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Hypno Eye: The Ball-shaped Camera for 360 Degree Photography


The ball-shaped camera is not something that we have never heard of. Such diversified ball-shaped cameras first came up with Panono, that was a green colored ball made of rubber that shoots 360-degree photos.


The wave of evolution has hit this area as well, and recently, into the market, came Hypno Eye, the high-end ball-shaped camera which lets you capture 360-degree images and videos.


Hypno Eye, a camera that is comparatively lighter in weight, can be easily carried out in your pocket, costs you a whopping $1400, but gives you a shooting experience like never before.


This camera lets you capture 4K videos proving out to be a tough competitor to the Frankenstein GoPro rings.This feature of it surely makes it worth the price you pay for, capturing 4K shots at this price is next to impossible.


Lets you capture the picture-perfect selfies

With its high-professional grade camera skills, and the image output worth waiting for, it can now let you capture crystal-clear selfies as well. You can have the selfies clicked with the widest angles which are not possible with any smartphone camera as of now.All of this gets possible when you attach the camera to a selfie stick.


However, do not think of this device as a mere device for capturing selfie images, well then you are in a wrong place. This camera proves out to be a sure-shot device to capture images as in outdoor shooting.


The makers of Hypno Eye have developed the device in such a way that it turns out to be a blessing for the professional outdoor photographers or photo aspirants.


High-end quality of image


Just by merely fixing the camera at a position, or randomly throwing it up in the air, you can come up with the unmatchable quality of an image. Not only this, if you are the one who is up for capturing the circling effects on the images that you have been capturing?


You surely can it, however, there are slight chances of you blurring the images a bit. But, if your inner spirit still wants you to capture that images, then Hypno Eye is surely the one you might wish to look at.


It also comes up with an app on the go!

Now you can have an access to all the images that you capture with the help of the mobile app developed for the same purpose.The Panono app, whose main strength is to ease out your problems, lets you capture images without having a tinge of self-consciousness.


For the app allows you to capture the images with the help of the phone only, making the entire process quite a single one.This app has been exclusively designed and developed for both the platforms- Android and iOS as well.


Not only this, with the help of the app you can also switch out the camera shots that have been captured with the help of the 36 lenses that are attached to the ball-shaped camera.


Also, easy processing of the images using the app makes it a highly recommendable one. Rather than hunting out for specialized software, all you have to do is simply upload the photos to the server and done. The entire process of switching out the shots is done and your 360 images are all set.


Lesser control options make it slightly unlikely to purchase


Once you are done with the unpacking of the camera,  it would not be providing you enough controls to tweak the shots and thus give you the completely finished image.


Also, this is much of a time-consuming procedure for if we would want to edit a particular image, you have to refer their website, download the image from there and then go through the processing of your image using your own software.


You can also use any other software available on the internet.While managing the camera using the in-app controls, keep in mind the following things: how would you manage the shutter speed, check on the white balance, etc


Another drawback or disadvantage that one might have is the problem in the quality of images when the photos are taken indoor. A large number of photos are taken inside when compared with the glooming outdoor images, turn out to be less attractive and comparatively dull as well when compared to the full-light outdoor images.




Thus, when you evaluate the pros and cons, you would understand that the pros are surely more than the cons making it a must-buy device. For, the features that it has been offering worth the price that you pay for it surely makes it the one to buy for.

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