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How to write a Solid Elevator Pitch for Your Mobile Application?

An Elevator Pitch – mobile applications are the objects/ things or entities that directly relates to the business. A thing that represents business, an app that creates a business. An elevator pitch stands for the mobile app representing the business and we just want to make users educated about it.


Whether the users, sponsors or target audience you are pitching to, the idea of your business can be directly thrown into their minds and you can definitely expect an outcome. For that, elevator pitch works the most. Creating an impactful elevator pitch means making the users listen to your idea of the mobile app.



For the mobile app development companies working on mobile app development services, preparing an elevator pitch is essential for them. A pitch that converts users into prospects and listeners into direct users.



Well, to craft an elevator pitch takes a lot more efforts coupled with some effective points that make companies earn bucks. Here is what we have learned and observed through the mobile app development years of experience. We will go through some of the solid factors that makes a perfect elevator pitch for a mobile app developed.



To crave the idea, we need latest tools and technologies for developing a mobile app. And to demonstrate it, a pitch that epitomizes it in front of the target audience.



What Your Mobile App is All About? Clear to the point! No Jargons!

Being a mobile app developer, you know what do you do? And also, you are pretty much sure about the post results of an app, too. It is highly recommended to have the clear conception of the mobile app you are building up. If the user does not know the real usage and is not knowing the pre and post effects, how can we expect to get the results?



A mobile app is, of course, build a business or built to make the business that matters to users as entertainment or a useful intact for their life. Simply put, you need to clarify the purpose of the app there. And making it more concise with a simple language of words in the most compelling manner.



Because of people like what they love. If you are successful at the very first pitch of your mobile app, the user base is all yours. Using no jargons would be the perfect match. Users or readers or listeners never would like to fall into the complexities. They need a compelling presentation that directly leads them to their benefits. That it is!



Show the Benefits

You want to make an elevator pitch means you want your customers to be in your view, your app and stick to the content you have made. Showing the benefits means to relate a particular user to the benefits he would be getting from the app itself. Showing the benefits using in a pitch to make it an elevated. Because the users want to see the things that will directly be making difference to their life.


Make it Visualized

The users should be able to visualize the content, the upcoming times of them using an app with the pitch you deliver. Things become more powerful and confident with the visualization and 5X better than the words just. So visualization makes the perfect pitch for any mobile and to any mobile app development company.


One should use effective words to treat the users with visualizing the picture. Your words should be evoking the pictures and helps with the idea. Engaging the mobile app with the user’s life is an important factor for the users. For an instance, Giving them an illustration of a life before Whatsapp or without chat apps.


Complete Testing with an exclusive approach!

You need to show it off to the real users. We can not sit back and relax with a successful pitch just. We need to engrave. A deep down craving should be in the hands of presentation. Need to show the users completely how the app is gonna operate and successful happy results!


Concluding note:

So making of elevator pitch must be including all the aspects of a mobile app. All should be with the positive approach. The content (maybe visual, pictures or text) should be throwing the information that matters the most to the listeners and it should not be going in the wrong way! But that perfect laser focussed picture should be there with the elevator pitch you make!

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