walking front, the workload increases even more as you need to keep attracting the customers and gain more and more attention.


And a major way of keeping up the excitement alive is coming up with regular bug fixes and future release updates. These updates help address user concerns and feedbacks, as well as provide new unique features not included in your initial v1.0 launch.


Also, have timed update launches with major OS releases. Hence, have a proper plan for your app launch updates, rather keep the hype alive, the first four to five updates should be planned even before your app launches.


From the Editor’s column:

The attention leads to answering the questions can lead on to your app’s success in the app stores.


You surely would be going through a lot of encounters once your app launches, but having a brief idea about the initial ones gives you the confidence to swipe them off from your path of achieving success.


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