How to use Emerging technology to amplify your marketing strategy

How to Use Emerging Technology to Amplify Your Marketing Strategy

The rate at which marketing tactics are changing is meteoric. 76% of people think that marketing has evolved more in the past few years and the results driven by it are ecstatic.


Because of its evolving nature, it is essential to keep up to date with the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition. Implementing trending technology will not only help the business staying ahead of your competitors but will also grab everyone’s attention in the industry.


The days are gone when marketing was done by traditional methods. Now everything you do can be a marketing method from posting on social media to messaging can be a means of marketing.


It doesn’t end here, now more than ever marketing is feeling the brunt of emerging technologies and as new technologies show up, marketers need to keep up their tactics.


Let’s deep dive into the technical marketing affairs


Augmented Reality – Imaginary Can Become the Reality


Augmented Reality - Imaginary can become the Reality


Augmented Reality is winning being on top of every marketer’s head today. The potential of this wondrous technology in engaging the users is continuously rising and since it is introduced with the comfort of the smartphone, it became a frictionless approach.


This technology can perform the best in alluring the customers. Let’s take an example – If an eCommerce store will introduce Augmented Reality in its app people will gonna love it as the hindrance of shopping online will become a thing of past.


If you are getting a real-life feel why will you not purchase online? Right!!!


Do you know according to Statista Augmented Reality will have the revenue of $110 billion in devices and $68 billion as services?


I know it’s surprising, but it’s the future, my friends.


Seeing the rising demand for Augmented Reality in the market, it’s nearly impossible to deny its importance.


Let’s discuss what applications it can have in the marketing.


Magnifying the User Experience


Business is all about serving the customers. Augmented Reality can provide the best and unique shopping experience to customers. Put products in the user’s hand before buying. Confused!!! Nothing is powerful as product visualization in Augmented Reality. IKEA perfectly mixed AR into their marketing strategy in a way that solves the real problem. By this, you can understand how a piece of furniture, in the exact proportions and even how will they look in your house.





Storytelling is the lifeline of marketers. It’s a story that lures, converts and delights a user. With AR your stories can become the reality with virtual objects and imagine what impact it will leave on the customers. In this way, we leave less to the audience imagination and bring clarity to the story. Hence the story based communications increase productivity when copulated with augmented reality.



These are some most basic applications and Augmented Reality does not restrict here only. It has a huge number of applications and it’s the most powerful tech that can drive the marketing on a whole new level.


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The practical use case where augmented reality adds significant value to the experience. With AR, you can transform the current visualstate of a space.


Not only this you can build Augmented reality functionality into websites, banner ads, Facebook messenger bots, social networks, cars, bus stops etc.


Augmented Reality will also help agencies and marketers by providing unique experiences for buyers in brick and mortar shops by bringing virtual elements. You can create virtual tours in the store, it will add fun element while also providing information about products and services.


Today industries across the globe are applying AR. Such as wearable AR devices can help workers of the factory in superimposing production assembly or service instructions can be used in industries like construction and manufacturing.


It can also make the manufacturing process visualized through the camera and phone while walking through the plant. Not only this, many industries are helping their customers locate their stores from their location using an AR-based app.


Now is the time to build an Augmented reality marketing strategy.


Blockchain – Earlier From Securing Transactions to Now Winning User’s Hearts


Blockchain - Earlier From securing transactions to Now Winning user's hearts


If you still think blockchain technology is restrained to the world of cryptocurrencies, think again.


The blockchain is predicted to reach $7.74 billion of the market in upcoming 6 years and may flip the business world, on its head. Are you ready for it?


If not then get ready as soon as possible.


The blockchain technology used as a decentralized ledger that keeps the record of all the transaction has already found the road of marketing. It’s being used now to guard cross-promotional contracts between influencers. bloggers and platforms like Youtube and Instagram.


Blockchain Technology holds the power of transforming the way we deploy, consume and understand marketing campaigns. It will enhance the way marketers use the storytelling by making it documentarian.


Blockchain will also help in building trust with the customers. Let’s consider an example, Assume that you buy a coffee and it comes with an option where you can scan the coffee at the top using your phone and can see the entire supply chain of the coffee beans. It will make the customer believe that the seller is very authentic.


Other than this Blockchain covered almost every industry of the market. In healthcare, it offers outstanding possibilities for maintaining medical records and in performing the complex transaction. By implementing this it can predict user’s health graph and also can conclude about the diseases better than ever.


Smart contracts also spurred a new organizational model in which it will eliminate the need of middleman in the law enforcement. In the legal industry, it can improve contract performance, land registry, maintain public records and that will leverage the customers. As till date, we all think the legal industry takes time and it’s a hectic process, this technology will make the legal procedures easy for the users.


Blockchain also can help the companies to be transparent about their values and business practices. But still, blockchain’s boundaries are undefined and it can reach beyond infinity.


Internet of Things (IoT) – Everything is Connected


Internet of Things (IoT) - Everything is connected


Well explained by Edewede Oriwoh that “Internet of Things is not a concept, it is a network, the term technology-enabled network of all the networks.”


With the evolution of IoT, a whole new universe has been created, a connected universe full of marketing opportunities. The IoT also enables multiway communication between consumer and brand, brand and the object etc.


Perfectly said by Jacob Morgan, “ If it has on and off switch then chances are it can be part of IoT.”


According to a study, 51 percent of the world’s top global marketers expect IoT will revolutionize the marketing landscape by 2020.


IoT is proving that it has the capacity that can completely transform the way of doing marketing. The manner in which marketers would use IoT technology will be as follows:


* Consumers can interact with the devices

* Analysing customer buying behavior across platforms will become easier.

* Targeted ads, Real-time interaction with the help of IoT.

* Better insight to the buying journey of the customers can be tracked.

* Customer service will become super fast and efficient.


Better results in listing and engagement are just a start. Excellent end-to-end customer experience is also an advantage we are gaining from IoT.


Let’s consider and an example how can IoT change the marketing tactics – I know many of you guys look for a parking spot around your favorite malls and it is often a task to get that but how easy it would become for the user if you implement a small scale and cost-effective way to the users to see an available parking spot within their favorite apps.


Small packaging solution can also be implemented? A new way of delivering goods and implementing 3D printing using IoT? All these opportunities shouldn’t be overlooked.


IoT presents enormous opportunities for real-time engagement and customer service. It’s time to approach marketing in a new way.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning


How many of you still wonder that how Google searches everything you ask? How it converts your spelling mistakes, wrong sentences, and spoken words into correct queries and come out with the relevant results that you were investigating for?


Google uses Machine learning technology for it.


From digital assistants to image recognition technique software for self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning already transforming the technological scenery.


Higher expectations, more personalized marketing shots. AI will help marketers in realizing fully personalization and relevance at scale. From this soon we will be able to customize the ad campaigns to consumer intent.


let’s take the live examples of AI that are changing the market curve.




Everyone loves Siri/Google Assistant/Alexa because you can command them. Right!!! It’s one of the best examples of AI and its role in marketing.


Consumers start feeling comfortable with the interaction with these digital assistants. You can introduce these chatbots in the healthcare applications and in the education industry to get more user response.


Ad Targeting


AI is helping marketers in targeting the ads where the relevant customers are. With the help of this technology you can track consumer’s activities, interests and according to their behavior analysis, you can moderate your ad campaigns.


Email Personalization


With AI marketers will be able to do a better job by email personalization and more. AI can analyze a user’s response and can revert back with the same care and in a more alluring way.


Speech Recognition


Now AI enabled bots can recognize and understand your voice and can talk to you in a normal way a human does. In Google, I/O 2018 this feature got introduced and implemented in the smartphones.


It will improve your day to day life because this tech will organize things for you. From your salon appointment to booking a venue for dinner you just have to say your Google Assistant what you want and the rest will be taken care of.


Isn’t it amazing? Speech recognition is also used in applications like Google search, GPS maps etc.


It is the right time to distinguish the problems that your marketing campaign or business is facing and how critical insights can solve these issues. Collecting all the data scattered across various applications into one place will help you to acquire specific insights. Whether it’s about maintaining the dynamic price optimization or automated selection of ad copy based on the consumer activities and behavior analysis, AI has the power to do it all.


Bottom Line


My intent is not just saying that add these technologies in your tactics and you will see the miracle. It’s not just about combining technologies into your marketing blend you also need to revise your creative plans and include the best fit technologies that can bring you closer to your customers.


These technologies including others like virtual reality, automation etc. have the power of transforming the marketing strategies for the better. The digital marketing is an ever-expanding industry and new technologies can bring experiment marketing that can increase awareness, engagement and conversion rate.

Steve E Jimenez is very enthusiastic about modern technology and shares the wondrous thoughts keeping facts and figures in mind. He prefers to explore the cutting edge tech stuff. He is an early adopter and would like to stay up-to-date concerning advanced trends in the Industry.

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